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Columbus Day weekend meant no work on Monday (woo!).

Got home Friday in time for a nap. Had a quiet Friday night.

Saturday was at the pool for 7am, then ran some errands, including picking up a bunch of books at the library. It's feast or famine as far as inter-library loan is considered. Either all of the books come in at once, or none come in! Later on Saturday I watched some English television and slept. One of the books I picked up was Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival. I've started in on it and have found it enjoyable (if one can consider the loss of that many lives enjoyable!).

Sunday I took a long walk through Back Bay and Beacon Hill, talked to my parents, slept some more. Caught up on Downton Abbey (season 5, episode 3). I also watched "This Old House" and saw one of my friends on the "Ask This Old House" segment. Cool!

Monday I swam early, went to the New Balance store. I then caught the 86 bus to Cleveland Circle and the D line inbound (was lucky enough to land a seat on the Type 8 because it was a long ride!) to Auditorium. My destination was l'Occitane. I'm out of shea butter body cream and it's coming up for the season, so I wanted to stock up. Well I got over there to find the store closed for remodeling. Dammit. The only other store in the Boston area is at Logan, and I wasn't about to go there, so I went home and mail ordered a supply instead. After lunch I had yet another nap. Four days, four naps. What a life!
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cut for boring Saturday details )

All in all a pretty good day! I have all of the windows open and am basking in the cool(er) weather.

Sunday I don't have to do any laundry (yayyy) since I did it all today, but I'm sure I will find other things that need completing. I need to get to WFM so I will do that before the pool. Boo, I don't like it that the pool doesn't open until 1100, and will be glad when that switches when the kids arrive back late in August, even though that will mean the end of long course (and I love swimming long course!)
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Friday: got out of work at 3, came home & had a nap, then got up & went out with some friends. Back home by 7 (early enough for me!). The day wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't a disaster like the rest of the week.

Saturday: went to work (planned), then to swim. I picked up a hot chocolate before going back to W98. The parking lot was filling up, which I was confused by as there were no events in the building. Luckily my coworker who came in was able to find a parking space, but when leaving later, there were no spaces at all. I'm glad I didn't have to call a repair guy to go in (see below).

I went to work to upgrade two servers from MacOS X server 10.5 to 10.6. One of the servers is somewhat flaky (I think there's an innate hardware problem); I had an Apple repair guy out on it a while back, but it doesn't misbehave on schedule, so there was nothing to be done. So I fully expected to have trouble with this server (call it "server A"). Surprise surprise, the upgrade for server A went (almost) fine, but server B's upgrade bombed. In the end we had to wipe the boot drive and reinstall from scratch, which meant recreating all of the users & groups. UGH.

Didn't get out of work until 4:30, got home & had nap. During the afternoon I had managed to duck out for a little while (during the 45 minute OS install process) and pick up my pie and something for dinner. After dinner I had to work more, but I could do the work in my pajamas, which was a plus.

Woke up Sunday, had breakfast, read (online) newspapers. I knew there was more work on server B to do, but I went for a swim first. After that a friend invited me over, so I reserved a Zipcar (love the iPhone zipcar app) from the locker room at the Z center. Walked over and got car; drove to Newton and had a nice afternoon.

I thought about taking the T to Newton but I was afraid of the disruption caused by Obama's visit. I know what kind of diversions were created when Obama visited MIT last autumn, and didn't want to have to deal with them.

Back home, another nap, dinner. Then yes, more work. At this point the server is back online. We have to reset passwords for Windows users; Mac users log in with Kerberos tickets. There are also likely some permissions on folders that need fixing.

Monday: considered going up to Burblington, but I actually have too many things to do in town. Need to go to the pharmacy and to l'Occitane. Have been trying to get to both all weekend (planned to do the pharmacy on Saturday after work and l'Occitane Sunday). I'm really glad this is a long weekend; I don't think I could cope with going to work tomorrow given how hellish this past week was.

On the minus side: no swim tomorrow, the pool is open funky hours.
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Number of naps: 4 (1 Friday, 1 Saturday, 2 Sunday)
Meters swam: 8000 (half Saturday, half Sunday)
Temperature in the water on Saturday: 75F (normal temp is 80F, so 75F is very cold!)
Visits to the Z Center: 3, 2 to swim, 1 to coach
Loads of laundry done: 4 (last one in dryer now)
Episodes of Inspector Morse watched: 3 (including the one I'm watching now)
Kids at today's social event: 6
Adults at today's social event: 9
Time spent at social event: 2.5 hours
Minutes spent at pie shop: 30. I arrived to find they had sold my pie to someone else(!) but they sent a staff member over to the main location to pick up another one for me. I was able to kill another 10 minutes by walking to & from the library.
Books collected from library: 4. I still have another 10 on "freeze".
Meals cooked in: 1 breakfast (egg, cheese, English muffin), 1 dinner (pasta, chicken, veggies). That doesn't count other breakfasts eg oatmeal or anything reheated.
Inches of snow we got: about 6
Amount of shovelling I did: NONE
Podcasts listened to: lost count, but they included From Our Own Correspondent, Woman's Hour, Kermode/Mayo (last one before Mayo moves to Radio 2), BBC World Service documentaries, BBC Radio 4 More or Less, BBC radio 4 Excess Baggage, BBC Politics UK, and more...
Songs on primary music playlist: 196, a new low(!)
Days before I see the nephew: 4!!

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Sunday: woke up, prepared cake #3, put it in oven. Took Toby to a park in a nearby town. The weather was fabulous and I left my jacket in the car during the walk. My Dad was skeptical, but stripped off his own coat before we'd reached halfway around the lake. Later we ate lunch al fresco, talked to various family members (including the mega-cute nephew via video chat), did lots of reading. Second dog walk.

Cake #3 came out and #4 went in, but that caused a bit of a SNAFU with dinner planning. In the end we picked up salads and a pizza. After walk #2 I had a nap. I don't even remember what we did after dinner.

I had hoped to go swimming on Monday, and I got as far as walking into the pool, but they wanted a driving license with a local address. I had to turn around and drive home, where I took a hot shower and then chilled out. Dad was already at work, but Mum and I took Toby out for a walk, then we put cake #5 in the oven before going to work. I did some tech stuff, spent some time fussing Toby, then came home for yet another nap (after taking said cake out of the oven).

Mum and I made some cards after dinner. We'd talked about seeing a film (on DVD) but didn't get around to it.

Tuesday: perhaps a yoga class, perhaps not. Work. And then online checkin, as my 24-hour time limit will hit. Time flies!
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was supposed to leave my building at 1215 on Friday to get to a meeting on main campus by 1230. I didn't leave until 1400; needless to say I didn't make the meeting and went straight home instead. I finished up packing (not much to do; I'd done the vast majority of it the day before) and went out to catch the red line.

I was really tired and badly wanted a nap, but knew I would have no chance before I got on the plane. On a typical Friday, I get a snooze from 1600 - 1700, but not this Friday. I left home ~1510 and was at Logan less than an hour later. Unfortunately it took me about 20 minutes to get through security, even though I went through the "expert" lane.

My first stop was the L'Occitane store at Terminal A (satellite), as I was out of shea butter (both hand cream and body cream). Next, I hit the Duty Free shop on the hunt for some Cadbury, but they only had two bags of Dairy Milk Caramel, but they were both dated for November 2009. While I go through chocolate at a good clip, I would have a difficult time finishing an entire bag in just three weeks. One for two, I stopped at Fresh City and got a salad wrap to take on the plane with me. I then trundled back to the main part of Terminal A and sat down to wait for the flight announcement. The plane was on the ground for 1700, which meant a 1758 (scheduled) departure shouldn't be a problem, given the lack of weather.

My original seat was 17B, but I managed to get into 10C, a non-reclining aisle, when I did online check in the day before (sequence #5). Continental has done away with on board pillows and blankets, but it wasn't a long enough flight for me to need to BYOB. I ate my salad wrap after I boarded, and the plane pushed back about six minutes early. I was asleep long before takeoff. No surprise.

I woke up when the cart came down the aisle, but I had my own bottle of water so I didn't need anything they offered. The flight was announced at 1h34m, and due to our early departure and lack of other trouble, the captain predicted our arrival approximately 25m early. I whiled away the flight doing puzzles (first in the in flight magazine, then my own Games Magazine). We hit the ground at 1940 and I called Dad, who had just arrived at the airport.

I was off and down the concourse and met up with Dad, we were soon on our way back home (home (n): where you keep your slippers). Mum and Toby were outside waiting for us when we pulled onto the driveway. Dad and I each had some pie and (pouring) cream, and we all unwound a bit before bedtime. Dad unwound so much that he fell asleep on the couch and I had to send him to bed.

Saturday: slept really well overnight. Got up, had breakfast. Dad and I watched some war programme on the telly. Toby and Mum got up not much later and we plotted out the day: Toby walk, grocery shop, cake making, lunch at home, more cakes, Toby walk, dinner out, cake cleanup.

And that's pretty much how the day went. I had a Starbucks hot chocolate for morning snack; haven't done that in quite a while. Decadent! The temperature of the day went up to the mid 60s. Dad and Toby even sat outside while Mum and I slaved over cakes. I had a post-lunch nap, negating the need for a late afternoon snooze. Probably more accurate to say that I couldn't stop myself from sleeping I was so tired.

After dinner we came home and watched The Secret Life of Bees, which is a good film (and a chick flick, but Dad doesn't mind).

We made two cakes: one is cooled and put away, one is cooling. Tomorrow we do it all over again, as at a grand total of six cakes, we have to make two per day. I don't know when we get to marzipan and ice them! That may have to wait for a few weeks. Mum has been giving the cakes liberal drinks of brandy, both soaking the fruit and then later after they come out of the oven.
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Where the hell did November come from? I can look at my calendar right now and accept that October is gone, but memories of the days are rather fuzzy. Swim. Work. Pie. Nephew.

And now it's November, and daylight saving time left us. I get a bit grumpy at the time change in November, as people who are usually not earlybirds feel smug by the artificial time change that allows them to arrive at work earlier or whatever. It never lasts, mind you, and they'll fall off the bandwagon. But it meant the pool was busy on Monday morning; I had to share a lane, even (hate that!).

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On Friday I started coming down with a sore throat, runny nose. It picked up on Saturday, and by then I knew it was a full fledged cold.

The irony of this is that the (10.5 month old) nephew has been fighting various ailments, and had just started on antibiotics for a sinus infection. He coughs and I coughs. He sneezes and snot goes everywhere. At least I use a tissue! My mother jokes that the nephew should sneeze into his sleeve to stop the germs from spreading. Realistically, he's not contagious. She also thinks he's teething to boot, although there are no white nubs to prove her correct, she's an expert.

I've tried to keep my distance from the nephew, but that's darn near impossible, so I'm settling for washing my hands all the time. He's so damned cute, I can't keep my hands off of him. This morning I fed him breakfast: porridge and raspberries. At present he's sleeping (and snoring!) right next to me.

As today is Tuesday, I only have one more full day here (after today). Damn but the time has flown. I hope to get into town today and buy another pie (my sister and brother-in-law have helped me demolish the two I bought last week). Hopefully by the time I fly on Thursday my cold will be down to a dull roar. I don't want people to think I have swine flu (or maybe I do, if that will help them keep their distance ;-).

Mum and I drive to SeaTac Wednesday night, as we have an early morning (0600) flight on Thursday. Scored a hotel on Priceline for $41 (so $55 with all taxes). The hotel in question, the Doubletree, charges $15/night for parking, so we'll ditch the car on Wednesday night and take the shuttle on Friday.
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I went to yoga last night, as I do almost every Wednesday. At the beginning of class, my teacher spoke about the change in seasons, and asked what people were doing to honour this time of year. I confessed that I was eating a great deal of pie.

The class (~8 students) then began an impromptu discussion of pie (favourite types, childhood memories, best methods of preparation), and we even had an informal straw poll over favourite types. The winner was strawberry rhubarb (not my fave, if I have rhubarb then I like it with another fruit like apple or even blackberry). One woman preferred banana cream, and I was the only person who liked neither pumpkin nor sweet potato (how could you not like pumpkin pie?? asked one class mate. Well, easy, actually...)

My yoga teacher said she'd never seen me smile so much as when I talked about pie. This week I've been working on apple crumb with pouring cream. Mmmm, pie.
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My friend and hiking companion N and I agreed to meet at work at 0830, but of course it ended up not working out that way. I went for a swim early, but even that was complicated by the pouring rain. The original plan was for me to go to work, swim, and then back to W98. That's what I do on a typical (work) morning. With the rain, I figured it was better to go to the pool, then back home to collect my gear (and have breakfast), then on to W98. The weather forecast had predicted gradually lessening rain as the morning commute went on, so I hoped by 0830 that my gear wouldn't get as wet. As it turned out, I was wrong, and my gear was soaked (well, it had a waterproof cover, but still).

the drive up )

up, up and away! )

not exactly the Ritz )

in the morning )

hello and goodbye )

We arrived at W98 so N could pick up her laptop and other items. She then drove me home where I dropped everything just inside the door before proceeding to throw my clothes in the wash and myself in the shower. And then eat (again). I went to bed early, exhausted but happy from our journey.

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I'm going on a hike tomorrow with one of my friends. We're going to Galehead Hut in way-the-heck-up-north, New Hampshire.

I'll come to work, go for a swim, and then back to the office. She'll drop off her youngest at day camp and pick me up here. We'll drive drive drive, then hike hike hike (and then likely sleep sleep sleep and eat eat eat!). We'll be back Saturday night, don't know what time.

I'm very excited. The last time I did a purpose hiking trip was Kripalu a couple of years ago. To top it all off, we have to "earn our keep" and cook & clean while we're there. Woo!

I have a bunch of luna bars (and luna bar type things), plus have to remember to take enough to drink. Very important, that last one, given I typically drain ~30oz of liquid after a swim, never mind any other exertion.
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At yoga last night, I told my teacher about my trip to Kripalu. She told me how proud she was of me for taking the trip. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, she also said she saw an "aura" about me, and that I looked relaxed (!).


May. 3rd, 2009 09:27 am
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I booked my week at Kripalu. Now I have to work my way through my To Do list in the meantime. Laundry, etc. Gaaaaaa!
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I'm debating taking next week off of work and going to Kripalu. I only have one appointment that I'd have to cancel on Tuesday morning (nothing on Monday), and one work related thing that I'd have to pass off.

Pros: a week away to myself. Focus on things I need to focus on.
Cons: too much unstructured time. $$$$$$ (okay, just $$$$). Missing [ profile] ckd, who is away now but due back after I would leave on Sunday. The program runs from Sunday through Friday.
Middling: Not sure about the program. There's one I should take, but there's also a kayaking program. I will admit the kayaking one sounds good because of exercise.

My heart is pounding over this. Or maybe it's just hyperkalemia. Ugh.

good day!

Apr. 17th, 2009 09:26 am
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Reasons today is a good day:
  • my boss brought his dog in to work! Dog love!!
  • The temperature should reach 70F.
  • We have Monday off of work, so I get to finish work at 3pm today.
  • I have two books and one DVD set waiting for me at the library, and since I finish work early, I can pick them up before the library closes.
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    Arrived at my sister's on Saturday morning to find the members of the house (mother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, dog) chilling out. All but my brother-in-law went on a jaunt around the block. Later we went into town where I bought a pie, did some grocery shopping, and came back home alone, while the rest of the family (minus the dog) stayed for a family gathering on my brother-in-law's side.

    The nephew is quite possibly the most perfect child ever. Apart from his cradle cap. He smiles and giggles, and is generally quite a contented baby. I'm learning to pick up on his cues, and for the most part, if he fusses he wants food, a clean(er) backside, sleep, or entertainment. What a simple existence! Saturday evening, long after the crew had come home, I sang the nephew to sleep.

    We had a very lazy day on Sunday. I was awake at 0430 (jet lag), and after breakfast, sat in the dark with the dog (watching her wagging her tail in her sleep). Aside from walking the dog twice, I did not leave the house. I'm not used to that kind of day. I rebuilt my sister's MacBook Pro, upgrading it from Tiger to Leopard and applying requisite system updates. Mum and I began building the nephew's crib, but barely got to step 1 (there was an entire page of diagrams and then one page of "pre-assembly" before we could proceed to step 1) before we decided to quit and spend time with the nephew instead.

    My sister and brother-in-law are both at work today, so Mum and I will act as primary care givers for the nephew and the dog (the latter of whom will take more attention, I suspect). I have to go into town and get some groceries, but otherwise we will stick close to home.

    Amazing discovery of spending time with the nephew: ten week olds require many outfits! Due to various accidents (mostly of the lower half), I think the nephew wore five different outfits on Sunday. And here I thought he had too many clothes; perhaps not!
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    what's gone wrong for me today - cut for gory details )
    on the plus side: I got a nap in today. I booked a plane ticket to see my sister, brother-in-law, and the nephew for a few weeks hence (okay, I did that yesterday, but I'm struggling to come up with good things for today).

    Work again tomorrow. I haven't been at work since December 24, and am not looking forward to re-entry.

    Shrink first, thank goodness. There's some hell in here that needs dealing with.

    Edited to add: I realize some of what has got me down today. Ten years ago today, my grandmother died. The universe felt all out of kilter, and that explains why. I miss her terribly.
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    woke up in the night when Dad left the house for work, then fell back to sleep. Woke up again ~0600 and went down for breakfast. I ate in front of the television (watching Miracle on 34th Street). Before too long, Mum woke up and we took Toby to the park for his first walk of the day.

    After that we stopped at a local supplier for their business, then went to work. Mum gave me a company check so I could buy Dad's new iMac, then I dashed out the door to my 0945 yoga class. The class was good, I really like teacher and I've had her before. The only minus is that the class was in a 80-85F heated room. Yuck. I sweated; 'nuff said.

    After class it was off to Apple where I was assigned to a sales guy who felt let down when I wouldn't let him try and use his "talents" to help me decide what I wanted. (I want a 20" 2.66GHz iMac him: errr.... do you need a printer? any other software? Do you have any questions? me: no, no, no). I didn't use the "I have 150 Macs" line, which is just as effective).

    I left the Apple store and put the iMac in the car trunk (plus for the car, an Infiniti: it has an iPod dock built in, so I plugged my iPhone into the dock connector and was able to control the unit from the car's audio panel. A nice feature! The car also has butt warming seats, which wasn't as necessary, as it was 45F. I didn't even wear a jacket after yoga class, although that was as much from my internal temperature than anything else. After Apple I swung by a local organic café for lunch, then back to the office to set up the iMac.

    I'd never really used Apple's Migration Assistant before, but it was great! I firewire targeted Dad's old Quicksilver PowerMac G4 to the new iMac while running Software Update (from 10.5.4 to 10.5.6). It took maybe 60-75 minutes to transfer the data and run the software update. I'm really quite impressed by the whole process. I even fixed Dad's printing issues; his MDD G4 (on Tiger) couldn't talk to the printer, but it can now.

    After setting up the machine I decided it would be a good time to take Toby for a(nother) walk. Mum, eager to get out, volunteered to come along. We went to a local arboretum and trekked through the mud, finding ourselves eight feet muddier after the fact (two for me, two for Mum, four for Toby). Home afterwards, not for a nap, but we chilled out. She crocheted and I did puzzles.

    Dad came home from work early, then we went to a local eatery for dinner. Toby was full of beans again by the time we got home, so I ran around the back yard with him for a few minutes. We finished watching the movie while I caught up with my email and everything else. I usualy don't bring my own laptop to Ohio, but did this time and really like having it along.

    Tuesday: Toby walk, yoga, probably Skyline (again). Yum!
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    up at 0415, shower, last minute packing. Met PlanetTran driver right on time at 0500, was at Logan for 0510, through security by 0520, and tucked up in the Crown Room by 0530. Lounge membership has its benefits. I ate my breakfast while looking out at the tarmac. Surprisingly, the flight left from gate 19 (the satellite terminal), not what I'm used to. Lately, Continental flights have monopolized the satellite at Terminal A.

    First flight BOS-SLC, pushed back at 0656 (6 minutes late). I was predictably asleep before takeoff, and slept until we hit cruise. I came fully prepared: three layers of clothes plus my own blanket (I don't like using anyone else's, and the ones available in coach are too thin, even when they're dirty). While I had requested an upgrade, I was 12 on the list and didn't even wait in the boarding area to see if I cleared (not with only 4 seats free). Lucky for me, I had one of three empty seats on the plane next to me, so there was a little more horizontal space, enough so I wasn't fighting with my neighbour for the armrest. The flight went by quickly enough. I watched The Queen and read Private Patient by PD James, plus did some puzzles while listening to music.

    We were late into SLC and I was a little nervous about making my connection (only 25 minutes from when we hit the gate), but lucky for me the plane I was on was turning around to go to Seattle. Score! I did have to deplane while they cleaned, but it meant I didn't have to do the OJ dash through SLC airport, nor did I need to worry about my checked bag making it.

    From SLC-BOS I sat in 1B. I hate bulkhead rows as a matter of course, but couldn't say no, and at least it was an upgrade. Funny story: the guy in 1A had a MacBook Pro (one rev earlier than mine) and iPhone (ditto). We looked like quite the pair. I resisted offering him technical support (but only barely!).

    Upon arrival at SEA, they were setting up the area outside intl arrivals, and it soon dawned on me that they were celebrating the opening of the third runway (which had opened earlier, but this was the grand opening; I guess it's like retail!). Met up with the 'rents, drove down to Olympia. Have nice Toyota Camry rental car, and the quality almost made up for the nasty rental agent form Hertz.

    online now via VZW USB modem, on Mirabile (brand new MacBook Pro). LOVE LOVE LOVE. My sister lives so far out in the boonies that she can't get cable or dsl, and what she calls "high speed" is internet via satellite, which has some kind of nasty bandwidth throttle on it. No thank you!!

    More soon.
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    While I was killing time yesterday I opened the pages of one of my old journals )


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