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I took my staff to see The Hobbit today. We left work at 10:30, got to Fenway at 10:40, bought tickets, dropped by Panera to buy a picnic, and went back to the Theatre for 11:00. I had heard that the HFR (High Frame Rate) version of the movie can cause motion sickness, so instead of that, we went to the 2D standard rate version. The film cost $9 per seat, a plus of the first show of the day (an evening show costs $12 per seat, while the HFR 3D version $16 per seat).

I read the book when I was 11 (or thereabouts), but not since, so it was like seeing the story "new". The film is very long (2h 46m), and the length is mostly in the first 45-60 minutes. After the dwarf meal, the movie moves along at a good clip.

Martin Freeman made a good Bilbo, and I liked Richard Armitage (although even beneath all of his facial hair, I kept seeing Lucas North from later seasons of Spooks).

I don't want to put any spoilers here, but aside from the length, I did enjoy it. For more details, see the review by Mark Kermode from last week's Radio 5 Live movie review programme.

Back at work for 2:45, the biggest plus was that no voicemail arrived while we were all out!


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