Jul. 5th, 2010

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Before I went away on my most recent trip, I got a bunch of DVDs out of the Cambridge Library (and some from other Minuteman libraries via inter-Library Loan), including:

  • The Lost Prince, about Prince John, youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary.
  • Friends and Crocodiles, written & directed by Stephen Poliakoff (who was also behind the helm of other movies/shows I've enjoyed, including Gideon's Daughter, Perfect Strangers (titled Almost Strangers in the US), Shooting the Past, and the aforementioned The Lost Prince). Delicious drama with Damian Lewis. Not one of Poliakoff's best, but very enjoyable.
  • The Forsyte Saga (2002 version). My parents saw the 1968 version, and I remember trying to get into the 2002 version when it aired on Masterpiece, but I dipped in during the third or fourth episode and wasn't able to figure out all of the players. This time, I started with the first episode and literally couldn't stop. I watched it on the plane from Seattle and even on the train on the way home. I finished it off today. I found that there's a TV sequel so I requested that from the library and can't wait for it to arrive. Also with Damian Lewis. There really should be more redheaded actors.

For the most part I watched the films on my iPad. On my next trip I think I might just leave the laptop behind and take the iPad by itself (well, with iPhone of course!). And noise cancelling headphones too, of course.


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