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I've had my brand new iPhone 6 for all of 28 hours now, long enough to charge it, do a couple of restores (one at home for apps, one at work for everything else), and take it out on a long walk this morning.

What I love about it: the big screen, being able to see so much more in iBooks, the camera.

What I don't love about it: the "screen sleep" button has moved, and my automatic finger gesture doesn't know it yet! It had been on the top of the iPhone since the first generation model, and now it's on the right hand side (opposite the volume buttons). I'm sure I'll get used to it, but for now I keep reaching for the wrong location.
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Before I went away on my most recent trip, I got a bunch of DVDs out of the Cambridge Library (and some from other Minuteman libraries via inter-Library Loan), including:

  • The Lost Prince, about Prince John, youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary.
  • Friends and Crocodiles, written & directed by Stephen Poliakoff (who was also behind the helm of other movies/shows I've enjoyed, including Gideon's Daughter, Perfect Strangers (titled Almost Strangers in the US), Shooting the Past, and the aforementioned The Lost Prince). Delicious drama with Damian Lewis. Not one of Poliakoff's best, but very enjoyable.
  • The Forsyte Saga (2002 version). My parents saw the 1968 version, and I remember trying to get into the 2002 version when it aired on Masterpiece, but I dipped in during the third or fourth episode and wasn't able to figure out all of the players. This time, I started with the first episode and literally couldn't stop. I watched it on the plane from Seattle and even on the train on the way home. I finished it off today. I found that there's a TV sequel so I requested that from the library and can't wait for it to arrive. Also with Damian Lewis. There really should be more redheaded actors.

For the most part I watched the films on my iPad. On my next trip I think I might just leave the laptop behind and take the iPad by itself (well, with iPhone of course!). And noise cancelling headphones too, of course.
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I recently took two long travel legs, BOS-SEA (~6h in the air) and SEA-BOS (~5h15m in the air). Add airport waiting time and a few early mornings on the west coast where I was the only one awake.

Of course I had planned ahead. Before I left I got two DVD sets from the library: Lilies, on the recommendation of my parents (BBC Northern Ireland drama series, eight episodes) and Intelligence, a Canadian drama/thriller along the lines of Spooks (US name: MI-5).

I started with Intelligence first, mostly because it had a long pilot episode. I was sucked in immediately, by the strong lead female character (Klea Scott, who I first saw on You Can't Do That on Television some 25 years ago) and the marginal morals of the lead male (a crime boss, but less known for physical cruelty and more for drug running). Between the plane ride and some early mornings, I watched half a dozen episodes including the aforementioned pilot. And as one unable to stop myself from discovering the ending, I found that the series had been cancelled after just two seasons. I will have to enjoy what I've got, and plan to get the second season from the library.

Lilies was a bit more of a disappointment, not because the series wasn't good (it was!) but because I'd seen it already. Even though my parents had described it and I'd read about it on IMDB, I was barely three minutes into the first episode before I realized that I'd watched it previously, likely on PBS. As such, I decided not to watch it, and moved on.

For my return SEA-BOS leg, I scored an upgrade to first class and was able to use one of Alaska Airlines' DigEplayer units. I started with an episode of CSI:NY, as I had enjoyed visiting the CSI exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. It might have been my general level of exhaustion/disorientation, or perhaps my more sophisticated palate, but I wasn't fond of the show. I could see how quickly the show could wear on me. While I watched one 41-minute episode, I'm sure I won't add it to my DVR rotation. I might, however, watch another episode in a similar situation (commercial free, trying to conserve my own laptop's battery).

I had much more success with my second choice on the flight. Before taking off, I used the new IMDB app on my iPhone to read the reviews of the in-flight movies (well, except the Michael Jackson movie, which I knew I would skip; I didn't like him in 1984 and my feelings haven't really changed). When All About Steve was first released I thought I would enjoy it. Sandra Bullock has done some funny films (Mark Kermode's scathing review of The Lake House notwithstanding), although her performances have fallen off lately. The trailer of All About Steve made me squirm in discomfort, and I decided I would not enjoy it.

Other choices included Aliens in the Attic (obviously for kiddies), Juno (seen it, have it on DVD), Post Grad (I liked Alexis Bledel in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but young woman with axe to grind did not seem like an appealing plot). I did not feel drawn to watch Queen Latifah as a new york cabbie in Taxi, ditto for Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire (and had seen it anyways).

In the end I settled on watching Storm, even though the subject matter (war crimes in the former Yugoslavia) has been done to death. The lead character was played by a woman who at first I thought was English then Australian (actually she's a Kiwi, I have a hard time telling the difference between the two accents!), and the film started with her being "wronged" for not receiving a promotion. This is a typical plot twist, but I gave the film a chance and I was glad. Between hopping around Europe (including the dreaded Brussels) and a plot twist that hinged on the turning radius of a bus (right up my alley!), I enjoyed the film immensely.

After I got home I looked up the movie listings online. Alaska Airlines states that the "Storm" shown on board is the 2006 Swedish horror film and not the 2009 German Indie. I was glad I didn't think the film was horror, else I'd never given it a chance!
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my iPhone played Alanis for me this morning. That's not so unusual; I have a great deal of Alanis loaded (1,300 songs, of which 38 are Alanis. The only artist with more songs is the Beatles, at 77).

Fear of Bliss comes from Alanis' album "Feast on Scraps", which were songs that didn't make the cut for "Under Rug Swept". The whole song seems to be about self punishment, Alanis' attempt to find a "bigger" or "more joyful" life, only to find herself beaten back, either due to her own actions, or those of fate. Mostly the former.

I can definitely identify with the words, the intention, the meaning. Self-sabotage? Check. Fear of bigness? check. Not threatening anybody? check. fear of joy? That too.

fear of bliss lyrics )

"Feast on Scraps" also contains such gems as Bent For You, and Sorry To Myself. I don't even have to guess what Alanis is referring to. Why can't I be this able to share words and feelings?
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There's a (relatively new) LJ app for iPhone. Of course, it's crashed on me once already....

Interface is odd, but it's better than Safari on iPhone.

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friday: home for nap, nap, dinner with [ profile] ckd, then took him to gaming, came home and chilled out while watching The Sweeney, starring John Thaw (of Inspector Morse and Kavanagh QC fame) and Dennis Waterman (currently appearing in New Tricks).

saturday: decided not to go to yoga class that I'd been attending for the last few weeks (before I went away, that was), in part because of the nasty weather. It rained in the morning. I broke in my new umbrella when I went on my morning errands. Went over to the mall after [ profile] ckd woke up, had lunch, and I bought a crossword puzzle book. Watched Ballet Shoes, a lovely British drama. Fabulous movie! It was pretty sticky & hot. Had nap.

sunday: errands. Lunch on my own, then a quick trip to Target to pick up some essentials. Now home in the air conditioning. It's not super hot, but the third floor of the house is always warmer than lower floors. I will take a nap later, I can guarantee that.

On the horizon: big event at work October 2-4, so lots of preparation currently ongoing for that. Have to make travel plans for turkey day & other. Was supposed to have user training for iPhone this week, but the other idiot who works in my department hasn't gotten me the list of users who he is transitioning. In some ways I'm not mad because I've done zero prep for the training, but in other ways I'm peeved because he hasn't got it together. Argh.
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I've had a pretty rough few days for a number of reasons that I don't plan to detail here. Yesterday and today, however, my life was made just a little bit brighter by my iPhone. I've downloaded lots of things from the App Store, but the best (so far) is eReader, an electronic book reader. [ profile] ckd has a huge online library, so I'm taking advantage of it. I must have 50 books loaded, with loads of room for more (and that's with my old 8gig model!).

(Note that most of [ profile] ckd's books are eReader/Fictionwise, but he does have some in Mobipocket, the latter which I can peruse using the new app stanza (unlocked Mobipocket, at least)).

So I've been reading Lois McMaster Bujold's Memory (Amazon paperback, first three chapters). Bujold's hero Miles Vorkosigan has been dealt a bad hand in the form of recurring seizures. All at once he's lost his identity (or alter identity, in the form of Admiral Naismith) and purpose, and feels stuffed into and constrained by his home life.

The book is an incredible tale of self rediscovery, and is beautifully written to boot. It details Miles' journey from a lying, cheating (mostly ethically) mercenary soldier to an upstanding community-focused man who cares deeply for the cast around him who supported him while he grew up. At 30, he's still not grown up, or perhaps I should say, is just growing up.

It had been quite some time since I last read Memory, but I'm enjoying every single (electronic) page. Usually it takes music to lift my mood, but this time all it took was the written word.


Jun. 11th, 2008 01:51 pm
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in addition to not having power at home, I'm having power trouble in my (new) work office. I plugged a power strip into the outlet under my desk only to have the built in surge protector blow. A nasty smell ensued. I got a second power strip and repeated, with the same symptoms.

So I had to call the electrician, who showed up here at about 1300. He took one look at the problem, muttered something like I'll be right back, and I haven't seen him since, almost an hour later. So I've been forced to haul a laptop out to get anything done, not to mention charge my iPhone

There's trouble in VoIP land as well, making outbound calls from on-campus (at least in this building). Oh boy, the news doesn't get any better than this!! (yes, that's sarcasm)
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day 0 (Monday 6/9): packed everything, left E19 at 9:15pm
day 1 (Tuesday 6/10): met the movers in E19. Freight elevator busted, movers had to use passenger elevators. Asked them to put all of the computers on the first truck. That was all well and good, but they didn't leave E19 until all of the trucks were full! Left for W98 ~10am after making stops along the way. Arrived W98 ~10:30am. Movers did not begin arriving from E19 until noon.

Crates for phones from one floor have gone AWOL. I have sat in my office exactly twice, once for lunch on Tuesday, once for afternoon snack on Tuesday. IS&T staff offered to buy us ice cream, but the ice cream truck never came so we bailed on them. It was too hot to stand outside & wait.

Spent the evening packing up three more buildings. The move coordinator told the staff in Building 4 to leave their doors unlocked. I don't care if (most of) the students have gone home for the summer. You don't leave the doors of an unoccupied office unlocked ever!!!! On my last walkthrough, I locked all of the doors, which means I shortly have to haul ass back up there to meet the movers, but at least I can be (fairly) confident that nothing was stolen overnight.

I forwarded my desk phone to my iPhone, but used it so much that it died (no battery) at about 8pm. It didn't help that my computer isn't set up so I hadn't been able to charge the iPhone. I stuck it on the charger when I got home.

Oh, and to add to the fun, we lost power at home on Tuesday twice, and then overnight again. Luckily for [ profile] ckd it came back on before his alarm went off, because he had to be awake at a certain time. I didn't, but I wake up early anyways. And there was enough power for my iPhone to charge fully.

day 2: to do: distribute phones for one floor, find the AWOL crate of phones for another floor, set up printers. Unfortunately the movers are not operating in parallel today. You think they'd send one truck to one building, one truck to another, and a third truck to the last building. Wouldn't that make more sense than sending three trucks to the first building, etc?

Everything else is going pretty smoothly, all told. I haven't gone crazy yet. Or perhaps I should rephrase & say I haven't gone more crazy than I was before this all started.
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The freight elevator in our building is dead, so even though tomorrow (June 10) is move day, we may not all be able to move out.

In better news, can I just say drool drool over iPhone 3G?
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Move date: June 10-12, with servers going on May 31 (Saturday). Space still not finished. Lots of details still to iron out. I'm arguing with departmental higher ups over the need for fax machines (my thoughts: the fewer the better; most people who swap faxes will be sending to those in the building!!)

I have spent some time over the past few weeks cleaning up my office in preparation for the move. iPhone has built-in speakers, so when it's quiet (in the mornings!) I can put on music and not have to wear my headphones and/or worry about annoying the guy in the next office over.

books: just finished The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perotta. Have nine items on my library "wish list" (including two videos), none of which are en route.

my hip/groin injury continues to improve. I'm doing all sorts of exercises (some strengthening, some stretching). The current focus is to stabilize my right side; the theory is the left side overcompensates (hence why I have pain on the left).

In the meantime, I'm just rolling along.
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I am typing this on my new(ly refurbished) iPhone. When I went to the Apple store today, the genius shrugged and offered to replace it while I waited.

Plus: speaker works on this model
Minus: I have to teach this unit about the odd things I type which are not typos (e.g. "RecSec").
I also didn't get a chance to resync the old unit before going to the Apple store, so I lost two days of play history.
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My heat is out at work. Even though I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning, I am now cold. The blower is producing nothing but icy, chilled air. I filed a work request; we'll see how long it takes someone to come & visit me.

ouch )

My iPhone has been acting up. Even though it was fully charged before I left work yesterday, it was at just 2/3 by the time I got home (and I had only looked at it once in the meantime). I didn't look at it again overnight, and this morning it was completely out of power.

On the iPhone plus side, I gave out an iPhone to a user yesterday, and by the end of the day I had already heard from the user's coworkers asking when they can get one. Oh, the iPhone love. I feel like a crack dealer.

Snow-pocalypse, February 2008, is bearing down. My boss joked that he is bringing his x-country skis to work with him. I just laughed.
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it's only monday morning, and given that today is the reason it's a long weekend, it would be premature of me to describe this as the long weekend roundup, hence why it's only (partial).

[ profile] ckd was at Boskone all weekend, so I had quite a bit of time to fill up, and that's the way I looked at it heading in. He was there on Thursday night (for set up), Friday night, all day Saturday, and most of Sunday.

Friday )

Saturday )

On Sunday morning )

So far on Monday I've had the light in the study burn out on me when I flipped the switch (hence I'm sitting here in the dark). Given the lousy weather, it's not light out. I find it both creepy and comforting to sit here, curled up, while the wind whips around the house, with the only light coming from my iMac's screen.

I still hope (weather permitting) to make it out to Burblington, but we'll have to see how the day (and rain) goes.
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I gave another iPhone out to a user today; I really feel like Santa Claus! Everyone who has received one is thrilled to bits. This user had never used an iPhone before, but after a 10 minute walkthrough, she was navigating around like a pro.

On my way across the bridge today I noted that river ice is "FILO". If FIFO is First In/First Out, and LIFO is Last In, First Out, then river ice is first in, last out. The shallowest waters still had some remnants of ice left (less by now, given the balmy temperatures in the mid-50s), but the deeper middle of the river had completely thawed. This was, of course, a reverse of when the ice set in: shallows first, deep last.

Trying to determine if I want to go (back) to see Toby over MLK weekend. There are so many reasons to go, and so many reasons not to go, and I'm horribly indecisive at the best of times, and now is not the best of times by any stretch.
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I ripped a couple of music DVDs yesterday to load two videos onto my iPhone. My first choice was True Faith by New Order. The video is absolutely surreal with dancing clowns, american sign language, and all sorts.

The difficulty is, after adding two videos (True Faith and Everything But The Girl's Missing), my iPhone carped that it was out of space. I tweaked some song playlists, but I still found myself with only 70 megabytes free. Dammit, I wish Apple had shipped a 16 gigabyte (or larger!) iPhone. Between my main music playlists (I don't even load my whole library) and six episodes of State of Play, there's just no room left. I can't even squeeze my podcasts in!

After fighting (fruitlessly) with iPhone, I gave up and sat in front of the television. I proceeded to erase about ten hours of TiVO content that I had saved for future viewing. I know why I did it: fear of taking up too much space. I used the TiVO as a proxy for iPhone, and as a proxy for life.

This morning, as my iPhone played Alanis "Fear of Bliss" I came to that realization about taking up space. It hasn't stopped me from that impulse (far from it), but at least I can acknowledge it.

I sabotage myself for fear of what my bigness could do
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I had won tickets through a local newspaper for the new (to the US) film Atonement. While I like the author of the book (Ian McEwan), my favourite film reviewer Mark Kermode pronounced the film "he good, she bad". Needless to say, I was a little hesitant about going to see the film. It was more complicated because the movie screening was across town, and getting back after 2100 would be complicated. Oh, and it's rated R (I don't like R rated films as a rule of thumb).

[ profile] ckd and I met up after work, and we decided not to go to the Atonement screening (due to distance, rating, and general lack of energy). However, after browsing a nearby bookshop, I saw a flyer for a free showing of the movie Juno. I'd seen the trailer for the movie and really liked the look of it. It was also showing much closer to home (unfortunately, not the theatre right around the corner, but the next closest one, a subway stop away).

I decided on the spot that I wanted to see the film, so we hopped on the subway and went to the theatre, only to find a long line outside. I wasn't willing to wait in the cold, so we went into a nearby used music shop. [ profile] ckd looked around for a while, why I played Text Twist on my (nearly brand new) Palm T|X.

After leaving the music shop (with a couple of CDs and less some money), the theatre liner was much shorter. In a pinch, I decided to see the film. [ profile] ckd had originally been ambivalent about going, but he came in with me.

I really enjoyed the film, it was quite different. About the only minus was that I was playing (i)Phone tag with an Apple repair rep about getting my boss' machine fixed (or, in actuality, replaced). I was trying to cut a deal for a processor upgrade, as Apple has decided that the machine is unrepairable (at least in the time frame requested). I probably missed about 7 minutes of the movie (including the obligatory barfing scene). Not fatal.

After the film was over, I stopped at *$ and got a hot chocolate, while [ profile] ckd stopped by another record shop. We were home for 2120, which gave me enough time to complete my nightly rituals before bed.

All told, it was a very pleasant way to spend a Thursday evening.
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Apple reported their Fiscal Year 2007 financial results. Interesting figures include sales of 2,164,000 Macs sold (34% increase over 4Q FY2006) and 1,119,000 iPhones sold.

The most amazing number, though, was 10,200,000 iPods, which is approximately the population of Istanbul. Imagine, one iPod sold for every person living in Istanbul. In the last three months! Over the holiday period of 2006, Apple sold 21.1M iPods, well above the population of Mumbai (the world's most populous city), and almost as much as the population of all of the state of Texas.

Speaking of Texas, Mac sales were the equivalent of the population of Houston, Texas, with the 1.12M iPhones approximately equivalent to the population of Dallas.
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WFM early(ish), came home to listen to NPR (mostly Puzzlemaster), and later spent time reading King, Kaiser, Tsar: Three Royal Cousins Who Led the World.

Went out to get some lunch, but also wanted to stop by L'Occitane. It's almost time to start my double-daily hand care regimen (100% Pure Shea Butter) as the weather cools. I'm already applying the stuff before bed at night, as has been demonstrated by the Shea Butter fingerprints on my books.

I got the aforementioned Shea Butter (unfortunately not in Verbena) as well as a bee-shaped honey soap. The only other item I wanted to purchase was Verbena Harvest Daily Use Shampoo, which was not visible on the shelf (although the matching conditioner was). When I asked the sales staff, I was told it was a "limited release" product and that L'Occitane was no longer making it. Of course all evidence to the contrary, at least to believe their website.

After I left there, I grabbed some lunch and subsequently headed to catch a bus to my next destination: shoe shopping. Now I am not Imelda Marcos by any imagination, but I do go through sneakers at an alarming pace. I like to rotate the ones I wear, but prefer all of them to have the same basic features (not light coloured, waterproof, comfortable, can withstand my torture).

I've been buying New Balance shoes for years, and love the price discounts I can get at the outlet store. Case in point, the shoes I purchased today retail for $100, were available at the outlet store for $70, and I had a 20% off coupon, bringing the price to $56.

I'm now back home with my booty and have another load of laundry in the washer. Somebody is making a right racket outside, not just the banging, but the off key singing. The temperature is almost 30 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday so I turned off the AC and opened the windows. 65F, this is more like it! We've been promised rain, and it did rain overnight and dripped a little while I was waiting for the bus on the way back from the shoe store. Now I'm home & in my pajamas, as far as I'm concerned the skies can open up and drop mammals.

Oddly enough, I've hardly used my iPhone this weekend. Because of its limited storage capacity, I don't transfer my podcast collection to it. I spend much of the weekend catching up with podcasts (mostly BBC, handful of NPR), so apart from the two or three times I checked email, the iPhone remained lodged in my backpack.
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of the four and a half trips I've taken so far this summer, they've all gone remarkably smoothly! I didn't think about it ahead of time, but that meant I was in for a Delay. One can only take so many flights without getting something thrown in the way.

[ profile] ckd and I met for lunch before I hopped the bus for the airport. While at lunch I checked my flight's status (love my iPhone) and saw that the airline marked my flight as departing about ten minutes late "due to late arrival of the aircraft". Weighing the options, I chose to proceed immediately to the airport rather than dallying.

I arrived and went straight to "re"-print my boarding pass (I'd never printed the original, just did online check-in so I could move from 19B to 7C). The line for security looked very long, so I went and chilled out in the lounge for a while (this particular lounge is outside security, something that will change when this airline moves terminals later in the year). After a quick stop to use the facilities and read, I exited the lounge to find the security line almost nil. Ahhhh.

Through security (cursing Richard Reid while I was at it), re-tie my shoes, lump down to the gate. There were huge fans everywhere. Indeed, the whole section of the terminal seemed ... underventilated. I sat and read some of the newspaper I'd brought with me.

The gate agent came on the overhead and announced that we were taking a delay due to maintenance. At first she pronounced our boarding time at 1445, then 1415, then 1345. Given that it was 1340, the latter seemed impossible! Indeed, 1415 was closest to the original estimate, and we pushed back just before 1500. I read (and read and read), and after takeoff listened to music and did puzzles.

This flight was also unusual (never mind the delay) in that I had an empty seat next to me! The woman in 7A boarded with a friend (who was sitting further back) and I could tell she was eyeing the seat for her friend, but I put my book, puzzle magazine, anything I could think of into the (spare) 7B, and then fell asleep so she couldn't ask if I minded. Yes I minded!

We landed at about 1615 and were at the gate for 1625, later than the 1556 scheduled. My mother came to meet me, and as a special treat, brought the dog. They were both happy to see me (but my mother didn't wag her tail or slobber all over me the way the dog did).


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