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Woke up early (oh, jet lag), about 5am. Dad was already awake and up. Sister and nephew got up around 0630.

Nephew played for a while, then I helped feed him breakfast. We had some time constraints: Mum and Dad needed to leave for a meeting by 0830, we had to get the dog her walk before then, and my sister had a business conference call from home at 0830.

We managed all of that, then I took care of the nephew by myself. We went for a wander, which consisted of him naming everything he saw (including the basket ball hoop, which he is able to call "baskt ball", e in basket missing on purpose).

After my sister finished her call, the three of us hopped into the car and went into town. We walked around a couple of shops (including buying the nephew some cute clothes), then went up to a bakery for lunch. Nephew had ham for the first time and enjoyed it. While at the bakery I also bought a pie. In retrospect, I should have bought two pies. Between me and Dad and my brother-in-law, pies do not hang around for very long.

We then headed home and chilled out for a while. The nephew went down for a long nap, lucky guy. Mum and Dad got back from their meeting and the five of us (Mum, Dad, sister, nephew, me) took the dog for her second walk of the day. They hung aroung outside afterwards while I had my own nap.

Dinner, help feed nephew, nephew took bath, quiet evening. Saturday: dinner out in evening, a bit of running around in the morning. Sunday: hike in the morning, family dinner later. Monday: Mum and Dad have another meeting in the morning while I take care of nephew again. Nothing else planned - so far!

Relaxation rules! But not as much as nephew....

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Gotta pack!
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okay, what was it with the weather this weekend? Saturday it absolutely poured. I wore (and soaked) three pairs of shoes and socks. Can you guess how many times I went out?

Sunday it dripped a bit when I went to swimming, but when I came out of the Z Center it was merely overcast but warm, so I didn't don my jacket. By the time I finished my rounds of lunch and errands, the sun was shining. When I finally made it home, I opened all of my windows. 62F and sunny. November?!

Upcoming: travel to see the nephew, who is turning one. I can't believe it!!! I was at my sister's just after she gave birth a year ago. How time has flown! He is not nearly as "ginormo" as at birth, but is organic (eats mostly organic food, whether from him or from his mum :-), and a flirt to boot. I love him to bits and wish I could see him more often.
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Where the hell did November come from? I can look at my calendar right now and accept that October is gone, but memories of the days are rather fuzzy. Swim. Work. Pie. Nephew.

And now it's November, and daylight saving time left us. I get a bit grumpy at the time change in November, as people who are usually not earlybirds feel smug by the artificial time change that allows them to arrive at work earlier or whatever. It never lasts, mind you, and they'll fall off the bandwagon. But it meant the pool was busy on Monday morning; I had to share a lane, even (hate that!).

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On Friday I started coming down with a sore throat, runny nose. It picked up on Saturday, and by then I knew it was a full fledged cold.

The irony of this is that the (10.5 month old) nephew has been fighting various ailments, and had just started on antibiotics for a sinus infection. He coughs and I coughs. He sneezes and snot goes everywhere. At least I use a tissue! My mother jokes that the nephew should sneeze into his sleeve to stop the germs from spreading. Realistically, he's not contagious. She also thinks he's teething to boot, although there are no white nubs to prove her correct, she's an expert.

I've tried to keep my distance from the nephew, but that's darn near impossible, so I'm settling for washing my hands all the time. He's so damned cute, I can't keep my hands off of him. This morning I fed him breakfast: porridge and raspberries. At present he's sleeping (and snoring!) right next to me.

As today is Tuesday, I only have one more full day here (after today). Damn but the time has flown. I hope to get into town today and buy another pie (my sister and brother-in-law have helped me demolish the two I bought last week). Hopefully by the time I fly on Thursday my cold will be down to a dull roar. I don't want people to think I have swine flu (or maybe I do, if that will help them keep their distance ;-).

Mum and I drive to SeaTac Wednesday night, as we have an early morning (0600) flight on Thursday. Scored a hotel on Priceline for $41 (so $55 with all taxes). The hotel in question, the Doubletree, charges $15/night for parking, so we'll ditch the car on Wednesday night and take the shuttle on Friday.
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0745 flight. Up at 0425. Had to check first train time (0515 from Alewife), and dawdled at home rather than wait at Kendall.

An entirely different socio-economic class of people takes the T early in the morning. No business suits, no drunk teenagers. Mostly Spanish speaking, and many riders slept.

Waited 15 min in South Station for Silver Li(n)e train. When it arrived the operator forgot to open the rear-most door. Another rider went and nagged him. When we came above ground, the bus took an unusual circuitous route to the Ted Willians tunnel. As a result, the trip took ~10 min longer than usual.

Even though I had checked in online, I stopped at the kiosk anyways. My first flight is overbooked and I was offered $200 to take a later flight. No thank you, I'm going to see my nephew!!

Got through security in minutes. Woman behind me in line had MacBook Pro.

Continental put a WEP password on their WiFi network, so I couldn't use it. This is the first time in a couple of years that I haven't been able to use the lounge. I let my membership lapse as CO is leaving SkyTeam.

The airport network TV channel is as annoying as ever.

If all you saw was what a person was eating, you could make a guess about their socio-economic class and health status. Banana, briefcase, and business suit vs breakfast sandwich, giant calorie drink and neon luggage, accessories or clothing. I ate my breakfast on the T, as I knew there would be no healthy food to be found.

Today is the first day since September 7 (Labor Day) that I did not go swimming.

I plan to sleep on the flight. Well, more accurately, wouldn't be able to stop myself. Flights are made for sleeping!

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Friday night: home, sleep, out to get food & do some grocery shopping, then home, chill, sleep again.

Saturday: pouring rain. Went to swimming (bathing suit, jacket, swim cap, sandals. locked up jacket & sandals while I was in the pool) and back again. Showered & changed, then off to birthday party for a one year old. Kid so cute, civilized time (1100 - 1300). I got out of there about 1330, stopped for a snack (yes there was food at the party, but, well ....), picked up my pie, got books from the library, home, chill out.

Sunday: breakfast with the Sunday "paper". I've gotten spoiled having a laptop at the table. I went through the Globe while I was eating (it never takes long), then repaired to my desk to read the NY Times and the Observer (UK). Before long it was snack, then off to the pool for swimming. One of my friends said he "might" come along, but he didn't arrive. I texted him after I got out of the pool and he said he wasn't going to make it. No skin off my nose.

I went to Trader Joe's first, mostly for cereal, but as is typical for TJs I ended up buying more than that. The cereal I most needed (TJ brand twigs flakes & clusters, but I call it "twigs, flakes & bark") was missing from the shelf and there was no shelf tag. After checking out (with substitute cereal, boo) I went to customer service to ask, and they looked and saw that the store did have some in the back that hadn't been shelved yet. The crew member got me some, much to my happiness, so I traded in one box of raisin bran (I had three, but only wanted two) and one box of something else I don't remember (which I didn't want at all) for two boxes of my preferred stuff.

After that it was off to WFM. I went into the store and things weren't too busy, but by the time I checked out, it was mobbed! I realized part of that was due to 12 noon passing, as people who want to buy booze can't do so until after 12. Still, I got out by about 12:20 and went home from there, fully laden down (one full backpack, two shopping bags).

Climbing mount laundry right now, a never ending task. I'm only at work three days this week, then off to see the nephew on Thursday. CUTE NEPHEW, can't wait!
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Arrived at my sister's on Saturday morning to find the members of the house (mother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, dog) chilling out. All but my brother-in-law went on a jaunt around the block. Later we went into town where I bought a pie, did some grocery shopping, and came back home alone, while the rest of the family (minus the dog) stayed for a family gathering on my brother-in-law's side.

The nephew is quite possibly the most perfect child ever. Apart from his cradle cap. He smiles and giggles, and is generally quite a contented baby. I'm learning to pick up on his cues, and for the most part, if he fusses he wants food, a clean(er) backside, sleep, or entertainment. What a simple existence! Saturday evening, long after the crew had come home, I sang the nephew to sleep.

We had a very lazy day on Sunday. I was awake at 0430 (jet lag), and after breakfast, sat in the dark with the dog (watching her wagging her tail in her sleep). Aside from walking the dog twice, I did not leave the house. I'm not used to that kind of day. I rebuilt my sister's MacBook Pro, upgrading it from Tiger to Leopard and applying requisite system updates. Mum and I began building the nephew's crib, but barely got to step 1 (there was an entire page of diagrams and then one page of "pre-assembly" before we could proceed to step 1) before we decided to quit and spend time with the nephew instead.

My sister and brother-in-law are both at work today, so Mum and I will act as primary care givers for the nephew and the dog (the latter of whom will take more attention, I suspect). I have to go into town and get some groceries, but otherwise we will stick close to home.

Amazing discovery of spending time with the nephew: ten week olds require many outfits! Due to various accidents (mostly of the lower half), I think the nephew wore five different outfits on Sunday. And here I thought he had too many clothes; perhaps not!
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what's gone wrong for me today - cut for gory details )
on the plus side: I got a nap in today. I booked a plane ticket to see my sister, brother-in-law, and the nephew for a few weeks hence (okay, I did that yesterday, but I'm struggling to come up with good things for today).

Work again tomorrow. I haven't been at work since December 24, and am not looking forward to re-entry.

Shrink first, thank goodness. There's some hell in here that needs dealing with.

Edited to add: I realize some of what has got me down today. Ten years ago today, my grandmother died. The universe felt all out of kilter, and that explains why. I miss her terribly.
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Since arriving on Thursday, my parents and I have done relatively little aside from visit the new family at the hospital. The baby, a whopper at birth (10lbs 13oz) is as cute as a button, and easy going, not minding being passed from person to person like a bag of potatoes. Or something. I changed a diaper for the first time since, um, 1979. Can I say yuck?

My sister hopefully will be released from hospital today. Before then, my mother and I plan to go to the farmers market so I can buy some beef jerky from [ profile] ckd's favourite vendor. We also need to get some baby t-shirts, because the baby is such a whopper, he won't fit in the standard newborn sizes.

In the meantime, my father is taunting the dog and my mother is sleeping in. I think it's only Saturday? I'm here until early Tuesday, when I fly to Kansas City. My parents stay until a week later, to help my sister and her husband with the (not so) little one.

Oh, I'm also breathing. For now, that's enough.
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up at 0415, shower, last minute packing. Met PlanetTran driver right on time at 0500, was at Logan for 0510, through security by 0520, and tucked up in the Crown Room by 0530. Lounge membership has its benefits. I ate my breakfast while looking out at the tarmac. Surprisingly, the flight left from gate 19 (the satellite terminal), not what I'm used to. Lately, Continental flights have monopolized the satellite at Terminal A.

First flight BOS-SLC, pushed back at 0656 (6 minutes late). I was predictably asleep before takeoff, and slept until we hit cruise. I came fully prepared: three layers of clothes plus my own blanket (I don't like using anyone else's, and the ones available in coach are too thin, even when they're dirty). While I had requested an upgrade, I was 12 on the list and didn't even wait in the boarding area to see if I cleared (not with only 4 seats free). Lucky for me, I had one of three empty seats on the plane next to me, so there was a little more horizontal space, enough so I wasn't fighting with my neighbour for the armrest. The flight went by quickly enough. I watched The Queen and read Private Patient by PD James, plus did some puzzles while listening to music.

We were late into SLC and I was a little nervous about making my connection (only 25 minutes from when we hit the gate), but lucky for me the plane I was on was turning around to go to Seattle. Score! I did have to deplane while they cleaned, but it meant I didn't have to do the OJ dash through SLC airport, nor did I need to worry about my checked bag making it.

From SLC-BOS I sat in 1B. I hate bulkhead rows as a matter of course, but couldn't say no, and at least it was an upgrade. Funny story: the guy in 1A had a MacBook Pro (one rev earlier than mine) and iPhone (ditto). We looked like quite the pair. I resisted offering him technical support (but only barely!).

Upon arrival at SEA, they were setting up the area outside intl arrivals, and it soon dawned on me that they were celebrating the opening of the third runway (which had opened earlier, but this was the grand opening; I guess it's like retail!). Met up with the 'rents, drove down to Olympia. Have nice Toyota Camry rental car, and the quality almost made up for the nasty rental agent form Hertz.

online now via VZW USB modem, on Mirabile (brand new MacBook Pro). LOVE LOVE LOVE. My sister lives so far out in the boonies that she can't get cable or dsl, and what she calls "high speed" is internet via satellite, which has some kind of nasty bandwidth throttle on it. No thank you!!

More soon.


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