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cut for boring Saturday details )

All in all a pretty good day! I have all of the windows open and am basking in the cool(er) weather.

Sunday I don't have to do any laundry (yayyy) since I did it all today, but I'm sure I will find other things that need completing. I need to get to WFM so I will do that before the pool. Boo, I don't like it that the pool doesn't open until 1100, and will be glad when that switches when the kids arrive back late in August, even though that will mean the end of long course (and I love swimming long course!)
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Before I went away on my most recent trip, I got a bunch of DVDs out of the Cambridge Library (and some from other Minuteman libraries via inter-Library Loan), including:

  • The Lost Prince, about Prince John, youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary.
  • Friends and Crocodiles, written & directed by Stephen Poliakoff (who was also behind the helm of other movies/shows I've enjoyed, including Gideon's Daughter, Perfect Strangers (titled Almost Strangers in the US), Shooting the Past, and the aforementioned The Lost Prince). Delicious drama with Damian Lewis. Not one of Poliakoff's best, but very enjoyable.
  • The Forsyte Saga (2002 version). My parents saw the 1968 version, and I remember trying to get into the 2002 version when it aired on Masterpiece, but I dipped in during the third or fourth episode and wasn't able to figure out all of the players. This time, I started with the first episode and literally couldn't stop. I watched it on the plane from Seattle and even on the train on the way home. I finished it off today. I found that there's a TV sequel so I requested that from the library and can't wait for it to arrive. Also with Damian Lewis. There really should be more redheaded actors.

For the most part I watched the films on my iPad. On my next trip I think I might just leave the laptop behind and take the iPad by itself (well, with iPhone of course!). And noise cancelling headphones too, of course.
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I recently took two long travel legs, BOS-SEA (~6h in the air) and SEA-BOS (~5h15m in the air). Add airport waiting time and a few early mornings on the west coast where I was the only one awake.

Of course I had planned ahead. Before I left I got two DVD sets from the library: Lilies, on the recommendation of my parents (BBC Northern Ireland drama series, eight episodes) and Intelligence, a Canadian drama/thriller along the lines of Spooks (US name: MI-5).

I started with Intelligence first, mostly because it had a long pilot episode. I was sucked in immediately, by the strong lead female character (Klea Scott, who I first saw on You Can't Do That on Television some 25 years ago) and the marginal morals of the lead male (a crime boss, but less known for physical cruelty and more for drug running). Between the plane ride and some early mornings, I watched half a dozen episodes including the aforementioned pilot. And as one unable to stop myself from discovering the ending, I found that the series had been cancelled after just two seasons. I will have to enjoy what I've got, and plan to get the second season from the library.

Lilies was a bit more of a disappointment, not because the series wasn't good (it was!) but because I'd seen it already. Even though my parents had described it and I'd read about it on IMDB, I was barely three minutes into the first episode before I realized that I'd watched it previously, likely on PBS. As such, I decided not to watch it, and moved on.

For my return SEA-BOS leg, I scored an upgrade to first class and was able to use one of Alaska Airlines' DigEplayer units. I started with an episode of CSI:NY, as I had enjoyed visiting the CSI exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. It might have been my general level of exhaustion/disorientation, or perhaps my more sophisticated palate, but I wasn't fond of the show. I could see how quickly the show could wear on me. While I watched one 41-minute episode, I'm sure I won't add it to my DVR rotation. I might, however, watch another episode in a similar situation (commercial free, trying to conserve my own laptop's battery).

I had much more success with my second choice on the flight. Before taking off, I used the new IMDB app on my iPhone to read the reviews of the in-flight movies (well, except the Michael Jackson movie, which I knew I would skip; I didn't like him in 1984 and my feelings haven't really changed). When All About Steve was first released I thought I would enjoy it. Sandra Bullock has done some funny films (Mark Kermode's scathing review of The Lake House notwithstanding), although her performances have fallen off lately. The trailer of All About Steve made me squirm in discomfort, and I decided I would not enjoy it.

Other choices included Aliens in the Attic (obviously for kiddies), Juno (seen it, have it on DVD), Post Grad (I liked Alexis Bledel in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but young woman with axe to grind did not seem like an appealing plot). I did not feel drawn to watch Queen Latifah as a new york cabbie in Taxi, ditto for Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire (and had seen it anyways).

In the end I settled on watching Storm, even though the subject matter (war crimes in the former Yugoslavia) has been done to death. The lead character was played by a woman who at first I thought was English then Australian (actually she's a Kiwi, I have a hard time telling the difference between the two accents!), and the film started with her being "wronged" for not receiving a promotion. This is a typical plot twist, but I gave the film a chance and I was glad. Between hopping around Europe (including the dreaded Brussels) and a plot twist that hinged on the turning radius of a bus (right up my alley!), I enjoyed the film immensely.

After I got home I looked up the movie listings online. Alaska Airlines states that the "Storm" shown on board is the 2006 Swedish horror film and not the 2009 German Indie. I was glad I didn't think the film was horror, else I'd never given it a chance!
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Gotta pack!
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after arriving at Logan early (and clearing security behind entitled guy, I went out to the satellite terminal and scoped out my gate (A18). Gate areas in A18 have "powered seats" where you can sit and plug in your laptop, so I did just that. Why drain power when I don't have to? Google is also sponsoring free WiFi at the airport through mid-January, so I used that rather than my USB broadband device.

I was originally seated in 18D but during online checkin I switched to 9C. This turned out to be a mistake. Not row 9 in general, but I chose that section because there was nobody else in it. I should have taken 9D, which had someone else in 9F but nobody in 9E. Yes, you guessed it, a party of two came and sat in 9A&B. Even worse for me, the emetophobe, the woman in the party (it was a couple) sat hunched with her head on her husband's lap during takeoff and climbout and had both hands clutching the air sickness bag. Why me???

I slept through most of climbout & takeoff (yay), then whiled away the flight with a combination of naps, TV show (First Among Equals), book (Now & Then by Jacqueline Sheehan) and puzzles (both in the in-flight mag and the GWOP I brought along).

The captain was mega annoying: whenever the plane even bumped slightly he put on the seatbelt sign, and every time he came on the PA to announce said bump (and seatbelts), he also told us how many miles we had to go before arriving at Seattle. I guess the latter wasn't so bad when we were past the halfway mark, but before then it was just depressing!

The flight arrived ~30m early and I was quickly out on the curb waiting for the hotel shuttle bus. As usual I pricelined into the Doubletree SeaTac ($41 plus taxes). Third visit, like the hotel. The only minus is that this time they stuck me in a room the equivalent of gate D36 in ATL. If you've been to that gate, you know what I mean...

Parents arrive in about 5 hours. Killing time until then. Going to go for a swim because, well, why not? Then we drive and pick up the nephew. CUTE NEPHEW!
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I feel like I set a land speed record from home to airside in just 40 minutes. That includes walking to the T, red line to South Station, Silver Li(n)e to Logan, and through security.

What did I have to counteract the karma? The absolutely slowest person in front of me in line. At Terminal A at Logan they have three queues: "Expert", "Casual Traveler", and "Special Assistance". Expert is defined as someone who knows procedures, already has shoes and metal off, etc. Of course I use the expert line, why wouldn't I? I walked up to the approach table with my shoes off and ready to bin my jacket and sweatshirt, with the laptop backpack unzipped.

So the guy in front of me:

  • stole one of the two bins I had put on the table (no, I wasn't being nice, I really do need two)
  • needed three bins for all of his gear
  • took three whole minutes to take off the various jewelry (watch, rings) and remove his hoodie, plus remove money and other metal from his pockets
  • waited on the far side of security but not down the far end of the belt, so he stood there and blocked me from getting at my stuff, and thus jammed up the line from the rest of the people coming through
  • left his empty bins on the belt rather than stacking them up on the end
  • stood and tied his shoes rather than getting out of the way

Why did he use the Expert Line??
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okay, what was it with the weather this weekend? Saturday it absolutely poured. I wore (and soaked) three pairs of shoes and socks. Can you guess how many times I went out?

Sunday it dripped a bit when I went to swimming, but when I came out of the Z Center it was merely overcast but warm, so I didn't don my jacket. By the time I finished my rounds of lunch and errands, the sun was shining. When I finally made it home, I opened all of my windows. 62F and sunny. November?!

Upcoming: travel to see the nephew, who is turning one. I can't believe it!!! I was at my sister's just after she gave birth a year ago. How time has flown! He is not nearly as "ginormo" as at birth, but is organic (eats mostly organic food, whether from him or from his mum :-), and a flirt to boot. I love him to bits and wish I could see him more often.
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Tuesday: didn't even try and go swimming, but did make it to a yoga class with Marni Task. Her yoga style, unlike what I take at home, is "jivamukti with anusara flair", whatever that means! All I know is the room was hot (advertised at 82-85F), so I sat next to the exterior door and prayed for a draft breeze.

The teacher started talking about ayurveda and the three types, and used that as the basis for class. It didn't make alot of sense, I only knew I wasn't kapha (calm, heavy bone frame, slow eater, slow speaker, slow walker, have a hard time waking in the morning).

After yoga I dashed off (see? I'm not kapha!) to Skyline and ate a three way with milk and oyster crackers. Plus lots of hot sauce. Yummmm. My next stop was Half Priced Books (briefly) and World Market. I purchased a 1kg bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk at World Market, plus some tea for Dad. On the way back to work I stopped at Miles Market and picked up another pie. This was #3 (Mum had bought one Apple and one Fruits of the Forest before I arrived, but I knew that wouldn't last), and I chose Blackberry, which is my favourite.

I then spent Tuesday afternoon hacking on a Windows 2000 laptop trying to get it to talk to ancient CNC Hardware (after wiping the machine & the viruses it had accumulated). Vacation? Who needs vacation? Managed to get out of work at 5, stopped to pick up some dinner (Teriyaki Stirfry with chicken & veggies) and home.

I could have packed on Tuesday night but didn't; did that Wednesday morning instead. Note that aside from Monday when I planned to swim, I didn't set an alarm the whole time I was away. One morning I slept until 6, which was a shocker. The rest of the time I woke between 5 & 5:30.

Mum and Dad had a customer coming into the office to see them, so I dropped Mum off at work while Toby and I stopped for a Hot Chocolate then I took him for a walk. He was well behaved, and I only had to drag him a little ways before he realized he wanted to walk after all. We were back at the office for about 9:30, 9:45. We went out to lunch at a soup place around the corner just before noon.

My flight was due to go at 3:30, so Mum had me at the airport for 2:00. Through security, annoyed that the only good shop at Cleveland airport was gone (the bookshop), went to gate C16 to wait. I found myself an electrical plug and whiled away the time until flight was called at 2:50. We actually left a little early, and I was (predictably) asleep just after push back. Through diligence I had scored an exit row seat, but it was a non-reclining seat. Of course, I can sleep (almost) anywhere, so I wasn't too perturbed by my posture.

We landed almost half an hour early, and I took some time to sniff through a couple of duty free shops looking for yet more Dairy Milk chocolate. Unfortunately, while two shops had chocolate, one had some that was past date, and another had only Dairy Milk with Whole Nuts. I will need to find another source for my chocolatey goodness.

The trip home wasn't bad. Wednesdays are pretty good for travelling, it seems, as I was able to score seats on the Silver Li(n)e and Red Line. Once I reached home I ran out to the grocery store to pick up milk and figured everything else could wait until Thursday. I typically have yoga on Wednesday evening but I didn't get home until 6:50, and would have had to walk right back out the door again. I will have to wait.

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off to see the nephew next week for his first birthday. So excited!
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was supposed to leave my building at 1215 on Friday to get to a meeting on main campus by 1230. I didn't leave until 1400; needless to say I didn't make the meeting and went straight home instead. I finished up packing (not much to do; I'd done the vast majority of it the day before) and went out to catch the red line.

I was really tired and badly wanted a nap, but knew I would have no chance before I got on the plane. On a typical Friday, I get a snooze from 1600 - 1700, but not this Friday. I left home ~1510 and was at Logan less than an hour later. Unfortunately it took me about 20 minutes to get through security, even though I went through the "expert" lane.

My first stop was the L'Occitane store at Terminal A (satellite), as I was out of shea butter (both hand cream and body cream). Next, I hit the Duty Free shop on the hunt for some Cadbury, but they only had two bags of Dairy Milk Caramel, but they were both dated for November 2009. While I go through chocolate at a good clip, I would have a difficult time finishing an entire bag in just three weeks. One for two, I stopped at Fresh City and got a salad wrap to take on the plane with me. I then trundled back to the main part of Terminal A and sat down to wait for the flight announcement. The plane was on the ground for 1700, which meant a 1758 (scheduled) departure shouldn't be a problem, given the lack of weather.

My original seat was 17B, but I managed to get into 10C, a non-reclining aisle, when I did online check in the day before (sequence #5). Continental has done away with on board pillows and blankets, but it wasn't a long enough flight for me to need to BYOB. I ate my salad wrap after I boarded, and the plane pushed back about six minutes early. I was asleep long before takeoff. No surprise.

I woke up when the cart came down the aisle, but I had my own bottle of water so I didn't need anything they offered. The flight was announced at 1h34m, and due to our early departure and lack of other trouble, the captain predicted our arrival approximately 25m early. I whiled away the flight doing puzzles (first in the in flight magazine, then my own Games Magazine). We hit the ground at 1940 and I called Dad, who had just arrived at the airport.

I was off and down the concourse and met up with Dad, we were soon on our way back home (home (n): where you keep your slippers). Mum and Toby were outside waiting for us when we pulled onto the driveway. Dad and I each had some pie and (pouring) cream, and we all unwound a bit before bedtime. Dad unwound so much that he fell asleep on the couch and I had to send him to bed.

Saturday: slept really well overnight. Got up, had breakfast. Dad and I watched some war programme on the telly. Toby and Mum got up not much later and we plotted out the day: Toby walk, grocery shop, cake making, lunch at home, more cakes, Toby walk, dinner out, cake cleanup.

And that's pretty much how the day went. I had a Starbucks hot chocolate for morning snack; haven't done that in quite a while. Decadent! The temperature of the day went up to the mid 60s. Dad and Toby even sat outside while Mum and I slaved over cakes. I had a post-lunch nap, negating the need for a late afternoon snooze. Probably more accurate to say that I couldn't stop myself from sleeping I was so tired.

After dinner we came home and watched The Secret Life of Bees, which is a good film (and a chick flick, but Dad doesn't mind).

We made two cakes: one is cooled and put away, one is cooling. Tomorrow we do it all over again, as at a grand total of six cakes, we have to make two per day. I don't know when we get to marzipan and ice them! That may have to wait for a few weeks. Mum has been giving the cakes liberal drinks of brandy, both soaking the fruit and then later after they come out of the oven.


Oct. 15th, 2009 07:45 pm
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trip went well. It was great to travel with Mum on the first leg. We stayed the night at a hotel near SeaTac before our 0600 flight ($41 priceline rate: score!).

Miss the nephew lots. Home now. Still wheezy. :(
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On Friday I started coming down with a sore throat, runny nose. It picked up on Saturday, and by then I knew it was a full fledged cold.

The irony of this is that the (10.5 month old) nephew has been fighting various ailments, and had just started on antibiotics for a sinus infection. He coughs and I coughs. He sneezes and snot goes everywhere. At least I use a tissue! My mother jokes that the nephew should sneeze into his sleeve to stop the germs from spreading. Realistically, he's not contagious. She also thinks he's teething to boot, although there are no white nubs to prove her correct, she's an expert.

I've tried to keep my distance from the nephew, but that's darn near impossible, so I'm settling for washing my hands all the time. He's so damned cute, I can't keep my hands off of him. This morning I fed him breakfast: porridge and raspberries. At present he's sleeping (and snoring!) right next to me.

As today is Tuesday, I only have one more full day here (after today). Damn but the time has flown. I hope to get into town today and buy another pie (my sister and brother-in-law have helped me demolish the two I bought last week). Hopefully by the time I fly on Thursday my cold will be down to a dull roar. I don't want people to think I have swine flu (or maybe I do, if that will help them keep their distance ;-).

Mum and I drive to SeaTac Wednesday night, as we have an early morning (0600) flight on Thursday. Scored a hotel on Priceline for $41 (so $55 with all taxes). The hotel in question, the Doubletree, charges $15/night for parking, so we'll ditch the car on Wednesday night and take the shuttle on Friday.
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0745 flight. Up at 0425. Had to check first train time (0515 from Alewife), and dawdled at home rather than wait at Kendall.

An entirely different socio-economic class of people takes the T early in the morning. No business suits, no drunk teenagers. Mostly Spanish speaking, and many riders slept.

Waited 15 min in South Station for Silver Li(n)e train. When it arrived the operator forgot to open the rear-most door. Another rider went and nagged him. When we came above ground, the bus took an unusual circuitous route to the Ted Willians tunnel. As a result, the trip took ~10 min longer than usual.

Even though I had checked in online, I stopped at the kiosk anyways. My first flight is overbooked and I was offered $200 to take a later flight. No thank you, I'm going to see my nephew!!

Got through security in minutes. Woman behind me in line had MacBook Pro.

Continental put a WEP password on their WiFi network, so I couldn't use it. This is the first time in a couple of years that I haven't been able to use the lounge. I let my membership lapse as CO is leaving SkyTeam.

The airport network TV channel is as annoying as ever.

If all you saw was what a person was eating, you could make a guess about their socio-economic class and health status. Banana, briefcase, and business suit vs breakfast sandwich, giant calorie drink and neon luggage, accessories or clothing. I ate my breakfast on the T, as I knew there would be no healthy food to be found.

Today is the first day since September 7 (Labor Day) that I did not go swimming.

I plan to sleep on the flight. Well, more accurately, wouldn't be able to stop myself. Flights are made for sleeping!

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Went swimming this morning (locked suitcase to laptop lock to locker), then stopped by Starbucks for breakfast. Made it from Kendall to Logan in just 29 minutes. Score!

I arrived at Terminal A to find that my 1000 flight was delayed to 1054. No big deal, not a long delay. Met up with Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin and went through security. We hadn't been at the gate more than 10 minutes before I saw that the flight was outright cancelled. I called the airline and got a good agent who said that we'd been rebooked on the 6pm flight but could stand by for the 2pm flight. She then said that the airport had control and she couldn't rebook or even put us on the standby list.

I hightailed it to the lounge, taking the family's boarding documents with me. They soon confirmed the rebooking and put us all on the standby list for the 2pm flight (delayed until 3:45pm, grrr). Talk about lounge membership paying for itself. The ten minutes it took to go up to the lounge then get back to the gate (I couldn't stay in the lounge, they'll only let you in with two guests and I have three), the line at the gate counter hadn't moved.

At present we're 2, 3, 4, 5 on the standby list for the flight, and the seatmap shows 14 seats open (albeit all middle seats). In the meantime we have to kill a lot of time. The agent in the lounge suggested we go and do something for the day. Uh, like what? And what do we do with all of the luggage?

Amusingly, one of the pieces of luggage that my Aunt brought was an aerobed. She joked we should inflate it and settle in for a nap. Sounds tempting...


May. 3rd, 2009 09:27 am
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I booked my week at Kripalu. Now I have to work my way through my To Do list in the meantime. Laundry, etc. Gaaaaaa!
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This past week at yoga, my teacher asked us all to think about routine vs ritual. She defined ritual as something that you do with reverence, that you take the time to think about what you're doing and treat it as something precious.

Too much of my life is wrapped up in routine. 0515: get up, breakfast, shower. 0550: leave for work. 1150: lunch. etc. I run on autopilot and very rarely think about what I'm doing or appreciate my actions.

Wednesday night yoga can be an exception. I didn't write "is an exception", because sometimes I go to class and follow the motions but not connect with the feelings.

I've been trying to think about other portions of my life where I have rituals. Weekend afternoon naps, maybe. One could argue they're about reverence, but one could also argue they're just about catching up on sleep.

Often when I fly I put my headphones on and listen to Thich Nhat Hanh, specifically The Art of Mindful Living: How to Bring Love, Compassion, and Inner Peace into Your Daily Life. I was introduced to Thich Nhat Hanh before I took up yoga, and his calm voice combined with his message is powerful. When I find myself wound up and crammed into a small space on a plane, just listening to this recording helps me find peace. It's the most obvious example of ritual I have.

I am going to try and consider over the next few weeks what other rituals I have in life, and to try and increase and improve on them.
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I originally selected seat 19D, but when I checked in online I saw that seats further forward were available, albeit at the window. I don't like window seats, as a matter of course, as they feel too claustrophobic.

On this flight I remembered why else I dislike window seats: it's not just the claustrophobia, but being at the whims of the person on the aisle. In this case, the aislemate and I were lucky enough to have an empty seat in between us. The aislemate helped himself and put all of his stuff on the tray table and the empty seat, leaving me with no extra room. He also continued jabbering on the phone until well after pushback (I don't like people who actively go against the rules).

A couple of hours in the flight he got up to use the restroom, and I saw my opportunity. Of course I couldn't (easily) get out, because there was crap on the middle seat and the tray table was full of stuff as well. I actually stood on the edge of the empty seat so I could leap into the aisle. I stood behind the first class cabin curtain (the cart was in the coach aisle so I couldn't go backwards, and I knew better to wait in the first class galley for the restroom to become available).

After he emerged, I went into the restroom. Cut for bathroom TMI ) I got back to my row and he harrumphed as I wanted to sit down. He's now watching Will Ferrell's Anchor Man (which you couldn't pay me to see). At least he's using a middle-aged MacBook Pro running Leopard, so I guess I could say he's not all bad.

I'm watching Hackers on my 3-month-old MacBook Pro. [ profile] ckd kindly ripped a pile of DVDs onto the hard drive, so my battery will last, if not forever, then nearly so.

Roll on Seattle.
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  • why was there a TV news crew hanging around outside Terminal A?
  • why was there an Alaska Air plane at the gate when I arrived, and yet it was towed away shortly thereafter (or, I should say, pushed back and then went on under its own power)? One of the engines was smoking in an impressive manner.
  • the ratio of travellers, male to female, was about 2:1, maybe even 3:1.
  • The USAirways Shuttle magazine selection bites, or perhaps that's just late afternoon realities that the best stuff is long gone.
  • The airport claims that they practice "Mall Pricing", but I don't know any mall that would charge $1.80 (at the news stand) or $2.00 (at the café) for a 20oz bottle of water.
  • The news stand by gate B15 had no puzzle magazines, not even a word search!
  • someone left a USA Today on the chair next to me, but I am in no way interested in reading such trash.

    To keep me occupied on the flight I have...
  • laptop with extra battery
  • lots of movies on the laptop, plus a number of DVDs
  • five books in paper, another pile on iPhone
  • Games World of Puzzles magazine

    On the minus side, I think I left the iPod/iPhone charger at home. I brought the brick, but not the cable. Argh. Oh well, both my mother and my sister will have one that I can use.
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    Later this morning I have to make a trek across the bridge. While over there, I plan to stop at the WFM at Charles River Plaza (a gorgeous shop, with absolutely no echoes of the evil Stop & Stop that occupied the location before it) to pick up a few items.

    I don't really want to take my whole backpack with me, as it's too much trouble. Instead, I figure I'll fold up a previously obtained plastic carrier bag and use that to bring back the couple of items that I need. So I dug in my cabinet to find an appropriately-sized bag (not too big, as I want it to fit in my jacket pocket on the way over) that hasn't previously been used to carry shoes or anything else gross.

    After rummaging, I found a purple bag from Marks & Spencer, the Marble Arch store. Before crumpling it for the trip, I looked inside and found an old receipt, dated 2007-01-03. Items from the receipt:
  • Family Biscuit Carton (brought back to share with workmates)
  • two single-serve after-dinner treats, one blackcurrant and one lemon & orange
  • one lemon chicken heat-and-eat meal
  • Guardian newspaper

    Total cost: £10.36, probably around $16 at the time.

    The receipt says "Please retain for your records". Indeed.
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    what's gone wrong for me today - cut for gory details )
    on the plus side: I got a nap in today. I booked a plane ticket to see my sister, brother-in-law, and the nephew for a few weeks hence (okay, I did that yesterday, but I'm struggling to come up with good things for today).

    Work again tomorrow. I haven't been at work since December 24, and am not looking forward to re-entry.

    Shrink first, thank goodness. There's some hell in here that needs dealing with.

    Edited to add: I realize some of what has got me down today. Ten years ago today, my grandmother died. The universe felt all out of kilter, and that explains why. I miss her terribly.
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    Since arriving on Thursday, my parents and I have done relatively little aside from visit the new family at the hospital. The baby, a whopper at birth (10lbs 13oz) is as cute as a button, and easy going, not minding being passed from person to person like a bag of potatoes. Or something. I changed a diaper for the first time since, um, 1979. Can I say yuck?

    My sister hopefully will be released from hospital today. Before then, my mother and I plan to go to the farmers market so I can buy some beef jerky from [ profile] ckd's favourite vendor. We also need to get some baby t-shirts, because the baby is such a whopper, he won't fit in the standard newborn sizes.

    In the meantime, my father is taunting the dog and my mother is sleeping in. I think it's only Saturday? I'm here until early Tuesday, when I fly to Kansas City. My parents stay until a week later, to help my sister and her husband with the (not so) little one.

    Oh, I'm also breathing. For now, that's enough.


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