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I heard The Cranberries "Linger" on my way to work the other day, and the song is now stuck in my head.

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Lately I've been rereading Terry Pratchett (some reading, some listening via audiobook). I started with City Watch, moved onto the Witches. Death is next.

I always knew Discworld books were funny, but this is like reading them for the first time. Hilarious.

Nigel Planer does most of the narration (no matter how much I like Tony Robinson, I am listening to the unabridged books) and does an excellent job.

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The problem with requesting books online is that I can't always remember where the recommendation came from. I picked up a book at the library this past weekend that I requested ages ago, and I honestly can't remember where I heard about it.

Oh well. I'm enjoying it at least!

("Suzanne Davis gets a life" by Paula Marantz Cohen. It's a very New York book, so perhaps I read about it in the Times or WSJ).

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Wednesday through Friday last week I operated at half staff. This isn't a joke about naval flags, merely a reflection of half of the people who work for me being out. One had the flu and one had a migraine. This meant for three very frantic days (and no afternoon nap for me on Friday). Still, I bore it as best one could.

I started watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey (thanks to Amazon UK!), and made it through two episodes on Friday night.

Saturday: swim, attempted to visit the library. Well, I DID visit, but none of the books I had requested had arrived, so after a quick browse, I went on my way. Errands, home.

Later in the day I got a call from a buddy who was geographically mislaid, so I acted as GPS unit. ("No, turn left on Nott, then right on Rosa"). More Downton (finished it! Christmas Special should arrive this week!). Afternoon nap. Ate fantastic apple streusel scone procured from Petsi Pies.

My sister bought me a book (Isa and May) that I both started and finished this weekend. It's about relationships between grandchildren and their grandmothers. Given that my Grandma died 14 years ago last week, the topic was very apt.

Sunday: swim, long walk, visit to the 24 hour (or effectively so) post office at south station. Back to the library for the books that had actually arrived. Another nap.

On the horizon: 40 new iMac units arriving at work this week. Lucky me. I hope there's space to store them until the Mountain Lion image is ready. I might have to get creative with storage. It doesn't help that our server room has been flooded recently and thus I am reluctant to put iMac units on the back wall where the water came in.

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Woke up early (oh, jet lag), about 5am. Dad was already awake and up. Sister and nephew got up around 0630.

Nephew played for a while, then I helped feed him breakfast. We had some time constraints: Mum and Dad needed to leave for a meeting by 0830, we had to get the dog her walk before then, and my sister had a business conference call from home at 0830.

We managed all of that, then I took care of the nephew by myself. We went for a wander, which consisted of him naming everything he saw (including the basket ball hoop, which he is able to call "baskt ball", e in basket missing on purpose).

After my sister finished her call, the three of us hopped into the car and went into town. We walked around a couple of shops (including buying the nephew some cute clothes), then went up to a bakery for lunch. Nephew had ham for the first time and enjoyed it. While at the bakery I also bought a pie. In retrospect, I should have bought two pies. Between me and Dad and my brother-in-law, pies do not hang around for very long.

We then headed home and chilled out for a while. The nephew went down for a long nap, lucky guy. Mum and Dad got back from their meeting and the five of us (Mum, Dad, sister, nephew, me) took the dog for her second walk of the day. They hung aroung outside afterwards while I had my own nap.

Dinner, help feed nephew, nephew took bath, quiet evening. Saturday: dinner out in evening, a bit of running around in the morning. Sunday: hike in the morning, family dinner later. Monday: Mum and Dad have another meeting in the morning while I take care of nephew again. Nothing else planned - so far!

Relaxation rules! But not as much as nephew....

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Number of naps: 4 (1 Friday, 1 Saturday, 2 Sunday)
Meters swam: 8000 (half Saturday, half Sunday)
Temperature in the water on Saturday: 75F (normal temp is 80F, so 75F is very cold!)
Visits to the Z Center: 3, 2 to swim, 1 to coach
Loads of laundry done: 4 (last one in dryer now)
Episodes of Inspector Morse watched: 3 (including the one I'm watching now)
Kids at today's social event: 6
Adults at today's social event: 9
Time spent at social event: 2.5 hours
Minutes spent at pie shop: 30. I arrived to find they had sold my pie to someone else(!) but they sent a staff member over to the main location to pick up another one for me. I was able to kill another 10 minutes by walking to & from the library.
Books collected from library: 4. I still have another 10 on "freeze".
Meals cooked in: 1 breakfast (egg, cheese, English muffin), 1 dinner (pasta, chicken, veggies). That doesn't count other breakfasts eg oatmeal or anything reheated.
Inches of snow we got: about 6
Amount of shovelling I did: NONE
Podcasts listened to: lost count, but they included From Our Own Correspondent, Woman's Hour, Kermode/Mayo (last one before Mayo moves to Radio 2), BBC World Service documentaries, BBC Radio 4 More or Less, BBC radio 4 Excess Baggage, BBC Politics UK, and more...
Songs on primary music playlist: 196, a new low(!)
Days before I see the nephew: 4!!

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Where the hell did November come from? I can look at my calendar right now and accept that October is gone, but memories of the days are rather fuzzy. Swim. Work. Pie. Nephew.

And now it's November, and daylight saving time left us. I get a bit grumpy at the time change in November, as people who are usually not earlybirds feel smug by the artificial time change that allows them to arrive at work earlier or whatever. It never lasts, mind you, and they'll fall off the bandwagon. But it meant the pool was busy on Monday morning; I had to share a lane, even (hate that!).

Stream of consciousness follows, fair warning!! )

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0745 flight. Up at 0425. Had to check first train time (0515 from Alewife), and dawdled at home rather than wait at Kendall.

An entirely different socio-economic class of people takes the T early in the morning. No business suits, no drunk teenagers. Mostly Spanish speaking, and many riders slept.

Waited 15 min in South Station for Silver Li(n)e train. When it arrived the operator forgot to open the rear-most door. Another rider went and nagged him. When we came above ground, the bus took an unusual circuitous route to the Ted Willians tunnel. As a result, the trip took ~10 min longer than usual.

Even though I had checked in online, I stopped at the kiosk anyways. My first flight is overbooked and I was offered $200 to take a later flight. No thank you, I'm going to see my nephew!!

Got through security in minutes. Woman behind me in line had MacBook Pro.

Continental put a WEP password on their WiFi network, so I couldn't use it. This is the first time in a couple of years that I haven't been able to use the lounge. I let my membership lapse as CO is leaving SkyTeam.

The airport network TV channel is as annoying as ever.

If all you saw was what a person was eating, you could make a guess about their socio-economic class and health status. Banana, briefcase, and business suit vs breakfast sandwich, giant calorie drink and neon luggage, accessories or clothing. I ate my breakfast on the T, as I knew there would be no healthy food to be found.

Today is the first day since September 7 (Labor Day) that I did not go swimming.

I plan to sleep on the flight. Well, more accurately, wouldn't be able to stop myself. Flights are made for sleeping!

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Posting this from the 66 bus, somewhere between Beacon Street and Commonwealth Ave going towards Cambridge.

The bus is packed and too warm. Some guy just shedded his skin on my backpack. The dumb blondes behind me don't realize that we have to cross the Charles River to get to Cambridge. And just my luck, an empty bus passed us. I wish I was there!

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There's a (relatively new) LJ app for iPhone. Of course, it's crashed on me once already....

Interface is odd, but it's better than Safari on iPhone.

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