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While I was killing time yesterday I opened the pages of one of my old journals )
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One day before the spring conference, and we're at over 250 RSVPs. Eep. I hope it goes smoothly!

Have an event to go to this afternoon at work, will probably go, even though I don't want to. I hate these things. Skulking around trying not to talk to anyone. I'll go late. I have to go, as it will be Noticed if I'm not there, or maybe I'm giving myself too much importance.

Got an A in my final class. I should be excited, but I'm not. I should care, but I don't. And it's not conference excitement/anticipation, just general apathy.
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my illness, which started out as a scratchy throat two days ago, developed into an occasional cough yesterday morning, and later progressed to a frog taking up residence in my throat, worsened today. Of course I went to work; I never considered not going. Well, that's not quite true. I did think about not going, but for a mere scratchy throat I figured I could still get some stuff done at work, and I was productive.

However, I left the office at 1530ish, picked up my T pass (had forgotten to get it last week), and went home for a snooze. I didn't have the energy to proceed at a fast pace, so I literally crawled home, one foot in front of the other. I think I was (only) walking at a "normal" (for most people) pace, which is not like me at all.

I took a nap and didn't feel much better afterwards (although I was glad to have the nap; don't get me wrong!). I have school on Monday nights, but I assessed the situation (and how I felt), and chose not to go. [ profile] ckd graciously picked me up some soup and lemons; I ate the first, the second can wait (it's for honey and lemon, a good throat soother). In the meantime, my fever is up at 101. whee.

Work tomorrow? Dunno, will see how I feel. I'm super sore, probably from hiking/yoga, which doesn't help. But the spacey feeling from a temperature makes me think that my thought process will be somewhat slowed down.
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My iPod had it in for me this morning. Not only did it play morose selections from my library, it also quit entirely and gave me a sad iPod icon halfway across the bridge.

Weather: cool (high today of 46F), overcast, intermittent showers

No yoga until this weekend, as the pseudo-studio I go to was closed this past weekend for a week's break.

My phone at work was out of service for most of the morning. And I wondered why it was so quiet. People who called me actually got a "this number is out of service" message. Yessiree, I feel out of service.

School tonight.

Inhale, exhale.
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The last two days I spent away were thankfully warmer than the first two. Lots of time spent with Toby (woof), whether lounging about on the couch, playing with him, or taking him for walks (or perhaps he takes us, I'm not sure).

On Sunday I went with Mum and Dad to see Walk The Line. I'd read the reviews, which said it was an excellent film, and I will have to agree. I was relatively uneducated about Johnny Cash himself, not to mention his style of music and how it influenced music today. Mum and Dad, being of that age, knew much more about Cash's background, and Dad figures there's probably at least one Cash LP in the basement somewhere.

Monday we went to work (people in Ohio don't get Presidents' Day off, I guess). After taking Toby on one of his walks, I went off to (yet another) yoga class, which would have been nice as an original class. As it was, the teacher went through exactly the same set of poses as Friday's class. I hate unoriginality. She also ended class at 1015, when it was scheduled to run through 1030. By the time I got back to the office, a couple of groups of people had come to pay homage to Toby (or perhaps stop in with birthday gifts for my mother; not sure which!). There was barely enough time in there to squeeze lunch in before I was due to depart for the airport.

The flight left early and arrived early (I only got about 20 minutes worth of sleep, which was both nice and not enough at the same time). The Silver Li(n)e was, well, about as to be expected. Cars stopped in the bus stop (I hate that). While a police officer did show up to move them along, two of them were still waiting there with the Silver Li(n)e's vehicle headlights in their rear view mirror. What, the "no standing" sign doesn't apply to you?

Due to extremely heavy loads (and thus looooooong dwell times), the trip from Logan to South Station seemed interminable. Downstairs to the red line (along with everyone else), and a long(ish) wait for a train. Right, Presidents' Day, Saturday Service... Thankfully [ profile] ckd had met me, so I wasn't unaccompanied. It was nice to catch up with him and hear about some of his fun (Boskone) and not so fun (work on Sunday night) of the weekend.

I swapped bags with him and I went off to school while he wandered around H2. I had done exactly zero reading and prep, but I still managed to fake my way through. No excuses for next week, as I'm doing "course leadership", where I have to present one chapter of material to my classmates. We all have to take turns during the semester, and I wanted mine out of the way.

Back at work today, with five days worth of stuff to cram into four days. I have an event in H2 to go to tonight, then yoga tomorrow night. Meetings, coworkers, and the like will fill out the week. In the meantime, I will try and hang on to the fun and relaxation of the past four days.


Feb. 13th, 2006 06:09 pm
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second rant of the day: why do people think that it's acceptable to be consistently late to class? There are two women in class tonight who always arrive late, one is often up to an hour late (and it's only a two hour class!). I think it's disrespectful and rude. Of course then they complain that they missed what happened earlier. Well yeah, bucko, if you showed up on time then none of us would be inconvenienced.

Yes, the profs need to be more hard assed, but in their defense, they don't know that these two particular women are chronically tardy. They'll learn, obviously... The question is, what will happen when, after four or five weeks, this prof realizes that being late is not just a bad "habit", but a way of life. Time will tell (no pun intended).

Regardless, Ali and I were here 20 minutes before class started. I better be careful, my halo is slipping...
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I am so glad the weekend is over. While I had brief periods of self care, they were very brief, and grudgingly accepted at best. Today was not much better: a morning that dragged on and on followed by a marathon sprint in the afternoon, and then school in the evening.

I know that this class will be a challenge for me. Not the instructor, who seems reasonable, but the other students, who seem dense and whiny at the same time. wahh, what do you mean I have to have taken statistics first? why won't the instructor just devote more time in class to review? Just because you haven't completed the prereqs doesn't mean the class should be slowed down for you and the other slackers. Most of them are slackers. I don't even want to associate with them. During class, I kept my head down and said as little about myself as possible.

Then I came home to four days worth of dirty dishes on the counter and more laundry than I care to think about. And the thought that none of it is really worth the hassle. None of anything.
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a coworker went to see Spamalot in NYC this weekend. She thought it was great. I'm jealous.

My brain just is not working today. I cancelled my 1330 team meeting as I couldn't bear the thought of sitting in something so boring. I'm at my desk working on a Filemaker/Web integration project for the conference next month. The other person who I'm working with is away on vacation so I'm stuck doing the job.

I've also got a group project due in school on Wednesday and none of my group members have gotten back to me. Why do I get the feeling that I have to do this one all on my own as well?
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I finally found some good yoga bottoms (okay, they're black, not the colour I wanted, but I have to take what I can get).

Tuesday night I have to decide between going to class (Statistics) and going to an Event. I've been to three of these Events in the past, and none of them were really "fantastic". They all made me think in multiple ways, however.

The problem is if I go to class, by the time I finish (~2020), the Event will be almost over (it runs from 1900-2100). Is it worth stopping by, even though it's somewhat close (~10 min walk) to school? I doubt it. Usually all I want to do on a Tuesday night is come home, get my stuff together for the following day, and crash out.

I could skip class, as I'm technically allowed two "byes", but is it worth "wasting" one on an Event which I don't even know if I'm that interested in? If I may be brutally honest, the only reason I would go to the Event is because it's Expected of me. None of the speakers look that exciting (years past have been different). I have two days to make up my mind, I guess...
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this week is like a mini version of last November: I have absolutely no breathing/down time whatsoever. I got back from the trip late(r than I wanted) Monday night, Tuesday I had two back to back meetings in the morning, spent most of the afternoon in two meetings, had to visit the computer repair shop (not for me), and had school in the evening.

Today I started with homework at 0500. Then I went to work beforeyoga ) I then had to truck across to my meeting, which I arrived in time for. On the way, my iPod died due to a combination of ambient temperature and lousy battery life.

My sister called while I was on my way back to my office, and I had to ask if I could call her back because I couldn't hear a thing (my cellphone, along with poor battery life of its own, has a twitchy earpiece, so I often find hearing very difficult). I called her when I was in my office; she needed help with a computer issue, and I wasn't able to fix what she needed. I hate that...

I missed staff meeting, as it was already over when I returned. I was supposed to have a midmorning after staff meeting, but the other attendee blew me off completely. Yessiree, my time is important, right... I did homework at lunch, and just finished before it was time to leave for my 1330, which ended early enough that I had too much time to kill before my 1500.

Tonight I have school again. More meetings tomorrow, then a committee meeting in the evening. Friday is just as packed, and a rescheduled class Friday night (the instructor missed last Tuesday due to a family emergency, so we're making it up this Friday). Downtime? What's that?
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Prof let us out of class early last night. I really hate this guy ) I actually made it to WFMI before [ profile] ckd, but we met up there and went home together to watch the end of The Amazing Race (I heart our TiVO).

Today is day three ) As it's Thursday, my meeting load is lighter than usual. A relief, considering how hectic Wednesday was.

On my way to work this morning I saw an empty bus parked in a bus stop. The driver had gone into the nearby Dunkin Donuts to get some sustinence. I hope he wasn't leaving any riders out in the cold. Just because it's warmer than last week doesn't mean it is any more pleasant to wait at a stop just because the driver needed to get a caffeine and/or sugar fix.


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