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arrived here about 0540, having gone to the "wrong" entrance first. Still, I'm about tenth in line; not bad all told. I feel like I packed for a camping trip, but still couldn't bring everything I wanted. The laptop bag is just not big enough to accomodate everything. Still, the important items made it in (breakfast, water, snack, wallet, electronic devices, extra battery).

The people in front of me in line were here at midnight but decided to leave and come back. They complained that they only got two hours of sleep. I may not have gotten enough, but I probably got seven hours.

At present I'm the only person using a laptop. A bunch of boys are playing on their PSPs. The guy at the front of the line is really hard core, he's interviewing the TV crews for his podcast. He also brought a full fold out chair. Me, I'm sitting on my yoga mat, and I am really glad I made an effort to bring it with me.

There are already staff members inside the Apple Store. They're looking at us, we're looking at them. In some ways this feels like the zoo, but I'm not sure if I'm the animal or not.

I'll be alright as long as TV crews don't bug me. I've already been picked on by one radio reporter for being "a woman!". There are two other women, but both of them are just here to accompany their men. Not me. My man is at home asleep anyways!

first complaint: while I love my MacBookPro, the screen resolution (while studly) is not nearly as nice as the 23" monitors I have at home and at work.
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My hip continues to improve. While I'm still taking a double-daily dose of NSAIDs, I can (for the most part) walk without experiencing pain. Running is another matter altogether. And my walking pace is nowhere near my (typical) maximum. Still, it's nice to know that the downtime experienced over the past few weeks might lead to improved mobility.

This morning I took advantage of my ability to move and trekked down to Trader Joe's. I haven't been to the "big" one in weeks, and have had to be content with "The Dot" (a Trader Joe's that's in a basement and not much bigger than the entire downstairs of my house). While the weather was grey, I didn't let that deter me.

I had other reasons for wanting to visit TJ's. For more than a few years now, there have been varying rumours that our office would be moving. We originally moved into the building we currently occupy in 2000, on the premise that it would be for "a few years". In the meantime, other offices in our department have joined us in that building, leading me to believe that our residence was more than "temporary".

After our new VP started in March, I knew that "the move" issue would come up. We had no VP for well over a year before the new guy started, and even before that, the VP was mostly a "lame duck" and wasn't really making any decisions.

The VP and one or two "higher ups" in the department have been touring properties for the past month or so. We're adding staff members like crazy, and before long I think we'll have to build lofts or something to accomodate them all. We have a serious space crunch.
I'll take property #3, please, Terry... )

Property #3 has the plus of being perhaps 7-8 minutes (at my slower pace) from Trader Joe's. So on my way to TJ's I swung by the place and snapped a whole bunch of photographs (can I just say how much I love my phone with its built-in camera?). You know, the important stuff. Loading dock, HVAC system, power, outdoor bicycle racks. Obviously I couldn't get inside, so that will have to wait.

I now know what the next year will be taken up with: preparation for The Move. It's a perfect time (and excuse) for a VoIP transition for the department. That means lots of ethernet ports at each desk (I'm shooting for 4 per person, but will settle for 3). Power requirements to think of, keys to allocate, IP addresses to request (the building doesn't even have a block allocated to it, given that we don't own it yet!). It will be here before I know it.

After TJs I came home. [ profile] ckd was awake before too long, and we went out to lunch before I went to REI to pick up my most recent order (including my new Lole "Practical 2" Skort in chocolate). I then bought a whole pile of cards, then we took the train to the mall to get a new HDMI cable (for our new AppleTV).

We came home. I slept. It's been warm all day, but the weather promises to cool off somewhat. The windows are wide open now, but if the "rain, heavy at times" arrives as predicted, we'll have to close them. In the meantime I'm catching up on laundry.


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