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cut for boring Saturday details )

All in all a pretty good day! I have all of the windows open and am basking in the cool(er) weather.

Sunday I don't have to do any laundry (yayyy) since I did it all today, but I'm sure I will find other things that need completing. I need to get to WFM so I will do that before the pool. Boo, I don't like it that the pool doesn't open until 1100, and will be glad when that switches when the kids arrive back late in August, even though that will mean the end of long course (and I love swimming long course!)
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I went to a yoga class today at a studio that isn't very close to home, but isn't too far away, either. The class began at 0930 and I was there by 0900, so sat in a nearby park for a few minutes.

I'd never taken a class with the teacher before, but I had met him, and my own teacher likes him, so I figured that was good enough for me. When I went in and paid up, the desk yogi said it was good I arrived early as the class fills up. And fill up it did, with approximately 30 students; one of the biggest classes I've been to in a while.

The teacher started out by announcing a workshop by Amy Weintraub called "Lifeforce Yoga: Yoga to Manage your Mood". I actually took a short version of this class some years back and really did not like it (one of the few yoga classes I've had an actual aversion to), in part due to the over-focus on kapalabhati pranayama aka "skull shining breath". The more I practice pranayama, the more I am glad that it is not a significant portion of Iyengar practice, as it's just not something I'm drawn to.

Today's teacher was very effective and guided the class through a long sequence of poses, mostly built around prasarita padottanasana (although the photo in the referenced link shows the head on the floor, which was not where we went).

My only gripe is that the session ran long. One reference on the website listed the class as running from 0930 - 1100, and another one from 0930 - 1115. By 1130 I was itching with anxiety (did I have anywhere to be? No. I was still anxious!). The teacher said this class always lasts for two hours!; I advised him to update his schedule.

Still, the focus on hips made a difference, and for the first time in a week I had no pain in my right hip. Blessed relief.
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I've been in the new building now for nine days, and things are coming along. I've unpacked three out of four crates, had two awards (2002 and 2007) and one poster hung. I've also unpacked my two mugs (Starbucks "Seattle" and a ladybird-covered mug purchased in Munich). The 400 or so pens I had on my old desk remain in a large manilla envelope; I hope to keep them there as long as possible.

I managed to get to yoga this past week only to be the only student there! Obviously the rest of the regulars in my class had gotten the news that our regular teacher was away, and none of them were excited about having a sub. Neither was I, but I went anyways. I don't like private lessons, especially with someone I don't know well. I went through the motions, but didn't feel emotionally connected with my practice.

weekend details behind the cut tag )

Upcoming: Life is Good Festival Volunteer Orientation on Wednesday (so I can't go to yoga, but with a sub I'm not as bothered). I Volunteered to be a Volunteer Team Leader. Um, go me? I'm only happy when I'm in charge anyways. Hopefully they will assign me to the Guest Relations Tent; I have lots of experience with that!!

I still have blisters from my new sandals, but at least my heel bandaid has stayed on, and I bought some more blister bandaids, so I can apply one to my toe. Not that the blisters (or accompanying sensitivity) have slowed me down, mind you...
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I saw my physical therapist this morning, and was officially discharged from treatment. She says I'm making decent progress and should continue with my exercise program.

I wore shorts to work this morning, knowing I would spend a good portion of the day packing. The weather forecast predicted 72F and sunny by mid afternoon. At 1223, it's 58F and I'm freezing (just turned off the AC in my office), and the forecast now predicts only 61F. I'm sitting with a blanket over me; I should sit with the blanket under me, as I'm supposed to do that to protect my hip flexor.

The temperature is supposed to reach 90F over the next few days. I'm guessing I'll be complaining about the heat then instead of the cold. Next cool break: Wednesday 6/11, when it will "only" hit 80F. Ugh. Bring on September!
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My adductor muscle hurt yesterday. I don't know if it was as a result of the "soft tissue massage" that the physical therapist did on Tuesday morning. Would it take two days to hurt like that? I have tried to wean down from NSAIDs, but with pain yesterday, I gave that up.

Last night I sat with ice on my adductor, but made an effort to do my PT exercises. I usually get discouraged when things are thrown in my way, but this time, I managed to reach past it. I didn't do all of the exercises, but did manage the vast majority of them.

This morning I woke up & got out of bed, afraid to put my foot on the floor. There was no pain. I've not had any pain all morning, and I am so relieved.
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Move date: June 10-12, with servers going on May 31 (Saturday). Space still not finished. Lots of details still to iron out. I'm arguing with departmental higher ups over the need for fax machines (my thoughts: the fewer the better; most people who swap faxes will be sending to those in the building!!)

I have spent some time over the past few weeks cleaning up my office in preparation for the move. iPhone has built-in speakers, so when it's quiet (in the mornings!) I can put on music and not have to wear my headphones and/or worry about annoying the guy in the next office over.

books: just finished The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perotta. Have nine items on my library "wish list" (including two videos), none of which are en route.

my hip/groin injury continues to improve. I'm doing all sorts of exercises (some strengthening, some stretching). The current focus is to stabilize my right side; the theory is the left side overcompensates (hence why I have pain on the left).

In the meantime, I'm just rolling along.
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I'm wearing new, lighter shoes (New Balance 817, at 11.35oz they are significantly lighter than my WOC624BR bruisers). I tapered down my NSAIDs over the weekend, but my groin started hurting again this morning.

Of course now I look at the New Balance website, I see many shoes that are even lighter. Argh.

In other news, my MacPro at work is still swapping like mad (the Office 2008 applications are such PIGS compared to 2004). I ordered more RAM for it on Friday, and it should already be here. Dammit.

And it's raining.
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When I saw my physical therapist last Friday, she suggested I stick something under the very back of my backside to tip my pelvis forward while sitting. I sit at my desk like a pretzel, with my legs in any of a number of unhelpful (as far as the physical therapist is concerned) positions.

I'm amazed at how much of a difference just raising the rear of my pelvis has made. I no longer feel the drive to tuck my legs underneath me. I've also added an old shoe box under my desk at work as a make-shift footstool, and that has helped immensely as well. I find I can sit at my desk in a more "neutral" position (sitting straight up & not slumped, arms comfortably resting at my sides) than previously (where I might instead be slumped in my chair with legs off in one direction or another.

I probably shouldn't be surprised at how much difference a little pelvic elevation can make. After all, I sit in sukhasana with blankets under my bottom and that feels more comfortable.

My physical therapist also has me doing sets of marjaryasana and bitilasana. Yoga for physical therapy: I can do that!
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on tap for the weekend:

  • BFAD event this morning, followed by lunch somewhere close to it
  • have to buy a pie, hopefully one of my two regular shops will have one
  • prescription refill time
  • TJs & WFM
  • treat my pelvic injury with as much kindness as possible. it is very sore
  • laundry laundry laundry

    I had hoped the television would be back from repair, but not yet. I did speak with the manufacturer last week and they authorized a replacement (with a "refurbished" unit of a different but equal-sized model). time frame: seven to ten days from Tuesday 3/25. low-def television at 4x3 format really bites the wax tadpole.
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    As the saying goes, "Beware the Ides of March". For me, the fifteenth itself wasn't so bad, but the whole week was pretty hellish.

    Friday afternoon: managed a nap, met up with [ profile] ckd for dinner.

    Saturday: got up, ran errands, got soaked. Came home, put outerwear in dryer while I took a shower. Got dressed. Picked up Zipcar. Got lost in Everett. Finally managed to collect [ profile] lensedqso only about 10 minutes late. Made good time to Beffa and picked up [ profile] mdyesowitch.

    After a brief stop for lunch (at Fresh City), we went to help set up for [ profile] filkergem's memorial service at his (former) Presbyterian church. I looked through the hymnal and realized just how different the prayers and songs are than those I learned growing up. The bells at the service were a beautiful reminder, and I can just imagine Greg playing along, even though he may well have been one of just two men that participated.

    [ profile] ckd hopped the bus up to Burblington to attend the service, but we rode back together in the Zipcar. When we got home, I managed a (much needed) nap.

    I've been making an effort to do my hip exercises all weekend, but when I woke up on Sunday my hip was sore. After my trek down to WFM, I came home and sat with an ice pack on my outer hip for a while. That didn't seem to do much, so I took a couple of naproxen. Overdoing it again, I guess.

    [ profile] ckd slept in (his first sleep in since last weekend), so I went and got some lunch by myself, and then ran an errand. I was home by about 1330. It never really rained, just sort of spat little rain drops; an improvement over the rain/sleet/rain on Saturday.

    This week: cramming five days of work into four days, as late Thursday, [ profile] ckd and I are off for a family trip for the weekend. Oh, and I will not wear green on Monday. The rest of the faux Irish can take part in the green-a-thon; I want nothing to do with it.
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    I went to physical therapy this morning for my hip. Originally the appointment was scheduled for 0900, but earlier in the week the therapist called me and asked me if I could come at another time. I asked if she had 0700 available; she did, so I snapped it up.

    And so at 0630 I left the office and trooped across the bridge in the dark. The lights on Storrow Drive twinkled, and cars whizzed over the Longfellow Bridge much faster than the 30mph speed limit.

    The last time I did a trek this early in the morning was late last year for a guinea pig visit. In that situation I'd asked the study staff if they could change their schedule for me, as I had a super duper important meeting at work that began at 0830.

    I pondered the difference between how I felt then about work and how I feel now. And before I knew it, I was over the bridge and had arrived at PT. Any contemplative thoughts were left behind, somewhere between the salt and the pepper.

    In the meantime, I'm still working on stabilizing the pelvis. More fun exercises.
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    I've been diligently doing my hip stretch exercises and prescribed by my physical therapist. She's given me two stretches and three strengtheners. Her intent is to stop my "hypermobile" pelvis from overcompensating for my relatively weak abs and leg muscles. Oh boy!

    I went out earlier and got $*. Unlike last week when I arrived at about 0910, I got there at 0905 and somehow managed to miss the rush. Literally, my drink was ready in about 3 minutes, but just after I sat down, there was a queue of ten people (I was in a similar-sized queue last Saturday).

    Currently I'm at home as the rain starts. The weather forecasters have promised precipitation of Noah's Ark proportions (or close to it). I have no plans to go out for the rest of the day. My main goal is to sort newspapers (and use the brand new recycling bin delivered from the city) and tidy up a bit. Later, I'll do another set of hip exercises.

    No surprise that the idiot vetoed the bill banning water boarding. Why don't we water board him and Cheney and see how they like it? For that matter, I'd be content if they had to stand in the middle of the road in Cambridge during this rainstorm. Between the rain, the traffic, and the general opinion of them by the locals, I bet they'd wish they were drowning instead.
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    [ profile] ckd didn't get in from gaming until 0400 on Saturday, so I knew he'd be down for the count for most of the day. I got up at my usual time and had breakfast.

    Often on Saturday I'll read or watch television, but this week the latter was right out. Because the television is broken (again), I avoided the screen entirely. Come mid-morning, I was going stir crazy, so I went into Central Square and got myself a *$ for morning snack. The snow that fell overnight had melted somewhat, but some really impressively-sized flakes were still falling.

    cut for television description )

    After returning home from my mid-morning jaunt, I threw on some clothes and went into Boston (after a quick stop on campus). I had some lunch and stopped by the BPL. Thankfully, the weather wasn't too bad, and while it was sloppy (and slushy) at first, the slush soon went away and after a while, the rain even stopped. [ profile] ckd called at about 1300, and after a quick stop at The Dot of a Trader Joe's on Boylston Street, I hopped the #1 bus back to Cambridge.

    I spent the rest of the day fighting the laundry monster. In between loads, [ profile] ckd and I watched Sliding Doors (bonus points for a film set in London with lots of Tube shots). I also read Intern: A Doctor's Initiation and Dreaming in Code, the latter of which has a good analysis of the Chandler Project, which at the time was run by somebody that I Mostly Knew. I recognized alot of the interactions and behaviours.

    Sunday I hit WFM early (as always), then home to listen to Puzzlemaster. [ profile] ckd slept in again, so I went to Harvard Square by myself for lunch. He woke up later and we met up. After a quick run to Porter for him to pick up some Japanese snacks, we came home again. The weather was quite pleasant on Sunday: sunny and 40, albeit somewhat blowy at times.

    Spring is definitely on the way. Never mind the warmer temperatures, sunrise happens at about 0615, which means it won't be long before I am able to go to work in the light!

    on the horizon for this week: furniture shopping for The Move at Teknion down near the Children's Museum. I get to chaperone, er escort, er go with three boys (in maturity level, at least). Lucky me! Before that I have my first physical therapy appointment for my injured groin/quad/whatever. Double the fun!
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    My heat is out at work. Even though I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning, I am now cold. The blower is producing nothing but icy, chilled air. I filed a work request; we'll see how long it takes someone to come & visit me.

    ouch )

    My iPhone has been acting up. Even though it was fully charged before I left work yesterday, it was at just 2/3 by the time I got home (and I had only looked at it once in the meantime). I didn't look at it again overnight, and this morning it was completely out of power.

    On the iPhone plus side, I gave out an iPhone to a user yesterday, and by the end of the day I had already heard from the user's coworkers asking when they can get one. Oh, the iPhone love. I feel like a crack dealer.

    Snow-pocalypse, February 2008, is bearing down. My boss joked that he is bringing his x-country skis to work with him. I just laughed.

    busy bee

    Oct. 17th, 2007 10:01 am
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    Today's schedule:
  • 0900 - 1000 mtg
  • 1025 leave work
  • 1100 PCP appt; have to talk to her about my hip edited to add: doc says it's a Piriformis muscle strain.
  • 1200 - 1315 lunch mtg
  • 1330 - 1430 mtg
  • 1500 - 1600 mtg cancelled - woo!
  • 1600 - 1700 everything else I should have done today
  • 1700 leave work for pre-yoga dinner
  • 1900 - 2030 yoga
  • 2045 snack
  • 2100 small amount of R&R (have been watching 49 Up, which aired on PBS last week)
  • 2145 bed
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    The back pain from last week's TV haulage has abated, and been replaced by new pelvic pain. It hurts when I walk, and doesn't feel muscular. Not this again ....

    Was supposed to meet the TV repairman at home at 1400, but someone else from the company called to say that the original tech couldn't be there because his van had been broken into. The replacement tech (who arrived in a van with the company's logo and carrying proper paperwork) came to pick up the TV and take it back to the shop for repair (the original tech was supposed to do the repair at our house). I asked how long before the unit would be fixed, but he had no idea. They'll call you later in the week, he said. Hmf.
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    summer is flying by (no pun intended, even though I'm only mid-way through my summer flight binge). The weather this weekend is a wonderful respite from either the oppressive heat or recurring rain.

    Saturday I went up to an arts festival for part of the day, [ profile] ckd met me and we had a nice wander around. I then had a BFAD event (field hockey) which went alright. I generally like BFAD, but )

    For myself, I enjoyed the field hockey immensely. My mother was a somewhat legendary player ("Leprechaun injures opposing side's legs"), and I was quite eager to try it out. Our skills didn't get too much further than passing the ball back and forth, dribbling around some cones. By the time we got to the more exciting skills (shooting), the younger girls had come down with their "asthma" (I will put that in quotes, there was no wheezing, no coughing, and no labored breathing).

    After I got home I ate dinner and then conked out in front of the television (not something I do very often, but given that I hadn't managed to get an afternoon nap in, not too surprising, either). I don't know (yet) if I am sunburned or not. The weather alternated between cloudy and sunny. It would be mostly my face that took the punishment if anything.

    The worst part is that my hip hurts again. Well, it started hurting a week ago; when I was away I stopped taking NSAIDs (as I felt like I didn't need it). All of the side-to-side movement during hockey aggravated the "discomfort". Perhaps I really should talk to my primary care doc when I see her this week.

    Ugh. this week. I don't want to think about that.
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    Saturday: the weather forecast predicted torrential downpours, but apart from some minor (and I mean very minor) spitting, there was nary a drop of precipitation. [ profile] ckd and I went to the Apple Store to look at the new 15" MacBook Pro with new LED backlit display. I saw the "glossy" screen option and didn't like that, but the matte screen was gorgeous. Predictably. Now I need an excuse to order one (for work, of course).

    Sunday: yoga )

    Later on Sunday I tried (somewhat half-heartedly) to find a dress to wear to my sister's (upcoming) wedding. Just looking at the dresses on the hangars was trouble enough. The very idea of looking at myself in the mirror....! I later met up again with [ profile] ckd and we hopped the bus home after a quick spin through "The Dot" of a Trader Joe's.

    While Saturday was cool, Sunday was warmer (75F according to the thermo). I'm sticky from trekking around. That won't stop me from having a Sunday afternoon nap, though.
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    I gave in. One month since injury (well, almost, injury was 06May), and I called PT and made an appointment. No, I don't have the referral yet. I'll worry about that later.

    My appointment isn't for fifteen days, but I asked to be put on the cancellation list in case something comes up sooner.
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    My hip continues to improve. While I'm still taking a double-daily dose of NSAIDs, I can (for the most part) walk without experiencing pain. Running is another matter altogether. And my walking pace is nowhere near my (typical) maximum. Still, it's nice to know that the downtime experienced over the past few weeks might lead to improved mobility.

    This morning I took advantage of my ability to move and trekked down to Trader Joe's. I haven't been to the "big" one in weeks, and have had to be content with "The Dot" (a Trader Joe's that's in a basement and not much bigger than the entire downstairs of my house). While the weather was grey, I didn't let that deter me.

    I had other reasons for wanting to visit TJ's. For more than a few years now, there have been varying rumours that our office would be moving. We originally moved into the building we currently occupy in 2000, on the premise that it would be for "a few years". In the meantime, other offices in our department have joined us in that building, leading me to believe that our residence was more than "temporary".

    After our new VP started in March, I knew that "the move" issue would come up. We had no VP for well over a year before the new guy started, and even before that, the VP was mostly a "lame duck" and wasn't really making any decisions.

    The VP and one or two "higher ups" in the department have been touring properties for the past month or so. We're adding staff members like crazy, and before long I think we'll have to build lofts or something to accomodate them all. We have a serious space crunch.
    I'll take property #3, please, Terry... )

    Property #3 has the plus of being perhaps 7-8 minutes (at my slower pace) from Trader Joe's. So on my way to TJ's I swung by the place and snapped a whole bunch of photographs (can I just say how much I love my phone with its built-in camera?). You know, the important stuff. Loading dock, HVAC system, power, outdoor bicycle racks. Obviously I couldn't get inside, so that will have to wait.

    I now know what the next year will be taken up with: preparation for The Move. It's a perfect time (and excuse) for a VoIP transition for the department. That means lots of ethernet ports at each desk (I'm shooting for 4 per person, but will settle for 3). Power requirements to think of, keys to allocate, IP addresses to request (the building doesn't even have a block allocated to it, given that we don't own it yet!). It will be here before I know it.

    After TJs I came home. [ profile] ckd was awake before too long, and we went out to lunch before I went to REI to pick up my most recent order (including my new Lole "Practical 2" Skort in chocolate). I then bought a whole pile of cards, then we took the train to the mall to get a new HDMI cable (for our new AppleTV).

    We came home. I slept. It's been warm all day, but the weather promises to cool off somewhat. The windows are wide open now, but if the "rain, heavy at times" arrives as predicted, we'll have to close them. In the meantime I'm catching up on laundry.


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