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I spent Labor Day weekend at the parents' (more than Labor Day, actually, Friday through Tuesday). They're likely to be moving house some time in the near future, so part of the time was spent cleaning out old childhood items.

The first challenge was books. I have a whole pile of Enid Blyton books, left over from childhood. I started reading them when I was in England, but when we moved to the states I kept reading them, and would bulk up my backstock whenever we went home. My favourite series was Malory Towers. I've got at least one copy of all six books, two copies of some of them. The oldest ones are pretty dog eared.

Speaking of dog eared, I spent lots of time with Toby, generally having fun. We went on dog walks, just chilled out. Not too chilled; Ohio was rather warm, in fact. Dad and I picked Toby up from the groomer's on Friday, and he jumped all over me in glee. Although he might have done that to anyone who sprung him from that place. They do a nice job cutting him, but when not directly handling him, he has to stay in a cage. Toby is not a cage dog; he's used to having His Way, often involved sitting on something very soft (except when it's very hot, when he likes to sprawl himself across the bathroom floor and warm it/cool himself).

I also ate some good meals, good food in general, mostly pie. Not that there wasn't other good food (like salmon sandwiches; talk about nostalgic!!), including locally sourced berries and sweet corn. I also slept alot: one nap on each day, and didn't get up at 5am each day (just two out of five, although on the other three I was still up before six). We watched some good movies (including Juno and The Final Cut, the latter of which is a British political thriller) and I was reading about five different books, none of which I finished.

After cleaning out Enid Blyton (or, more accurately, getting rid of most books and keeping the important EBs) I sat down and tackled my bedroom closet. A bunch of my sister's school papers had somehow ended up in my closet; not sure how that happened, given it was my closet!

I came across a whole pile of items, including a notebook from my first computer programming class (autumn 1983, BASIC, taught on Apple ][e). Looking over the notes, it was a pretty thorough class! We had lecture once per week and lab once per week. By the end of the class I knew more than the teachers, having spent every possible spare minute in the computer lab practicing and learning.

I also found photos from when I worked at Geauga Lake, mostly taken in the Seasons Passes trailer. Take a camera and nearly unlimited polaroid film and a laminator, add a pile of silly girls and that equals lots of extra photos, often of each other, but sometimes of visitors. There were photos from college, but none of [ profile] mdyesowitch (since I'd saved those, and the ones I found this past weekend were clearly those I'd deliberately meant to lose).

Then there were old journals and diaries and other miscellaneous writings from high school. Just reading them breaks my heart. Was I that young? That idealistic? Line from one entry: I'm happy, I'm calm, let's stay. What I wrote it about is (almost) irrelevant. I hated being fourteen, but looking back now I wonder what I might have done differently.

Needless to say, the journals, diaries & writings did not end up in the "throw away" pile. We still threw away several bags of items and had about eight bags of books to donate to the library book sale. Progress!
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