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I haven't watched the news on Saturday. This is deliberate. Reading the papers is bad enough.

I have to rest now. Television, reading, nap, repeat.
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Friday: out of work early, had a snooze, quiet evening.

Saturday: swim at 7, library, then over to Newbury Street to do a bit of shopping. Round through Beacon Hill, then MBTA back to Cambridge. Another nap.

Sunday: swim at 9, went to work for a bit, lunch out (is it lunch when it's an egg sandwich?), nice walk, stopped at Target, home. Third nap!

Monday: Swim in the morning. Later, I was on Memorial Drive watching the streams of people leave Boston.

Still reading Ben Aaronovitch's books. Also picked up the latest in the Maisie Dobbs series from Jacqueline Winspear from the library, along with Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality by Jacob Tomsky. The last Winspear book was depressing so I haven't started it yet. The Tomsky book, on the other hand, was a riot.
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Wednesday through Friday last week I operated at half staff. This isn't a joke about naval flags, merely a reflection of half of the people who work for me being out. One had the flu and one had a migraine. This meant for three very frantic days (and no afternoon nap for me on Friday). Still, I bore it as best one could.

I started watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey (thanks to Amazon UK!), and made it through two episodes on Friday night.

Saturday: swim, attempted to visit the library. Well, I DID visit, but none of the books I had requested had arrived, so after a quick browse, I went on my way. Errands, home.

Later in the day I got a call from a buddy who was geographically mislaid, so I acted as GPS unit. ("No, turn left on Nott, then right on Rosa"). More Downton (finished it! Christmas Special should arrive this week!). Afternoon nap. Ate fantastic apple streusel scone procured from Petsi Pies.

My sister bought me a book (Isa and May) that I both started and finished this weekend. It's about relationships between grandchildren and their grandmothers. Given that my Grandma died 14 years ago last week, the topic was very apt.

Sunday: swim, long walk, visit to the 24 hour (or effectively so) post office at south station. Back to the library for the books that had actually arrived. Another nap.

On the horizon: 40 new iMac units arriving at work this week. Lucky me. I hope there's space to store them until the Mountain Lion image is ready. I might have to get creative with storage. It doesn't help that our server room has been flooded recently and thus I am reluctant to put iMac units on the back wall where the water came in.

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A couple of weeks ago I started the process to hire a new staff member in my group (job posting). The process so far has been amusing. I have to say that because if I consider how crazy it is, I might go nuts, and I really need another staff member! Our user count has almost doubled from a couple of years ago, and we're supporting more technology now, not less.

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August 2010: Citrix server failure
February 2010: email server failure, Citrix server failure

I was scheduled again for the dentist this morning. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised when I started receiving notifications of Citrix server failure at 07:38. It took three hours to resolve. I joked about the problem to the dental hygienist and she laughed. I didn't.
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I had a dental cleaning this morning.

The last time I went, there was a massive email system failure. I worried what would happen this time. Sure enough, my voicemail-notification SMS messages were going crazy while I was in "the chair". The critical-to-our-enterprise-database Citrix servers had been misconfigured and nobody could connect to said enterprise database.

I really have to stop going to the dentist. Bad stuff happens! I joked with a colleague that I will have to give her advance warning before my next appointment.
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Crappy Friday. So let's see:

  • I got out of the pool this morning to find I couldn't check my email from my iPhone. I rebooted the iPhone to see if it was a DHCP issue (not likely but possible). I then checked 3-DOWN and saw the notice that email (and other) servers were offline.
  • This may not have been so bad, but I wasn't going back to W98, but to the dentist. When I got to the dentist I sent a text message to one of my staff members to warn him of the email problems. I found out later that he didn't see the message (he never looks at his phone).
  • Dentist went well, went back to work. Email servers back online but slow and delivering messages out of order.
  • Enterprise database having trouble, reports weren't working and many windows displayed no data. Offered assistance to the database group but couldn't provide more than moral support because ....
  • Got a phonecall from a colleague in another department (but in the same building) that our server room had taken in water. I put up an emergency iChat status and went down to look. An inch or two of water over about 1/4 of the floor.
  • Put a call into the emergency line for the Facilities Department. Colleague went and got a mop from the in-building cafĂ©. After pushing the water around, we decided it wasn't worth it.
  • Warned the relevant higher ups about possible server outages if we had to bring down our machines because of standing water.
  • Facilities Staff took half an hour to arrive, even though I called the emergency line and explained the nature of the problem. When the staff arrived, they were "scouts" who couldn't fix anything themselves, so they called the plumber.
  • After another 20 minutes, the plumber arrived. Without a shop vac or anything else for cleanup.
  • Left server room door propped open to allow for cleanup. I thought I would hear about it from the security office (we have an alarm set to go off there in case the door is propped open), but didn't. Maybe the alarm is a phantom?
  • Note that when we moved into the building the project manager promised we would never, ever have to deal with floods.
  • Later found out that the IT colleague in another department (not the one mentioned previously) had seen flooding late Thursday night and had used some paper towels to mop it up, but didn't report the problem to anyone else. Hint: when you see water in a server room, call someone!

    Now waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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    Friday: got out of work at 3, came home & had a nap, then got up & went out with some friends. Back home by 7 (early enough for me!). The day wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't a disaster like the rest of the week.

    Saturday: went to work (planned), then to swim. I picked up a hot chocolate before going back to W98. The parking lot was filling up, which I was confused by as there were no events in the building. Luckily my coworker who came in was able to find a parking space, but when leaving later, there were no spaces at all. I'm glad I didn't have to call a repair guy to go in (see below).

    I went to work to upgrade two servers from MacOS X server 10.5 to 10.6. One of the servers is somewhat flaky (I think there's an innate hardware problem); I had an Apple repair guy out on it a while back, but it doesn't misbehave on schedule, so there was nothing to be done. So I fully expected to have trouble with this server (call it "server A"). Surprise surprise, the upgrade for server A went (almost) fine, but server B's upgrade bombed. In the end we had to wipe the boot drive and reinstall from scratch, which meant recreating all of the users & groups. UGH.

    Didn't get out of work until 4:30, got home & had nap. During the afternoon I had managed to duck out for a little while (during the 45 minute OS install process) and pick up my pie and something for dinner. After dinner I had to work more, but I could do the work in my pajamas, which was a plus.

    Woke up Sunday, had breakfast, read (online) newspapers. I knew there was more work on server B to do, but I went for a swim first. After that a friend invited me over, so I reserved a Zipcar (love the iPhone zipcar app) from the locker room at the Z center. Walked over and got car; drove to Newton and had a nice afternoon.

    I thought about taking the T to Newton but I was afraid of the disruption caused by Obama's visit. I know what kind of diversions were created when Obama visited MIT last autumn, and didn't want to have to deal with them.

    Back home, another nap, dinner. Then yes, more work. At this point the server is back online. We have to reset passwords for Windows users; Mac users log in with Kerberos tickets. There are also likely some permissions on folders that need fixing.

    Monday: considered going up to Burblington, but I actually have too many things to do in town. Need to go to the pharmacy and to l'Occitane. Have been trying to get to both all weekend (planned to do the pharmacy on Saturday after work and l'Occitane Sunday). I'm really glad this is a long weekend; I don't think I could cope with going to work tomorrow given how hellish this past week was.

    On the minus side: no swim tomorrow, the pool is open funky hours.


    Dec. 17th, 2009 03:27 pm
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    I gacked this from [ profile] schmoomom, and it seemed like a neat idea.

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    I'm on furlough from work this week (whole department is), which means I have lots of unstructured time.

    Monday I woke up early (~0430), did a bit of housework (sorting DVDs), ate a snack and went to the pool. Wahhh, 25 yard lanes (hate, much prefer 50 meters). At least there were thirteen lanes open, because on Saturday there were only five. Oddly enough, I jumped in to lane 3, labelled "medium" (speed), did my swim, got out, and saw the lane speed had switched to "fast". I don't think it was me, because I'm not fast. Oh, and while I was in the pool, someone reset the (perpetually wrong) timer clock. I appreciate them resetting it, but couldn't they do it before anyone gets in? No matter, I had a timer going on my watch.

    I got out of the shower and dressed, then hoofed it over to shrink. I had debated bringing my suit and towel with me, but I decided to go back to the Z Center afterwards, which I did. I then had to buzz home and hang up my towel before my 1000 yoga class. The class wasn't taught by my usual teacher, but by her usual sub, and was at my usual studio. The teacher is studying for one of her Iyengar yoga assessments (not sure at what level), so she wanted some students to teach while she practiced going through a sequence of six poses ahead of that assessment. The six poses had to be taught and completed (by the students) in 40 minutes. This seemed like a tall order, and indeed it was. The teacher had said the class would end by 1100, but it was 1130 by the time I got out the door.

    Off to lunch, then home to do some housework. I filled up an entire recycling bin (not one of those puny blue bins, but a big wheeled toter. Junk mail, phone books, old newspapers, it all went in. And I'm not even done! I also put away board games and books. The sad things is, you can barely tell I touched the living room (aside from the toter sitting there).

    I went to hide away in the bedroom to cool off, and soon found myself falling asleep. Zzzzz. Nap! Well, why not? After nap I had dinner, then looked at a couple of bookstores in Harvard Square, mostly to stay cool on someone else's nickel.

    I slept through my alarm this morning, went to the pool, met up with a buddy and we split a lane (this is one of the pluses of 25 yard swimming, you can split the lane with one other person as long as nobody else hops in to disturb the setup). So yay for me for sleeping in, I wouldn't have met up with her if I'd shown up at 0600 as usual. Even worse, I might have had to swim with Mr Big Shot (grrr, he's a lousy lane mate).

    Now home to meet landscaper, who is due here at 0930. Not sure what else I'm going to do today. It will be cooler, but just as sticky, so we'll see.
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    I'm all buzzed. I just spent $70k on Apple hardware (new xserve for backups, and 20 new Mac Book Pro units.

    This will probably be my last buying binge in quite a while, so I want to revel in it.
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    on the plus side: I got a nap in today. I booked a plane ticket to see my sister, brother-in-law, and the nephew for a few weeks hence (okay, I did that yesterday, but I'm struggling to come up with good things for today).

    Work again tomorrow. I haven't been at work since December 24, and am not looking forward to re-entry.

    Shrink first, thank goodness. There's some hell in here that needs dealing with.

    Edited to add: I realize some of what has got me down today. Ten years ago today, my grandmother died. The universe felt all out of kilter, and that explains why. I miss her terribly.
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  • one of the main print servers on campus is offline, so half of my users can't print
  • rising temperatures, rising humidity
  • one of my users is being told she doesn't exist (really, she does, and she hasn't been canned; I would know about it)
  • one staff member on vacation all week, I have to fill in the gaps
  • came back from (redacted) shrinkage appointment, machine froze just as I sat down
  • still haven't heard back from on-campus repair shop about when I can get a replacement HD for a machine. I asked for it last Thursday, and escalated it one day later. I have no spares! This user is living on the edge until I can replace her hard drive, and I am at the mercy of a sub-organization that went from awesome to awful in just two short years
  • don't ask about redacted; just don't

    later: meetings in N42, probably at least one storm (weather wise, that's not counting the words in the head).
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    There was a farewell gathering for a colleague who is leaving the department (the whole organization, actually). As is typical, there were three speakers (including a "headliner"), a gift presentation, then the colleague spoke.

    She said the scariest thing about leaving was knowing that she wouldn't have tech support "right next door". I was amused, but not nearly as amused as the rest of the attendees, who whooped and clapped in appreciation.

    Some of the party had been spent going between groups of people. For all of those who had left the organization, they all (without fail) tugged on my arm and said oh I miss you so much!!.
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    I've been asked to participate in a focus group regarding improved transportation subsidies on campus. The proposal being floated is requiring all staff members (whether they drive or not) to pay $15 per month towards a bus+subway pass. In addition, parking costs will change based on desirability: for the "better" locations, drivers will have to pay more to park. Costs will not change for the less desirable sites.

    Work + transit issues = happy me!!
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    you know you've been at work too long when .... your 10 hour Kerberos tickets expire and you can't save your emacs buffer to your home locker (of course I have a workaround for this; save to /tmp and then log back into the same athena dialup machine and retrieve the file).

    It's been a looooong day.
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    User calls me up; I'd helped him earlier with a technical question. Instead of speaking to the staff member on duty, he asked for me specifically.

    He wanted to know if, in a situation like the one below, the period should go inside or outside the parentheses:
    (Please see attached file)

    He submitted the document with the period outside, and the person who proofread the document rejected it, saying the period should be inside the parentheses. He called me to adjudicate. The user kept quoting the Chicago Manual of Style. I learned my grammar on another continent!
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    When you get an email message that asks you to confirm your email account and asks you to respond to that message and include your password, please think for at least half a nanosecond for responding and giving away that password.

    Thank you.


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