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I listen to music while I swim. For a while, I was using the X1 Waterproof iPod shuffle case (formerly known as "H2O Audio"), along with a standard issue iPod shuffle. However, the case never seemed to last long, the ear plugs would eventually lose sound out of one ear or the other. In addition, the water sealant wasn't perfect, and I had a couple of iPod shuffles die because they got wet.

So I changed tactics and moved on to a waterproof iPod shuffle, which I clip to the back of my goggles. That required me to get separate headphones, and I started by going with the same brand (X1) as my old waterproof iPod case. However, I found the cable very long (it was as long as a standard set of headphones!), so I ended up having to tie a knot in the headphones so they wouldn't drape down my back.

I then moved on to Swimbuds, which had a nice short cord. However, the earbuds don't fit well in my ears, and even worse, the headphones die after less than three months (of admittedly daily wear, but still!). I've gone through two sets and have had multiple warranty replacements on each unit. My most recent set died yesterday, and I immediately put in a warranty replacement request (very quickly, because they only have a 90 day warranty!), while at the same time, going back to my old X1 headphones.

I bought myself a set of Swimbuds Sport which have a one year warranty. I'm unsure what I'll think of them because they haven't arrived yet! I hope they will fit my ears better. I live in hope.


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