Nov. 16th, 2015

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Nov. 16th, 2015 08:26 pm
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Back in July I found out that my long-time hairdresser was selling up and moving to be closer to his family. Now he's been cutting my hair for the past 20+ years. We have a great relationship. He doesn't ask me what I want to do with my hair, he just knows. He also knows that I run early, and will try and accommodate that where possible.

I remained in denial about his departure for a couple of months. At the beginning of September I called one of the people he recommended. Hi, I'd like to make an appointment with [name]. The salon receptionist replied how about next Thursday at 1:30? Me I'm working, does she have any time in the evening? Salon How about 5:00 the Tuesday after that? In frustration I replied never mind and hung up.

But my hair continued to grow. It took longer to dry. I didn't like that. It's getting towards hair freezing season, so I knew I had to do something. I called the recommended salon back and booked an appointment for her next Saturday opening (which was 2.5 weeks out!). The first thing they did was ask for my email address. Not bad, I thought. Until the spam arrived. Unsubscribe!

That was last Saturday. I arrived early (as usual). The salon is quite cramped, eight chairs and two hair wash stations in not a very large space. She was running a few minutes late so I sat and read on my iPhone while I waited.

Luckily I had a recent picture of myself that I was able to show her to give her some idea of what I wanted. Did she get it right? No, I don't think so. I miss my old hairdresser so much. My hair is now both too long and too short at the same time. Too long at the front, too short at the back. Oh, and her appointments are an hour long. An hour!. My old guy could wash and cut me in 20 minutes! This new woman took 40.

Will I go back? I'll see how I feel after the New Year. This haircut should last me that long, I hope.


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