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Crappy Friday. So let's see:

  • I got out of the pool this morning to find I couldn't check my email from my iPhone. I rebooted the iPhone to see if it was a DHCP issue (not likely but possible). I then checked 3-DOWN and saw the notice that email (and other) servers were offline.
  • This may not have been so bad, but I wasn't going back to W98, but to the dentist. When I got to the dentist I sent a text message to one of my staff members to warn him of the email problems. I found out later that he didn't see the message (he never looks at his phone).
  • Dentist went well, went back to work. Email servers back online but slow and delivering messages out of order.
  • Enterprise database having trouble, reports weren't working and many windows displayed no data. Offered assistance to the database group but couldn't provide more than moral support because ....
  • Got a phonecall from a colleague in another department (but in the same building) that our server room had taken in water. I put up an emergency iChat status and went down to look. An inch or two of water over about 1/4 of the floor.
  • Put a call into the emergency line for the Facilities Department. Colleague went and got a mop from the in-building café. After pushing the water around, we decided it wasn't worth it.
  • Warned the relevant higher ups about possible server outages if we had to bring down our machines because of standing water.
  • Facilities Staff took half an hour to arrive, even though I called the emergency line and explained the nature of the problem. When the staff arrived, they were "scouts" who couldn't fix anything themselves, so they called the plumber.
  • After another 20 minutes, the plumber arrived. Without a shop vac or anything else for cleanup.
  • Left server room door propped open to allow for cleanup. I thought I would hear about it from the security office (we have an alarm set to go off there in case the door is propped open), but didn't. Maybe the alarm is a phantom?
  • Note that when we moved into the building the project manager promised we would never, ever have to deal with floods.
  • Later found out that the IT colleague in another department (not the one mentioned previously) had seen flooding late Thursday night and had used some paper towels to mop it up, but didn't report the problem to anyone else. Hint: when you see water in a server room, call someone!

    Now waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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    Friday: got out of work at 3, came home & had a nap, then got up & went out with some friends. Back home by 7 (early enough for me!). The day wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't a disaster like the rest of the week.

    Saturday: went to work (planned), then to swim. I picked up a hot chocolate before going back to W98. The parking lot was filling up, which I was confused by as there were no events in the building. Luckily my coworker who came in was able to find a parking space, but when leaving later, there were no spaces at all. I'm glad I didn't have to call a repair guy to go in (see below).

    I went to work to upgrade two servers from MacOS X server 10.5 to 10.6. One of the servers is somewhat flaky (I think there's an innate hardware problem); I had an Apple repair guy out on it a while back, but it doesn't misbehave on schedule, so there was nothing to be done. So I fully expected to have trouble with this server (call it "server A"). Surprise surprise, the upgrade for server A went (almost) fine, but server B's upgrade bombed. In the end we had to wipe the boot drive and reinstall from scratch, which meant recreating all of the users & groups. UGH.

    Didn't get out of work until 4:30, got home & had nap. During the afternoon I had managed to duck out for a little while (during the 45 minute OS install process) and pick up my pie and something for dinner. After dinner I had to work more, but I could do the work in my pajamas, which was a plus.

    Woke up Sunday, had breakfast, read (online) newspapers. I knew there was more work on server B to do, but I went for a swim first. After that a friend invited me over, so I reserved a Zipcar (love the iPhone zipcar app) from the locker room at the Z center. Walked over and got car; drove to Newton and had a nice afternoon.

    I thought about taking the T to Newton but I was afraid of the disruption caused by Obama's visit. I know what kind of diversions were created when Obama visited MIT last autumn, and didn't want to have to deal with them.

    Back home, another nap, dinner. Then yes, more work. At this point the server is back online. We have to reset passwords for Windows users; Mac users log in with Kerberos tickets. There are also likely some permissions on folders that need fixing.

    Monday: considered going up to Burblington, but I actually have too many things to do in town. Need to go to the pharmacy and to l'Occitane. Have been trying to get to both all weekend (planned to do the pharmacy on Saturday after work and l'Occitane Sunday). I'm really glad this is a long weekend; I don't think I could cope with going to work tomorrow given how hellish this past week was.

    On the minus side: no swim tomorrow, the pool is open funky hours.


    Dec. 17th, 2009 03:27 pm
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    I gacked this from [ profile] schmoomom, and it seemed like a neat idea.

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    Today is the last Sunday before the clocks change. At 0630, the sky is still almost pitch black (admittedly, the rainclouds add to the general darkness). I've been commuting to work in the dark now for several weeks. All that will change next weekend, where I will get a brief respite from headlights and poor lighting.

    Thankfully, the Vassar Street reconstruction has improved the lighting situation along that formerly depressing road. While there aren't any workers out before 0600, the lighting is much improved. Now if only they will finish paving the sidewalk on the south (Briggs Field) side of the road.
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    I was awake much too early today (0430), and at that point, I didn't think it would the worth the effort to try and get back to sleep. I got up and had a nice warm bowl of oatmeal. While Saturday was horribly humid and warm, the temperature this morning was a comfortable 61F.

    I left the house at about 0515, ~30 minutes or so before my usual time, and as such, my entire commute was in the dark. I saw three MBTA buses (one out of service along Gali-Vassar, one going towards Harvard on the #1 and one going towards Dudley, likewise), but there was much less traffic in general. The most amusing thing I saw was a golf cart carrying a couple of staffers hanging out balloons and putting up signs advertising today's Community Picnic.

    The commute was somewhat of a preview of what I will have to go through between October and February, at least in terms of darkness. The only "scary" part of it was the (typical) lack of adherence from the cars turning from Gali-Vassar to Main Street (there's a no turn on red, cars just don't pay attention). I submitted a complaint about the intersection to the appropriate people, but I doubt much will happen. It's an enforcement issue, and the only place police officers want to be at 0600 is Dunkies.
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    I've been in the new building for four weeks, but still find myself discombobulated. The new commute keeps changing as the resurfacing of Vassar Street progresses (today I had to cross Vassar Street twice to avoid closed sidewalks). Every few days I consider taking Albany Street, but with the new dorm forcing roadway changes there, I doubt it would be any better.

    What's worst is my actual arrival at work. I climb the stairs, and half of the time I find myself at the fourth floor. In my old location, I'd been on the fourth floor for three years. I think it will take some time to inure myself that my new office is only three, not four floors from the ground.
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    I've been in the new building now for nine days, and things are coming along. I've unpacked three out of four crates, had two awards (2002 and 2007) and one poster hung. I've also unpacked my two mugs (Starbucks "Seattle" and a ladybird-covered mug purchased in Munich). The 400 or so pens I had on my old desk remain in a large manilla envelope; I hope to keep them there as long as possible.

    I managed to get to yoga this past week only to be the only student there! Obviously the rest of the regulars in my class had gotten the news that our regular teacher was away, and none of them were excited about having a sub. Neither was I, but I went anyways. I don't like private lessons, especially with someone I don't know well. I went through the motions, but didn't feel emotionally connected with my practice.

    weekend details behind the cut tag )

    Upcoming: Life is Good Festival Volunteer Orientation on Wednesday (so I can't go to yoga, but with a sub I'm not as bothered). I Volunteered to be a Volunteer Team Leader. Um, go me? I'm only happy when I'm in charge anyways. Hopefully they will assign me to the Guest Relations Tent; I have lots of experience with that!!

    I still have blisters from my new sandals, but at least my heel bandaid has stayed on, and I bought some more blister bandaids, so I can apply one to my toe. Not that the blisters (or accompanying sensitivity) have slowed me down, mind you...
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    day two: distributed all phones, set up printers. Movers had sent many printers to wrong location, so had to rescue & redistribute. Another long day, but managed to actually finish by 2000, so it was "only" a fourteen hour day. That's fifteen hours Monday & Tuesday, fourteen on Wednesday. The last time I worked 44 hours in a three day period, I was 17 and the job was more of a game (well, certainly a social situation) than a job.

    Tried to set up my machine in my office. Note tried. Plugged power strip into wall, the fuse blew. Repeated, same experience. It turned out to not just be a problem with me and my office, but three other offices on the same hallway. I hung around waiting for the electrician for four hours, and got no relief until Thursday. In the meantime, I worked on lots of desk projects. Unfortunately, with no reliable power, it meant I had to use the laptop instead of my desktop.

    In the evening there was lots of printer movement and phone distribution, plus setting up all of the machines that arrived on Wednesday. Boy Wonder left at 5pm (with my blessing) so he could see his girlfriend. Other Staff Member and I remained, but as I mentioned, only until 2000.

    The late departure meant I couldn't go to yoga. Class started at 1915, and I didn't get home until 2030. Wahhh. My teacher is away now for 4-6 weeks because of surgery. It's going to be a tough one.

    I was up early again on Thursday (0430), had breakfast, took shower, at work before 0600. Staff Member and I discussed & rationalized printers (where they should go based on need). Out of the 40 (non inkjet) printers we have, after reallocation there are six spare, and that's not counting the one going to printer heaven (eight years old, expensive supplies, unreliable).

    I've spent most of today at my desk triaging issues and assigning trouble tickets. People keep finding me and sucking me away. Aghhhh. Ticket count is well over 100 (I'm only happy when it's less than 80). Most of the things are move related or backed up due to move duties, of course.

    I just had a Klondike bar for afternoon snack. For some reason I remembered them tasting better.

    Departure time tonight? To be determined. If I am lucky I will not have to eat dinner here tonight, but I'm not betting on it (and have food here just in case).


    Jun. 11th, 2008 01:51 pm
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    in addition to not having power at home, I'm having power trouble in my (new) work office. I plugged a power strip into the outlet under my desk only to have the built in surge protector blow. A nasty smell ensued. I got a second power strip and repeated, with the same symptoms.

    So I had to call the electrician, who showed up here at about 1300. He took one look at the problem, muttered something like I'll be right back, and I haven't seen him since, almost an hour later. So I've been forced to haul a laptop out to get anything done, not to mention charge my iPhone

    There's trouble in VoIP land as well, making outbound calls from on-campus (at least in this building). Oh boy, the news doesn't get any better than this!! (yes, that's sarcasm)
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    day 0 (Monday 6/9): packed everything, left E19 at 9:15pm
    day 1 (Tuesday 6/10): met the movers in E19. Freight elevator busted, movers had to use passenger elevators. Asked them to put all of the computers on the first truck. That was all well and good, but they didn't leave E19 until all of the trucks were full! Left for W98 ~10am after making stops along the way. Arrived W98 ~10:30am. Movers did not begin arriving from E19 until noon.

    Crates for phones from one floor have gone AWOL. I have sat in my office exactly twice, once for lunch on Tuesday, once for afternoon snack on Tuesday. IS&T staff offered to buy us ice cream, but the ice cream truck never came so we bailed on them. It was too hot to stand outside & wait.

    Spent the evening packing up three more buildings. The move coordinator told the staff in Building 4 to leave their doors unlocked. I don't care if (most of) the students have gone home for the summer. You don't leave the doors of an unoccupied office unlocked ever!!!! On my last walkthrough, I locked all of the doors, which means I shortly have to haul ass back up there to meet the movers, but at least I can be (fairly) confident that nothing was stolen overnight.

    I forwarded my desk phone to my iPhone, but used it so much that it died (no battery) at about 8pm. It didn't help that my computer isn't set up so I hadn't been able to charge the iPhone. I stuck it on the charger when I got home.

    Oh, and to add to the fun, we lost power at home on Tuesday twice, and then overnight again. Luckily for [ profile] ckd it came back on before his alarm went off, because he had to be awake at a certain time. I didn't, but I wake up early anyways. And there was enough power for my iPhone to charge fully.

    day 2: to do: distribute phones for one floor, find the AWOL crate of phones for another floor, set up printers. Unfortunately the movers are not operating in parallel today. You think they'd send one truck to one building, one truck to another, and a third truck to the last building. Wouldn't that make more sense than sending three trucks to the first building, etc?

    Everything else is going pretty smoothly, all told. I haven't gone crazy yet. Or perhaps I should rephrase & say I haven't gone more crazy than I was before this all started.
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    The freight elevator in our building is dead, so even though tomorrow (June 10) is move day, we may not all be able to move out.

    In better news, can I just say drool drool over iPhone 3G?
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    I saw my physical therapist this morning, and was officially discharged from treatment. She says I'm making decent progress and should continue with my exercise program.

    I wore shorts to work this morning, knowing I would spend a good portion of the day packing. The weather forecast predicted 72F and sunny by mid afternoon. At 1223, it's 58F and I'm freezing (just turned off the AC in my office), and the forecast now predicts only 61F. I'm sitting with a blanket over me; I should sit with the blanket under me, as I'm supposed to do that to protect my hip flexor.

    The temperature is supposed to reach 90F over the next few days. I'm guessing I'll be complaining about the heat then instead of the cold. Next cool break: Wednesday 6/11, when it will "only" hit 80F. Ugh. Bring on September!
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    I just asked if I could put back the first part of the move by one week. I feel so overwhelmed and not nearly prepared enough. In addition, our building didn't get the certificate of occupancy, so I could only move in about 1/2 of what I want (e.g. can move servers but not storage cabinets).

    I haven't told my staff or my boss of the request to delay, but sent a note directly to the project manager. We'll see what happens. In so many ways I want this move to be over, and in so many other ways I just need "a few more days".

    Conference today, no time for breathing.
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    Move date: June 10-12, with servers going on May 31 (Saturday). Space still not finished. Lots of details still to iron out. I'm arguing with departmental higher ups over the need for fax machines (my thoughts: the fewer the better; most people who swap faxes will be sending to those in the building!!)

    I have spent some time over the past few weeks cleaning up my office in preparation for the move. iPhone has built-in speakers, so when it's quiet (in the mornings!) I can put on music and not have to wear my headphones and/or worry about annoying the guy in the next office over.

    books: just finished The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perotta. Have nine items on my library "wish list" (including two videos), none of which are en route.

    my hip/groin injury continues to improve. I'm doing all sorts of exercises (some strengthening, some stretching). The current focus is to stabilize my right side; the theory is the left side overcompensates (hence why I have pain on the left).

    In the meantime, I'm just rolling along.
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    I've been asked to participate in a focus group regarding improved transportation subsidies on campus. The proposal being floated is requiring all staff members (whether they drive or not) to pay $15 per month towards a bus+subway pass. In addition, parking costs will change based on desirability: for the "better" locations, drivers will have to pay more to park. Costs will not change for the less desirable sites.

    Work + transit issues = happy me!!
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    [ profile] ckd didn't get in from gaming until 0400 on Saturday, so I knew he'd be down for the count for most of the day. I got up at my usual time and had breakfast.

    Often on Saturday I'll read or watch television, but this week the latter was right out. Because the television is broken (again), I avoided the screen entirely. Come mid-morning, I was going stir crazy, so I went into Central Square and got myself a *$ for morning snack. The snow that fell overnight had melted somewhat, but some really impressively-sized flakes were still falling.

    cut for television description )

    After returning home from my mid-morning jaunt, I threw on some clothes and went into Boston (after a quick stop on campus). I had some lunch and stopped by the BPL. Thankfully, the weather wasn't too bad, and while it was sloppy (and slushy) at first, the slush soon went away and after a while, the rain even stopped. [ profile] ckd called at about 1300, and after a quick stop at The Dot of a Trader Joe's on Boylston Street, I hopped the #1 bus back to Cambridge.

    I spent the rest of the day fighting the laundry monster. In between loads, [ profile] ckd and I watched Sliding Doors (bonus points for a film set in London with lots of Tube shots). I also read Intern: A Doctor's Initiation and Dreaming in Code, the latter of which has a good analysis of the Chandler Project, which at the time was run by somebody that I Mostly Knew. I recognized alot of the interactions and behaviours.

    Sunday I hit WFM early (as always), then home to listen to Puzzlemaster. [ profile] ckd slept in again, so I went to Harvard Square by myself for lunch. He woke up later and we met up. After a quick run to Porter for him to pick up some Japanese snacks, we came home again. The weather was quite pleasant on Sunday: sunny and 40, albeit somewhat blowy at times.

    Spring is definitely on the way. Never mind the warmer temperatures, sunrise happens at about 0615, which means it won't be long before I am able to go to work in the light!

    on the horizon for this week: furniture shopping for The Move at Teknion down near the Children's Museum. I get to chaperone, er escort, er go with three boys (in maturity level, at least). Lucky me! Before that I have my first physical therapy appointment for my injured groin/quad/whatever. Double the fun!
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    My hip continues to improve. While I'm still taking a double-daily dose of NSAIDs, I can (for the most part) walk without experiencing pain. Running is another matter altogether. And my walking pace is nowhere near my (typical) maximum. Still, it's nice to know that the downtime experienced over the past few weeks might lead to improved mobility.

    This morning I took advantage of my ability to move and trekked down to Trader Joe's. I haven't been to the "big" one in weeks, and have had to be content with "The Dot" (a Trader Joe's that's in a basement and not much bigger than the entire downstairs of my house). While the weather was grey, I didn't let that deter me.

    I had other reasons for wanting to visit TJ's. For more than a few years now, there have been varying rumours that our office would be moving. We originally moved into the building we currently occupy in 2000, on the premise that it would be for "a few years". In the meantime, other offices in our department have joined us in that building, leading me to believe that our residence was more than "temporary".

    After our new VP started in March, I knew that "the move" issue would come up. We had no VP for well over a year before the new guy started, and even before that, the VP was mostly a "lame duck" and wasn't really making any decisions.

    The VP and one or two "higher ups" in the department have been touring properties for the past month or so. We're adding staff members like crazy, and before long I think we'll have to build lofts or something to accomodate them all. We have a serious space crunch.
    I'll take property #3, please, Terry... )

    Property #3 has the plus of being perhaps 7-8 minutes (at my slower pace) from Trader Joe's. So on my way to TJ's I swung by the place and snapped a whole bunch of photographs (can I just say how much I love my phone with its built-in camera?). You know, the important stuff. Loading dock, HVAC system, power, outdoor bicycle racks. Obviously I couldn't get inside, so that will have to wait.

    I now know what the next year will be taken up with: preparation for The Move. It's a perfect time (and excuse) for a VoIP transition for the department. That means lots of ethernet ports at each desk (I'm shooting for 4 per person, but will settle for 3). Power requirements to think of, keys to allocate, IP addresses to request (the building doesn't even have a block allocated to it, given that we don't own it yet!). It will be here before I know it.

    After TJs I came home. [ profile] ckd was awake before too long, and we went out to lunch before I went to REI to pick up my most recent order (including my new Lole "Practical 2" Skort in chocolate). I then bought a whole pile of cards, then we took the train to the mall to get a new HDMI cable (for our new AppleTV).

    We came home. I slept. It's been warm all day, but the weather promises to cool off somewhat. The windows are wide open now, but if the "rain, heavy at times" arrives as predicted, we'll have to close them. In the meantime I'm catching up on laundry.


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