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This morning in the pool I heard Alanis' take on "Crazy", followed immediately by Seal's single version of the same song. What are the chances?
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I listen to music while I swim. For a while, I was using the X1 Waterproof iPod shuffle case (formerly known as "H2O Audio"), along with a standard issue iPod shuffle. However, the case never seemed to last long, the ear plugs would eventually lose sound out of one ear or the other. In addition, the water sealant wasn't perfect, and I had a couple of iPod shuffles die because they got wet.

So I changed tactics and moved on to a waterproof iPod shuffle, which I clip to the back of my goggles. That required me to get separate headphones, and I started by going with the same brand (X1) as my old waterproof iPod case. However, I found the cable very long (it was as long as a standard set of headphones!), so I ended up having to tie a knot in the headphones so they wouldn't drape down my back.

I then moved on to Swimbuds, which had a nice short cord. However, the earbuds don't fit well in my ears, and even worse, the headphones die after less than three months (of admittedly daily wear, but still!). I've gone through two sets and have had multiple warranty replacements on each unit. My most recent set died yesterday, and I immediately put in a warranty replacement request (very quickly, because they only have a 90 day warranty!), while at the same time, going back to my old X1 headphones.

I bought myself a set of Swimbuds Sport which have a one year warranty. I'm unsure what I'll think of them because they haven't arrived yet! I hope they will fit my ears better. I live in hope.
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Columbus Day weekend meant no work on Monday (woo!).

Got home Friday in time for a nap. Had a quiet Friday night.

Saturday was at the pool for 7am, then ran some errands, including picking up a bunch of books at the library. It's feast or famine as far as inter-library loan is considered. Either all of the books come in at once, or none come in! Later on Saturday I watched some English television and slept. One of the books I picked up was Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival. I've started in on it and have found it enjoyable (if one can consider the loss of that many lives enjoyable!).

Sunday I took a long walk through Back Bay and Beacon Hill, talked to my parents, slept some more. Caught up on Downton Abbey (season 5, episode 3). I also watched "This Old House" and saw one of my friends on the "Ask This Old House" segment. Cool!

Monday I swam early, went to the New Balance store. I then caught the 86 bus to Cleveland Circle and the D line inbound (was lucky enough to land a seat on the Type 8 because it was a long ride!) to Auditorium. My destination was l'Occitane. I'm out of shea butter body cream and it's coming up for the season, so I wanted to stock up. Well I got over there to find the store closed for remodeling. Dammit. The only other store in the Boston area is at Logan, and I wasn't about to go there, so I went home and mail ordered a supply instead. After lunch I had yet another nap. Four days, four naps. What a life!
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I heard Crosby Stills & Nash "Marrakesh Express" this morning when swimming. It reminded me of seeing the movie Coral Reef Adventure back in 2003, which was an IMAX film with a CSN(Y) soundtrack.
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I love long course. The lane lengths, the lane widths. It's all good...except sharing with people who are too fast, too slow, or both (those people who sprint then go into a slow set).

This morning, it was just my swimming buddy and I in our lane. We had no lane invaders. No boys with fins. No Pellegrino-sipping gropers. No water walkers.

If only long course could always be that way.
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when I was swimming this morning, I heard Eric Clapton's "Let it Rain", and the song has been stuck in my head all day!
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Saturday: pool open late (9 a.m.), then walk to Beacon Hill, T to library, home (relax including nap). In the evening I watched and enjoyed Argo. I understand the film isn't 100% accurate, but it was very gripping nonetheless.

Sunday: swim at 9, work for a little bit, out with friends (lunch in Wellesley).

Monday: the Z center was closed, but I ended up having a successful swim (unlike last time at the Oak Square YMCA. After stopping at Starbucks for a smoothie (chocolate banana, mmmmmm), I relaxed at home, then later went out to the movies and saw Star Trek Into Darkness (in 2D, of course). Spoiler free review: a B, no better than that.

Now watching Hyde Park-on-Hudson. Will be interesting to see what it's like.

The weather is supposed to get unbearably hot later in the week. Not looking forward to that!
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Thursday to Friday )

Saturday )

I haven't watched the news on Saturday. This is deliberate. Reading the papers is bad enough.

I have to rest now. Television, reading, nap, repeat.
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Friday: out of work early, had a snooze, quiet evening.

Saturday: swim at 7, library, then over to Newbury Street to do a bit of shopping. Round through Beacon Hill, then MBTA back to Cambridge. Another nap.

Sunday: swim at 9, went to work for a bit, lunch out (is it lunch when it's an egg sandwich?), nice walk, stopped at Target, home. Third nap!

Monday: Swim in the morning. Later, I was on Memorial Drive watching the streams of people leave Boston.

Still reading Ben Aaronovitch's books. Also picked up the latest in the Maisie Dobbs series from Jacqueline Winspear from the library, along with Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality by Jacob Tomsky. The last Winspear book was depressing so I haven't started it yet. The Tomsky book, on the other hand, was a riot.
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The weathermen are forecasting a snowpocalypse in a few days. It's so tiresome! Much will depend on whether the temperature on Friday is above or below freezing. We might get 12-24"

In truth all I care about is whether I can swim on Saturday. I'm hoping the predicted precipitation is over-hyped. Swim, Library, Pie Shop, home. That's all I need to do!
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I typically break my swimming down into a few sets (where a set is a group of laps, either a number of laps equating to a particular distance, or an amount of time, where the distance is less important). I find it difficult to remember how many times I've gone back and forth across the pool, so I tend to stick to the latter. Now that only helps when I can see the on-deck clock. Less of a problem at the Z center, with huge digital clocks. When I'm consigned to Alumni Pool, where there are analog dials, I just have to guess. As a backup, I run a timer on my digital watch, but with goggle fog up, I find it difficult to see my watch time mid-set, and have to remove my goggles before I can make out the digits.

I used to alternate flip turns, first one every 100 yards (two round trips on short course), then one every 50 yards (one round trip short course). Lately I've started doing flip turns every single end touch, which has resulted in me having less of an idea which end of the pool I'm at. All of this means I have to keep a closer eye on the clock, as I can't just say to myself "three flip turns per set".

Aside: my set times have dropped since I've been doing more flip turns.

In any case. The other way I have to keep track of set length (without looking at the clock every lap, which I try to avoid) is to count songs. I have an iPod shuffle I use while swimming, in a waterproof case and earphones. The case attaches to my goggles, and when I pull my swim cap over my head, that keeps the earphones safely in place. Most of my songs tend to run about four minutes long, so if I'm aiming for a 600 yard set, that's about 3 songs for 12 minutes (I never said I was the fastest swimmer, but I am very consistent, speed wise). The problem I run into is when I get a song on my iPod which is either very long or very short. Example: The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again, a rocking song which carries me along, but lasts over eight minutes. Going on the rule of thumb of three songs per set, I would have gone way over a 12 minute set ...

...except for the irony that one of the other two songs in that set was Miracle Cure, also by The Who. Which is all of ten seconds. So it worked out in the end.
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Wednesday through Friday last week I operated at half staff. This isn't a joke about naval flags, merely a reflection of half of the people who work for me being out. One had the flu and one had a migraine. This meant for three very frantic days (and no afternoon nap for me on Friday). Still, I bore it as best one could.

I started watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey (thanks to Amazon UK!), and made it through two episodes on Friday night.

Saturday: swim, attempted to visit the library. Well, I DID visit, but none of the books I had requested had arrived, so after a quick browse, I went on my way. Errands, home.

Later in the day I got a call from a buddy who was geographically mislaid, so I acted as GPS unit. ("No, turn left on Nott, then right on Rosa"). More Downton (finished it! Christmas Special should arrive this week!). Afternoon nap. Ate fantastic apple streusel scone procured from Petsi Pies.

My sister bought me a book (Isa and May) that I both started and finished this weekend. It's about relationships between grandchildren and their grandmothers. Given that my Grandma died 14 years ago last week, the topic was very apt.

Sunday: swim, long walk, visit to the 24 hour (or effectively so) post office at south station. Back to the library for the books that had actually arrived. Another nap.

On the horizon: 40 new iMac units arriving at work this week. Lucky me. I hope there's space to store them until the Mountain Lion image is ready. I might have to get creative with storage. It doesn't help that our server room has been flooded recently and thus I am reluctant to put iMac units on the back wall where the water came in.

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Monday: The Z center is closed all week for annual maintenance, so I'm stuck swimming at 72 year old Alumni Pool instead. And it's supposed to rain!

Later, taking the kids (aka my staff) to see The Hobbit. Not in 3D (Mark Kermode on why) nor HFR (one of my staff is prone to motion sickness). I've heard it's a long film. Still, should be fun.
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the swimming saga continues )
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One of my swimming buddies recommended I read Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton. It has a number of vignettes from various people about their swimming experiences, from training for competitive swimming when young, to the daily grind when older.

my swimming history )

Future posts: swimming when I got to Boston, swimming now
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At the pool today a woman swimmer came up to me and asked if I would like some coaching for my stroke. My former swim coach (on the Masters team) had made recommendations periodically, but I don't often listen to him, in part because he talks and talks and talks and talks, and I just want a few pointers and to get on with it.

This woman gave me some advice, including rolling my hips more and stroking wider. When each arm comes over head, it shouldn't be in line with my nose, but with my shoulder. I realize that I've been trying to take up less space, even in the pool.

I tried her tips while she watched me for 100 yards, then she went on her way and I went on mine. I had to concentrate very hard to keep the motions going. In the end, though, while my "new improved" stroke felt strange, it did feel easier. Now the question is, can I keep it up?
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After I got out of the pool this morning, I ruminated on what constituted a "good" swim, and came up a list )
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cut for boring Saturday details )

All in all a pretty good day! I have all of the windows open and am basking in the cool(er) weather.

Sunday I don't have to do any laundry (yayyy) since I did it all today, but I'm sure I will find other things that need completing. I need to get to WFM so I will do that before the pool. Boo, I don't like it that the pool doesn't open until 1100, and will be glad when that switches when the kids arrive back late in August, even though that will mean the end of long course (and I love swimming long course!)
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