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Number of naps: 4 (1 Friday, 1 Saturday, 2 Sunday)
Meters swam: 8000 (half Saturday, half Sunday)
Temperature in the water on Saturday: 75F (normal temp is 80F, so 75F is very cold!)
Visits to the Z Center: 3, 2 to swim, 1 to coach
Loads of laundry done: 4 (last one in dryer now)
Episodes of Inspector Morse watched: 3 (including the one I'm watching now)
Kids at today's social event: 6
Adults at today's social event: 9
Time spent at social event: 2.5 hours
Minutes spent at pie shop: 30. I arrived to find they had sold my pie to someone else(!) but they sent a staff member over to the main location to pick up another one for me. I was able to kill another 10 minutes by walking to & from the library.
Books collected from library: 4. I still have another 10 on "freeze".
Meals cooked in: 1 breakfast (egg, cheese, English muffin), 1 dinner (pasta, chicken, veggies). That doesn't count other breakfasts eg oatmeal or anything reheated.
Inches of snow we got: about 6
Amount of shovelling I did: NONE
Podcasts listened to: lost count, but they included From Our Own Correspondent, Woman's Hour, Kermode/Mayo (last one before Mayo moves to Radio 2), BBC World Service documentaries, BBC Radio 4 More or Less, BBC radio 4 Excess Baggage, BBC Politics UK, and more...
Songs on primary music playlist: 196, a new low(!)
Days before I see the nephew: 4!!

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