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So far today I have:
  • gone shopping to Trader Joe's, ahead of the nasty weather. It only just began to rain on my way back. The weather forecast had said rain, mainly after 9am, and it began to drip at about 0915.
  • had a hot chocolate for morning snack, rather than the yogurt I had planned (and purchased). It was nice and warm.
  • went out for lunch. Okay, it was rainy, but I was well togged up. And lunch was good.
  • stopped by pharmacy to pick up the rest of my prescription (when I went on Thursday they didn't have enough medication to fill it, but promised to leave the rest for me to collect).
  • bought a new crossword puzzle book on my way back from lunch.
  • did some laundry
  • put the flannel sheets on the bed
  • stayed warm. pajamas + big fleece wrap + fleece blanket + electric heating pad = warm [ profile] hr_macgirl
  • enjoyed an afternoon nap (criteria for enjoyment: drool. No, really. I drool when I nap, but when I sleep overnight I don't. Whatever!)
  • watched My Girl 2. It's not a brilliant movie, but I love the music. Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" and Rod Stewart's "Reason to Believe" are featured heavily.
  • figured out who to vote for in the elections on Tuesday (criteria: sane, non-incumbent. You'd be amazed at how few of them there are...)
  • threw out some stale food (that's one goal taken care of).
  • changed some of the clocks, but not all of them, ahead of the shift back to Standard Time.

    I had wanted to go and see a US Navy ship which was in town today (and open to the public), but the horrible nasty wind and rain made that impractical. [ profile] ckd and I even discussed going to see a film in the evening, but once again, the weather made the idea distasteful.

    Tomorrow the sun will come up earlier. Today it was 0700 before it was really light out. Not nearly as bad as Amsterdam at Christmastime (0800 for sunup), but still.
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    I met all of my goals for the trip (even though I only went to one yoga class, that was mostly due to the schedule over Labor Day weekend). Considering that last Thursday I was ambivalent about how much effort I wanted to make about relaxing (rather than continuing to grind myself into a rut), this is no small accomplishment.

    While away I saw Once at a local cinema, Breach on DVD, Little Miss Sunshine, which my Dad had DVRed for my mother and I, and one of my Dad's all-time favourites, Tora! Tora! Tora!. Only a lack of time resulted in us not being able to screen all of The Day of the Jackal (my Dad promised to save it for my next visit).

    I also started and finished reading four books and started another one, spent quite a bit of time doing crossword puzzles, and generally had a good time. In terms of food there was blackberry pie, stir-fry beef, more blackberry pie, fresh peaches & raspberries, fresh corn (the peaches, raspberries & corn came from the local farmer's market), more blackberry pie, and a really nice dinner out at a Tex-Mex place that I haven't been to in years. And naps, lots of naps. Thursday on the plane, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday on the plane. Bliss!

    The trip back went very smoothly: we left a minute early and arrived a few minutes early. The only hitch was the public transit back from the airport: we waited 20 minutes before a vehicle arrived, and then three arrived in quick succession. What a li(n)e!

    The big question is where to go from here. I don't yet know.

    quiet day

    Aug. 31st, 2007 08:32 pm
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    the day began at my usual time. Toby had chosen not to sleep with me, he stayed with Mum and Dad instead. I ate breakfast (was quite hungry), and before long I heard the "jingle" of Toby's collar indicating that he was awake. Mum and I took Toby for a walk, then I dropped both of them at work before I went off to a yoga class.

    The class was more vigorous than I am used to, and I sweated and sweated. After a stop at the adjacent Trader Joe's (for lunch supplies) and another local market (for pie), I went back to the office. I spent the day puttering around the office, installing software (on the Macs) and beating the viruses out of the brain dead Windows machines (one of them had almost 700 infected items on it!)

    I came home and had a sleep, and when Mum and Dad got home, we went to a TexMex place for dinner. I drove home (a plus for them: a teetotal daughter). We sat on the front porch and read while Toby sniffed around. After we came in, I hads lovely slice of blackberry pie. Both of my parents are now snoozing.

    Tomorrow: Toby time, library, car shopping. Maybe a movie.

    For the record, goals for the trip: love Toby, go to yoga, try to relax, and avoid scales.
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    no yoga today, it's "intersession". Sunday class is moving from one location to another; last week we were at the YWCA (a very odd place to have yoga class; an alcoholics anonymous meeting runs concurrently with our class, and our asana practice is periodically greeted with applause from the next room over). Next week we'll be back at a location we've been at before. Plus: no applause for interruption. Minus: it's locked up tighter than a county jail. You have to get buzzed in and take an elevator with a CCTV camera. There are no stairs. It makes for a difficult getaway at the end of class (I'm not one to hang around and chat).

    It was odd to be home when [ profile] ckd woke up. I tried to stay out of his way and not focus on the clock, and I think I partially succeeded. We went out and did a few things. I bought a new collar for Toby. After that, I let myself buy a brownie to have for snack later. Still, I bypassed the store where I could have bought skin cream by a wide margin. Unless I make it down that way tomorrow, I will have deliberately blown a goal, and I haven't done that in quite a while.

    I've been giving the washing machine a good workout this weekend, after my lackadaisical attitude towards laundry a week ago. Three loads Friday night, three more completed before noon on Saturday. It meant that today's duty was (relatively) light; the last set is in the dryer now.

    Two more assessments this week, just like two weeks ago. Does it never end?
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    I've had up & down days while on holiday; some have definitely been better than others, goals-wise. Oddly (?) enough, days when I feel alright emotionally are not the same as days I do well with my goals. I don't know why there is a division, as one would think they would fall in step with each other. Except I'm not really surprised, but I don't want to think about that...

    Argh of today: I didn't pick up a newspaper early in the day, and by the time I got around to it at about 1600, I couldn't find one for love nor money.

    Yum of today: carrot & coriander soup with a cheese scone at lunchtime.

    Still to do before we go home: shopping (some for me, some for things to bring back to work colleagues and others), the library (British Library, that is), more book shopping (that is not the same as "normal" shopping), a couple of museums (one is positively anorak-worthy). The time is flying by and I can't stop it.

    We've been lucky with the weather. While it rained today, it was after we'd done most of our trekking around. Of course the weather forecast had said today would be "dry", but we know the forecasters here either lie or have no clue, or more probably are completely stumped by the weather patterns without Global Warming, never mind with!
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    A couple of weeks ago I took a day off from work on a Tuesday. One of the things I did was to buy an apple pie. The end result was that while the pie looked very nice, and even purported to be organic, it was not enjoyable. The cinnamon was entirely too overpowering for my tastes, and the apples were all brown (apples shouldn't be brown, dammit!).

    While [ profile] ckd and I were out today, we stopped by a shop that is known predominantly for its pies (although it also makes scones and cookies which are supposed to be good, but I haven't tried them to know). All I wanted was one slice of pie, but no luck. They had quite a selection of whole pies: "classic apple" (pastry topped), four berry (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries), pecan, and pumpkin. I caved in and bought a four berry pie, although I really don't like strawberries in pie (reminds me too much of that nasty American concoction of strawberry/rhubarb. Americans are wimps if they need some sweetness to counter the lovely tart flavour of rhubarb).

    The first thing I noticed was how heavy the pie was. This was one solid pie! My shoulder blades were rather fatigued after carrying it home (okay, it wasn't a short walk, but still). I knew I would feel self-conscious about carrying a pie, but luckily [ profile] ckd had a plastic bag I could wrap the pie in (not carry it, mind you, I didn't trust the carrier bag not to break due the sharp corners of the pie box).

    We finally made it home and I started some laundry (chores first). I then opened the box to inspect my pie. It had a crumb topping, which I was rather dejected by; I would have preferred full top pastry. I took a sharp knife and cut into it, and sure enough, the pie was dense! I hoped that wouldn't mean it was all corn starch. Damned Americans and their insistence on having pies edible with forks rather than spoons.

    I cut a small slice, slid it into a bowl, and popped it into the microwave for 30 seconds to warm it through. While the microwave whirred, I procured some frozen yogurt from the freezer, and after the beep beep beep, I took the bowl out and added a couple of spoonfuls of fro yo.

    After topping up my water glass, I brought my pie bowl and water up to the third floor, and sat down to (hopefully) enjoy. The pie aroma certainly was promising. I bit into it. Yummm. Chomp, chomp, chomp. I licked the bowl clean. Now I'm wondering when I can have pie again...

    Edited to add: the pie was sweeter than I prefer. Too sweet to be tolerable? That remains to be seen. The fro yo cut down on the sugary taste, and I suspect milk would do the same.

    So I've found one source of good pie in this state. Score!
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  • booked my weekend at Kripalu !!
  • the lunch today went really well - somewhere between 50 and 60 attendees. I had them eating out of my hand (not the food - the material!)

    Still to do:
  • difficult conversations - my staff member has been out sick all week (grrrrrr)
  • think about what I want to get out of my job
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    Friday: had planned to go and see a movie on campus Friday night, but came home and watched Foyle's War instead. The wind speed was high, and the temperature cold. It was a good excuse to stay pajama-clad.
    Saturday: haircut, visit with [ profile] mdyesowitch, afternoon nap, housework
    Sunday: housework, errands, yoga, bought new hiking boots at REI, afternoon nap, homework
    Monday: I might get 30 minutes of free time, but I wouldn't bet on it. Between 0730 and 2030 I'm pretty booked up.

    Hopes for the week:
  • book the weekend at Kripalu
  • that the lunch I have to run on Tuesday will go well (I'm one of the speakers, rather than just the facilitator)
  • continue the "difficult conversations" I started with one of my staff members a couple of weeks ago
  • think about what I want to get out of my job
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