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on a recent cross-country flight I watched the movie Control, a biopic about Joy Division's lead singer Ian Curtis. I had picked it up some weeks ago at the library, ripped it, and copied it to my iPad.

I don't remember hearing Joy Division before I saw this film, although I have spent my time listening to Joy Division's "child band" New Order. After Curtis departed Joy Division, the rest of the band went on, but chose to change their name. I liked New Order's Blue Monday, and later True Faith ('87 mix).

But back to Control. The director, Anton Corbijn, is primarily known for producing music videos, not films. In fact, he only recently had his first motion picture release that had nothing to do with music. Control is beautifully shot, completely in black & white. I'm not familiar with Macclesfield (where the film takes place), but I didn't have to know anything, the director did it all for me. The music scene, family lives, the claustrophobia, you name it.

I enjoyed the music in the film as well, so I'll now have to go and see what I can find. New Order did re-record some of the older Joy Division tracks, but I'd like to get the originals.

nb: the original recommendation for Control came from the great god Mark Kermode, of course (whose autobiography I also read on my recent trip).


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