Sep. 7th, 2008

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friday: home for nap, nap, dinner with [ profile] ckd, then took him to gaming, came home and chilled out while watching The Sweeney, starring John Thaw (of Inspector Morse and Kavanagh QC fame) and Dennis Waterman (currently appearing in New Tricks).

saturday: decided not to go to yoga class that I'd been attending for the last few weeks (before I went away, that was), in part because of the nasty weather. It rained in the morning. I broke in my new umbrella when I went on my morning errands. Went over to the mall after [ profile] ckd woke up, had lunch, and I bought a crossword puzzle book. Watched Ballet Shoes, a lovely British drama. Fabulous movie! It was pretty sticky & hot. Had nap.

sunday: errands. Lunch on my own, then a quick trip to Target to pick up some essentials. Now home in the air conditioning. It's not super hot, but the third floor of the house is always warmer than lower floors. I will take a nap later, I can guarantee that.

On the horizon: big event at work October 2-4, so lots of preparation currently ongoing for that. Have to make travel plans for turkey day & other. Was supposed to have user training for iPhone this week, but the other idiot who works in my department hasn't gotten me the list of users who he is transitioning. In some ways I'm not mad because I've done zero prep for the training, but in other ways I'm peeved because he hasn't got it together. Argh.


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