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Number of naps: 4 (1 Friday, 1 Saturday, 2 Sunday)
Meters swam: 8000 (half Saturday, half Sunday)
Temperature in the water on Saturday: 75F (normal temp is 80F, so 75F is very cold!)
Visits to the Z Center: 3, 2 to swim, 1 to coach
Loads of laundry done: 4 (last one in dryer now)
Episodes of Inspector Morse watched: 3 (including the one I'm watching now)
Kids at today's social event: 6
Adults at today's social event: 9
Time spent at social event: 2.5 hours
Minutes spent at pie shop: 30. I arrived to find they had sold my pie to someone else(!) but they sent a staff member over to the main location to pick up another one for me. I was able to kill another 10 minutes by walking to & from the library.
Books collected from library: 4. I still have another 10 on "freeze".
Meals cooked in: 1 breakfast (egg, cheese, English muffin), 1 dinner (pasta, chicken, veggies). That doesn't count other breakfasts eg oatmeal or anything reheated.
Inches of snow we got: about 6
Amount of shovelling I did: NONE
Podcasts listened to: lost count, but they included From Our Own Correspondent, Woman's Hour, Kermode/Mayo (last one before Mayo moves to Radio 2), BBC World Service documentaries, BBC Radio 4 More or Less, BBC radio 4 Excess Baggage, BBC Politics UK, and more...
Songs on primary music playlist: 196, a new low(!)
Days before I see the nephew: 4!!

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Where the hell did November come from? I can look at my calendar right now and accept that October is gone, but memories of the days are rather fuzzy. Swim. Work. Pie. Nephew.

And now it's November, and daylight saving time left us. I get a bit grumpy at the time change in November, as people who are usually not earlybirds feel smug by the artificial time change that allows them to arrive at work earlier or whatever. It never lasts, mind you, and they'll fall off the bandwagon. But it meant the pool was busy on Monday morning; I had to share a lane, even (hate that!).

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Friday night: home, sleep, out to get food & do some grocery shopping, then home, chill, sleep again.

Saturday: pouring rain. Went to swimming (bathing suit, jacket, swim cap, sandals. locked up jacket & sandals while I was in the pool) and back again. Showered & changed, then off to birthday party for a one year old. Kid so cute, civilized time (1100 - 1300). I got out of there about 1330, stopped for a snack (yes there was food at the party, but, well ....), picked up my pie, got books from the library, home, chill out.

Sunday: breakfast with the Sunday "paper". I've gotten spoiled having a laptop at the table. I went through the Globe while I was eating (it never takes long), then repaired to my desk to read the NY Times and the Observer (UK). Before long it was snack, then off to the pool for swimming. One of my friends said he "might" come along, but he didn't arrive. I texted him after I got out of the pool and he said he wasn't going to make it. No skin off my nose.

I went to Trader Joe's first, mostly for cereal, but as is typical for TJs I ended up buying more than that. The cereal I most needed (TJ brand twigs flakes & clusters, but I call it "twigs, flakes & bark") was missing from the shelf and there was no shelf tag. After checking out (with substitute cereal, boo) I went to customer service to ask, and they looked and saw that the store did have some in the back that hadn't been shelved yet. The crew member got me some, much to my happiness, so I traded in one box of raisin bran (I had three, but only wanted two) and one box of something else I don't remember (which I didn't want at all) for two boxes of my preferred stuff.

After that it was off to WFM. I went into the store and things weren't too busy, but by the time I checked out, it was mobbed! I realized part of that was due to 12 noon passing, as people who want to buy booze can't do so until after 12. Still, I got out by about 12:20 and went home from there, fully laden down (one full backpack, two shopping bags).

Climbing mount laundry right now, a never ending task. I'm only at work three days this week, then off to see the nephew on Thursday. CUTE NEPHEW, can't wait!
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I've done better with food during the second half of the week, and pushed myself to go to different places and try different things (rather than just yet another chicken or turkey sandwich).

Wednesday I got up, went swimming, went to yoga (was supposed to be with my regular teacher, but she had a sub instead, my former regular teacher). The class was alright, a little too self affirming for me, which reminded me of why I no longer went to class with my former regular teacher. I ended up going to lunch at City Girl Café in Inman Square. The food was alright: I had a chicken parm panini. After I left there I went over to look in Bird By Bird (to buy something for the nephew) and went by 1369. I saw a woman eating a positively scrummy sandwich, and wished I'd eaten there instead. Ah well.

I had high(ish) hopes for cleaning on Wednesday afternoon, but they were dashed (reasons unimportant here), so I had a mostly lazy afternoon. I had my traditional Wednesday dinner, and went to yoga in the evening. Thankfully my regular teacher was there, and it was an awesome class!

Thursday. Swim early. I ended up going out to the Arlington Center for a yoga class with Liz Owen. I've had a class or two with her before. While the class was listed for "continuing" students, I found myself well ahead of most of the participants (and I was one of just two attendees under the age of 50, and the other one was pregnant!) in terms of knowing the poses. Some of it was my (seasoned) knowledge of sanskrit: when the teacher said eka pada rajakapotasana, I knew exactly what she meant, and how many blankets I would need. Mmmm, props!

I had lunch at Mr. Crepe in Davis Square (smoked ham & cheddar cheese, yummmmm), and then high tailed it home. Before I could get started cleaning/sorting, I got a call from my friend N who had been subject to a towed car, and needed a ride. Normally I would not be someone who would get that kind of call, but N knew what few others did, that I was acting as host to another friend's car. So I got into that car (well, BMW SUV actually) and drove over to Newton to pick up N and take her to the tow yard. I hung out at her house for a while after that before coming back to Cambridge. Dinner? Eh, I don't remember!

Friday: swim, dentist (just a checkup). Later I had lunch at Flour Bakery in the South End. Bread = yummmmmm! I had a turkey & cheese & cranberry sauce sandwich, and added a banana and slice of apple snack cake to boot. After I got home I used the BMW to cart a whole pile (well, actually, four huge garbage bags) of clothing to Goodwill in Central Square. In return for my generosity, I managed to score a parking space right in front of the store. Go me!

About the only other thing worth noting: I've had eight naps in eight days. I could live like this. But I do miss work.
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My friend and hiking companion N and I agreed to meet at work at 0830, but of course it ended up not working out that way. I went for a swim early, but even that was complicated by the pouring rain. The original plan was for me to go to work, swim, and then back to W98. That's what I do on a typical (work) morning. With the rain, I figured it was better to go to the pool, then back home to collect my gear (and have breakfast), then on to W98. The weather forecast had predicted gradually lessening rain as the morning commute went on, so I hoped by 0830 that my gear wouldn't get as wet. As it turned out, I was wrong, and my gear was soaked (well, it had a waterproof cover, but still).

the drive up )

up, up and away! )

not exactly the Ritz )

in the morning )

hello and goodbye )

We arrived at W98 so N could pick up her laptop and other items. She then drove me home where I dropped everything just inside the door before proceeding to throw my clothes in the wash and myself in the shower. And then eat (again). I went to bed early, exhausted but happy from our journey.

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I'm going on a hike tomorrow with one of my friends. We're going to Galehead Hut in way-the-heck-up-north, New Hampshire.

I'll come to work, go for a swim, and then back to the office. She'll drop off her youngest at day camp and pick me up here. We'll drive drive drive, then hike hike hike (and then likely sleep sleep sleep and eat eat eat!). We'll be back Saturday night, don't know what time.

I'm very excited. The last time I did a purpose hiking trip was Kripalu a couple of years ago. To top it all off, we have to "earn our keep" and cook & clean while we're there. Woo!

I have a bunch of luna bars (and luna bar type things), plus have to remember to take enough to drink. Very important, that last one, given I typically drain ~30oz of liquid after a swim, never mind any other exertion.
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Once again, I trekked to work in the pouring rain. Rain jacket, rain hat, umbrella. Dropped off most things in my office, and went back to the pool, still in the rain. On my commute I saw several joggers out there. Not long ago, that would have been me. Pouring, but with headphones on. Jacket or no jacket? It wouldn't make a difference. I'd arrive at my destination thoroughly soaked.

sploosh )

Back at the office, time to dry off. And ponder the week. Off to Ohio on Thursday.
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Today is the first day since Tuesday that I didn't swim, and it wasn't even by choice. MIT has its annual Commencement, which means the fitness facilities are closed in the morning. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I arrived at the pool by 06:00 and was in the water by 06:10. I'm limiting myself to an hour's swimming.

splish splash )

I hope to swim over the weekend. And yes, I'm keeping up with my intake to balance it out. Just in case you were wondering.
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I'm debating taking next week off of work and going to Kripalu. I only have one appointment that I'd have to cancel on Tuesday morning (nothing on Monday), and one work related thing that I'd have to pass off.

Pros: a week away to myself. Focus on things I need to focus on.
Cons: too much unstructured time. $$$$$$ (okay, just $$$$). Missing [ profile] ckd, who is away now but due back after I would leave on Sunday. The program runs from Sunday through Friday.
Middling: Not sure about the program. There's one I should take, but there's also a kayaking program. I will admit the kayaking one sounds good because of exercise.

My heart is pounding over this. Or maybe it's just hyperkalemia. Ugh.
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woke up in the night when Dad left the house for work, then fell back to sleep. Woke up again ~0600 and went down for breakfast. I ate in front of the television (watching Miracle on 34th Street). Before too long, Mum woke up and we took Toby to the park for his first walk of the day.

After that we stopped at a local supplier for their business, then went to work. Mum gave me a company check so I could buy Dad's new iMac, then I dashed out the door to my 0945 yoga class. The class was good, I really like teacher and I've had her before. The only minus is that the class was in a 80-85F heated room. Yuck. I sweated; 'nuff said.

After class it was off to Apple where I was assigned to a sales guy who felt let down when I wouldn't let him try and use his "talents" to help me decide what I wanted. (I want a 20" 2.66GHz iMac him: errr.... do you need a printer? any other software? Do you have any questions? me: no, no, no). I didn't use the "I have 150 Macs" line, which is just as effective).

I left the Apple store and put the iMac in the car trunk (plus for the car, an Infiniti: it has an iPod dock built in, so I plugged my iPhone into the dock connector and was able to control the unit from the car's audio panel. A nice feature! The car also has butt warming seats, which wasn't as necessary, as it was 45F. I didn't even wear a jacket after yoga class, although that was as much from my internal temperature than anything else. After Apple I swung by a local organic café for lunch, then back to the office to set up the iMac.

I'd never really used Apple's Migration Assistant before, but it was great! I firewire targeted Dad's old Quicksilver PowerMac G4 to the new iMac while running Software Update (from 10.5.4 to 10.5.6). It took maybe 60-75 minutes to transfer the data and run the software update. I'm really quite impressed by the whole process. I even fixed Dad's printing issues; his MDD G4 (on Tiger) couldn't talk to the printer, but it can now.

After setting up the machine I decided it would be a good time to take Toby for a(nother) walk. Mum, eager to get out, volunteered to come along. We went to a local arboretum and trekked through the mud, finding ourselves eight feet muddier after the fact (two for me, two for Mum, four for Toby). Home afterwards, not for a nap, but we chilled out. She crocheted and I did puzzles.

Dad came home from work early, then we went to a local eatery for dinner. Toby was full of beans again by the time we got home, so I ran around the back yard with him for a few minutes. We finished watching the movie while I caught up with my email and everything else. I usualy don't bring my own laptop to Ohio, but did this time and really like having it along.

Tuesday: Toby walk, yoga, probably Skyline (again). Yum!
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my iPhone played Fiona Apple's Paper Bag for me this morning.

"crisis" of the day: I got to work and found that somewhere between home and w98, I'd dropped part of my lunch. My backpack, stuffed with rain gear, had opened slightly, and I took inventory to find one item missing.

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my iPhone played Alanis for me this morning. That's not so unusual; I have a great deal of Alanis loaded (1,300 songs, of which 38 are Alanis. The only artist with more songs is the Beatles, at 77).

Fear of Bliss comes from Alanis' album "Feast on Scraps", which were songs that didn't make the cut for "Under Rug Swept". The whole song seems to be about self punishment, Alanis' attempt to find a "bigger" or "more joyful" life, only to find herself beaten back, either due to her own actions, or those of fate. Mostly the former.

I can definitely identify with the words, the intention, the meaning. Self-sabotage? Check. Fear of bigness? check. Not threatening anybody? check. fear of joy? That too.

fear of bliss lyrics )

"Feast on Scraps" also contains such gems as Bent For You, and Sorry To Myself. I don't even have to guess what Alanis is referring to. Why can't I be this able to share words and feelings?
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While I was killing time yesterday I opened the pages of one of my old journals )


May. 17th, 2008 02:22 pm
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after syncing my iPod & iPhone on Friday 2008-05-16, my "mix up" playlist was below 300 songs. That's the first time I remember that happening in quite a while. Years?
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three days away )

Home now. Laundry. Note to self: avoid Marathon on Monday. Safest to just avoid Boston altogether, I think.

I am very very glad I went on the trip. I actually allowed myself to relax. That doesn't happen very often, and didn't even happen the past few times I visited my parents. It was an unexpected surprise.
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parental visit highs:
  • apple pie my mother made
  • lots of toby time. he is sitting by my feet right now.
  • afternoon naps
  • watched the deal, on HBO. I don't get HBO at home, so this was a nice treat (and good show!).
  • hot chocolate along with my BLT at lunch today

    parental visit challenges:
  • went with parents to a community theatre play on saturday night. it ran very late; I didn't leave there until 2230. Typically I am abed by 2150 and asleep by 2220. Still, I broke out of my routine and went. I still can't separate the discomfort in routine disruption from my feelings for the play itself. I didn't get to bed until 2300.
  • more routine stuff: I've moved around some meal/snack times to accomodate the daily goings-on. Again, challenging....
  • their macmini was sick (some catalog issue), and I ended up having to do an archive-and-install. neither diskwarrior nor techtool were able to repair anything, and fsck -fy found about 30 instances of corruption.

    parental visit lows:
  • the temperature. brrrr!

    not parental visit related:
  • the database upgrade this weekend seems to have gone well. so far?
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    So far today I have:
  • gone shopping to Trader Joe's, ahead of the nasty weather. It only just began to rain on my way back. The weather forecast had said rain, mainly after 9am, and it began to drip at about 0915.
  • had a hot chocolate for morning snack, rather than the yogurt I had planned (and purchased). It was nice and warm.
  • went out for lunch. Okay, it was rainy, but I was well togged up. And lunch was good.
  • stopped by pharmacy to pick up the rest of my prescription (when I went on Thursday they didn't have enough medication to fill it, but promised to leave the rest for me to collect).
  • bought a new crossword puzzle book on my way back from lunch.
  • did some laundry
  • put the flannel sheets on the bed
  • stayed warm. pajamas + big fleece wrap + fleece blanket + electric heating pad = warm [ profile] hr_macgirl
  • enjoyed an afternoon nap (criteria for enjoyment: drool. No, really. I drool when I nap, but when I sleep overnight I don't. Whatever!)
  • watched My Girl 2. It's not a brilliant movie, but I love the music. Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" and Rod Stewart's "Reason to Believe" are featured heavily.
  • figured out who to vote for in the elections on Tuesday (criteria: sane, non-incumbent. You'd be amazed at how few of them there are...)
  • threw out some stale food (that's one goal taken care of).
  • changed some of the clocks, but not all of them, ahead of the shift back to Standard Time.

    I had wanted to go and see a US Navy ship which was in town today (and open to the public), but the horrible nasty wind and rain made that impractical. [ profile] ckd and I even discussed going to see a film in the evening, but once again, the weather made the idea distasteful.

    Tomorrow the sun will come up earlier. Today it was 0700 before it was really light out. Not nearly as bad as Amsterdam at Christmastime (0800 for sunup), but still.
  • bad omen

    Aug. 29th, 2007 09:29 am
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    I went to pack my lunch for today and the bread was growing "friends", even though it's dated as fresh through August 31.

    I now have to figure out how to get some bread to have hummus on (since that's what my lunch was going to be). Grrr.
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    In a few weeks, [ profile] ckd and I are due to travel to Washington, DC to meet his parents (who will be visiting there from overseas). I like going to DC; the museums are awesome (although some of them are just über busy and overwhelming). Favourite stops: the museum shop at SI/NASM, National Building Museum.

    On a trip a couple of years ago we stayed at a hotel in Georgetown (thanks to a deal from Site 59 (which specializes in last minute travel deals and bundles flights with hotels and/or cars). There was a really neat (and tiny) store that sold used CDs. [ profile] ckd is a used CD fiend; he loves to shop for them and trawl through miles of bins in the hope of happening upon a "find". I'm not as big into CD shopping as he is, but I do occasionally like a quick browse.

    While he trawled through each of the bins, one of us came across a CD Single from Alanis Morissette: Joining You. What struck me wasn't (just) the title, but the fact that the CD single had a "melancholy mix" of the title song. I've been a fan of Alanis' music since Jagged Little Pill in 1995. Between that, and that I can tend towards "melancholy" myself, I figured I'd throw it on the purchase pile.

    over the past few days )

    Even if we don't get to Georgetown and search through the music bins again, can I let myself think as Alanis does, honestly? why is it so hard to be objective about myself? In so many ways I don't feel like I am mumble slur years old. Will I ever feel "appropriately" old? Perhaps the better word is "mature": appropriately mature. It's not (as much) to do with chronological age as it is with feeling like I haven't made sufficient "progress" towards life goals that I should have reached by now.
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    travel )yoga )

    after yoga, I stopped at TJ's, then came home for some lunch. I was going to go to the library but got a bit lost going to a park, so I went home afterwards instead. Toby wandered around in the back yard for a while (and I followed), then we went and I got some hot chocolate.

    after I got home I caught up with email, had a sleep (Toby kindly slept next to me and provided me with a lump of warmth), then got up for some dinner. Now Toby is whining (not quite sure why - he probably wants attention). I'm online reading the Sunday newspapers (the local newspaper took all of fifteen seconds to read), and later plan to watch some of the DVDs I brought with me.

    Tomorrow: more yoga, not sure what else. More of the same. Perhaps chili.

    edited to add: Toby stopped whining. He's now sharing my chair (or more accurately, I'm sharing his chair, as he has the vast majority of the real estate). I'm having a difficult time assessing how much food he needs, which is probably directly connected to the fact that I'm having a difficult time assessing how much food I need. I woke up from my afternoon nap hungry, which felt like a relief and success all wrapped in one.


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