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  • did four loads of laundry, had three of them done before I even went to the pool.
  • at the pool for 0900 and didn't have to share a lane!
  • went to lunch at flour bakery (#3) after swim
  • went to Cambridge Bicycle just across the road from Flour to pick up some cycle gloves for blister protection.
  • home to flip laundry
  • on the way home I noticed that the signals had changed at Broadway & Ames, so later I kicked off a note to the City Traffic Engineer and asked why (fair warning to those of you who use that intersection regularly).
  • Library to drop off books and browse (didn't have anything to pick up)
  • Petsi, picked up Classic Apple pie and a slice of rhubarb coffee cake
  • home
  • watched the movie Helen, as recommended by the great god Mark Kermode.
  • nap
  • watched Most Extreme Airports on the History channel. SAN made the cut (look! they're having broccoli for dinner!), but that's the only airport I've flown through that did. I did think it was cheating a little bit to put HKG (Kai Tak) on the list. Lots of fun to watch, though. Made me want to see GIB (god save the queen & all that). Crossing the runway on foot!

    All in all a pretty good day! I have all of the windows open and am basking in the cool(er) weather.

    Sunday I don't have to do any laundry (yayyy) since I did it all today, but I'm sure I will find other things that need completing. I need to get to WFM so I will do that before the pool. Boo, I don't like it that the pool doesn't open until 1100, and will be glad when that switches when the kids arrive back late in August, even though that will mean the end of long course (and I love swimming long course!)
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