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[ profile] ckd and I hope to see WALL•E this (long) weekend. I thought now was a good time to come up with some written guidelines on what movies I like, and what elements play into film selection.

  • I look on all Rated R films with extra skepticism. Most are either too gory (too much blood) or have too much language for my taste.
  • As I am emetophobic, I avoid movies with known vomiting, and will avoid excessive vomiting (don't ask what excessive is).
  • If there is any kind of battle or war, the English/British must not lose.
  • No cast members that were on the TV show "Friends" (with the exception of Matthew Perry, who I liked in the TV shows Studio 60 and The West Wing). No Olsen twins (either of them). No Adam Sandler. No need to add the same exception for Chris Farley anymore, as he's dead (but I didn't like his back stock).
  • Minuses if the female characters are all size 4 or smaller and/or blonde and/or under 30 and/or perfect.
  • Pluses for Jason Isaacs and David Morrissey (per Mark Kermode).
  • Speaking of Kermode, I respect his film opinions, and will generally heed them (although he likes horror, and as mentioned previously, I don't).
  • If characters take on accents, they should be believable, unlike when Sir Anthony Hopkins plays anyone not Welsh.
  • Films that last longer than two hours better be worthwhile.
  • Minus points for "synthespians", or characters that are CGI (animation excepted).
  • Films that were once television shows should have stayed that way (Pride & Prejudice, for example, which was perfect as a miniseries, but lacking as a film, even if the latter did have Matthew Macfayden, who I liked very much in Spooks).
  • I'm generally wary of movies that are adapted from books, but there are exceptions (such as The Day of the Jackal).
  • Lastly, while I'm a sucker for a happy ending, I occasionally find movies with a "twist" appealing.
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