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I went to physical therapy this morning for my hip. Originally the appointment was scheduled for 0900, but earlier in the week the therapist called me and asked me if I could come at another time. I asked if she had 0700 available; she did, so I snapped it up.

And so at 0630 I left the office and trooped across the bridge in the dark. The lights on Storrow Drive twinkled, and cars whizzed over the Longfellow Bridge much faster than the 30mph speed limit.

The last time I did a trek this early in the morning was late last year for a guinea pig visit. In that situation I'd asked the study staff if they could change their schedule for me, as I had a super duper important meeting at work that began at 0830.

I pondered the difference between how I felt then about work and how I feel now. And before I knew it, I was over the bridge and had arrived at PT. Any contemplative thoughts were left behind, somewhere between the salt and the pepper.

In the meantime, I'm still working on stabilizing the pelvis. More fun exercises.
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Podcast bliss: FOOC is back to its twice-a-week schedule; woo! Story of this past week: Letter of WWI rifleman No 3448. The correspondent made the battle-torn fields of Ypres sound like something worth visiting.

[ profile] ckd was actually up and about earlier than I anticipated. I went to meet him as he got off the train, and wandered into a tiny gourmet market to kill some time. I came across a selection of Deborah's Kitchen spreadable fruit. I love their Massachusetts Rubies (eat it on waffles or toast, yummmm), and I'm flat out of it. Unfortunately, that was one variety they didn't have in stock. I might have to check the gourmet market's other location (which is new), or fall back on mail ordering.

We saw an art exhibit which was interesting, wandered around town a bit. [ profile] ckd wanted to buy a new lightweight rain jacket, which meant we ended up at REI (insert obligatory "I love REI" statement here). The sunny weather early turned to clouds and even a few raindrops. We managed to make it home without getting really rained on (mostly because there wasn't any real rain). I slept for a while, and then started attacking the great big laundry monster.

PedComm duties tomorrow.

wishing [ profile] lizzielizzie and her awesome store [ profile] lushbeads a very happy anniversary, even though I can't be there for the party (something about having no car to get there, and not wanting to get out of my pajamas).
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stayed off work on Tuesday as my virus took over. Normally I'm like that new apple ad (as the Mac, of course). I don't catch things (one big "yay" for OCD). This illness really sapped my energy and discouraged the hell out of me.

No yoga Wednesday as my teacher's schedule has changed, at least through Memorial Day. Bah. I might have to go to the pseudo-class on Sunday that I've attended semi-regularly (but don't feel an emotional connection with).

Some colleagues of mine on a team that I'm a part of (not inside my department) nominated me for an organization-wide IT award. I didn't win, but that they nominated me was very touching. It made me feel somewhat good, given how frustrated I've felt about my job lately. They even came up with a ruse to get me to the award ceremony without telling me they'd nominated me (claiming that another teammember had been nominated), and later gave me flowers. Apart from sunburn, that's all I have to show for the afternoon.

So after the award ceremony, I came home and passed out. After a quick dinner, I walked [ profile] ckd back to campus so he could play board games, and I came home to chill out and catch up with some garbage television.

I'm a guinea pig tomorrow morning (six month visit; how time flies!), and then on Sunday I have a Pedestrian Committee duty to fulfill (for an hour). The weather looks to be good ("low 70s", and more importantly, "mostly cloudy" which means less of a chance of sunburn).
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Saturday and Sunday went by in a flash, and were both eaten up by errands of one kind or another. [ profile] ckd and I went and rode the (recently reopened) green line incline between North Station and Lechmere. It was a beautiful day, weatherwise, even though it seemed nothing else was going my way.

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